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Casie: Makeover!
Cassie: shut up!

Ok, hey, I'm Cassie. You can call me Padfoot or 'the author of The Ties of Friendship fic, the one with Aurora in'all is good. Or of course, you could call me Cassie, that thought never crossed my mind. I come from England and love to write, I write Poems, Stories and spend time making graphics (sort of) working on websites and trying to learn HTML. I like to read and hang out with my mates. I'm a Harry Potter fan, Pirates of the Caribbean fan (Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom, SWOON!), Lord of the Rings fan and... I love fantasy. If anyone has a good Pirates of the Caribbean fic out there feel free to email me and tell me about it.
see ya'll later.

Favorite Yugioh characters:

Yami Yugi,
Mai Valentine. (GIRL POWER! lol)

Characters I could bury alive:

Seto Kaiba,
Malik Ishtar,
Teá Gardner.

My Characters:

Aurora Samaki
age: 17 at present
hair color: white
eye color: blue
deck type: based on fate, got beasts + spellcasters
personality: best leave that to the imagination... for those of you who've read my fiction... you have a pretty good idea.

18/05/04 =Update and thanks=

A big thankyou to Mr.Towel and Cartoon-Freak-X, for making me keep going at Ties of Friendship. I was going to dis-continue it untill they talked me out of it,
The TToF is one of my most loved stories, and I would just like to take the time to thank my reviewers...

DragonMaster01 (my very first reviewer!)
Elemental witch,
Hoping eyes,
Beautiful Tenshi,
Akemi Koneko,
Witch Hunter Niyo (dont go going afte Elemental witch now, my friendly Witch Hunter reviewer.)
Whimsical Lady,
Fushicho Hime,

Ra, that's a lot of people, and dont worry folks, TToF has not ended yet, we still have very VERY far to go.
Thanks to all the above mentioned people, your reviews kept me going.
watch out for chapter 13, coming your way soon!

somedate/somemonth/04 =News Flash=

The Ties of Friendship is to have a sequal... which already has a name and a plot. All I'm going to say is the title .

The Evil That We Do

This is in dedication to everyone, because we've all been evil once in our life, also, it's to show Evil can be in the most unlikelyist person...

Till next time, bye, and happy reading.

the day/before/school

Right, so, this morning, (at 3:00) I wrote the VERY end of TToF... it's probably going to change, knowing me, but it was fun to write. School starts tommorow so that means even LESS updating (which i haven't been doing for a while anyway)
Thanks for Mr Towel for pointing out something 2 of my characters are trying to tell me. I was up half the night deciding what to do... it was hard, but I made my desicion.
tata for now.


Hello all,
I just put up TToF 12th chapter today, I know it's been a while but I've been really busy and wporking on some other stories that aren't on here... Yay, Hallowe'en is coming!
See ya real soon.

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