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Author has written 8 stories for Warriors, Hunger Games, and Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

Hello Everybody!! I am Emberwind8, but my name is Aoife O'Regan

I just got an account on fictionpress, so if you like my writing, please check out my original fictions! Username is still Emberwind8.

Please read 2019rocheca, ILIKETOTALLYROCK, and thebananachick, and louisluv218. They all are writing Hunger Games Fanfictions, 2019rocheca and louisluv218 are writing Percy Jackson ones, and louisluv218 also has some My Babysitter's a Vampire, Power Rangers, MyMusic, and Kingdom Keepers.

The 100 Themes Writing Challenge

For those who don't know, the 100 Themes Challenge is something that originated on DeviantArt as a challenge to see who could make a piece of art for 100 themes. It has progressed since then, and I am going to take on the writing challenge. It is reasonably simple, you get a list of 100 themes, I am not using the original one, but a Hunger Games oriented one by Maristela Freesia, and write a short story/drabble/poem/really anything about it. But to put a twist on it, I will only be using characters from "The 80th Hunger Games" trilogy, (prequel, original, sequel). I have not yet started, but will keep you all updated on how many words I've gotten to. Here is a forum on this website for it: https://www.fanfiction.net/topic/80157/31218121/1/. Good luck to me!

My Completed Stories:

The 80th Hunger Games: A Time for Revenge- Follow Aqua Pyrette, sister of Cato from the 74th Games, through her Hunger Games journey. After watching the Reapings, Aqua finally finds a way to get revenge on her brother's murderer: By killing her once-again Reaped sister, Primrose Everdeen. Will Career tribute Aqua be able to finally get her revenge and win the 80th Games, or will she fall victim to the hands of another tribute? In both Aqua and Prim's POVs. Complete! Sort of, I sometimes will add a revised chapter.

The Return of SkyClan- Moons after the battle with the Dark Forest, Jayfeather receives a mysterious prophecy from Bluestar: "The sky has fallen, but it will leap again soon, if you can make it." When Jayfeather finally figures out that the prophecy is foretelling the return of SkyClan to the forest, he still has a problem: Who will form SkyClan? He guesses that the prophecy means that Firestar and Sandstorm's SkyClan has been destroyed, so how can he get more cats to join the Clans? Maybe a group of rogues that have been hanging around the place where Horseplace used to be? Can this space become new territory for the cats? Read to find out! Discontinued, not complete.

Works in Progress:

The Mary-Sue Games: SYOT- It's the 100th Hunger Games, and President Snow has a big surprise: The Quell will be that only the most perfect, beautiful, charming, and heart-breaking girls from each District will be eligible to be Reaped, AKA the Mary-Sues. Who will turn out to be the most perfect of them all? Maybe it will be your tribute... Up to District Seven Reapings so far! No longer taking tributes. Updated Saturdays/Sundays. BLOG: http:///

The 81st Hunger Games: The Return of Past Victors- Remember the 80th Games? You should if you've read it, but probably not if you haven't. Well anyways, it's the Games after that, and the Victors of the 80th Games, Aqua and Parker, are back as mentors! But that's not all: They are mentoring two tributes of complete oppisite personalities who practically hate each other. Plus they have some...work to do, other than mentoring.

Flickering Flames- Many, many, years after the events in the Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus books, Ember Cheddar is attending Haxwyn High School with her best friends Cat Ferris and Glenn Kelsey. Ember only lives with her father and Cat with her mother, also, Ember and Cat are loners at their school, for some reason they are different than everyone else. When their school takes a field trip to Long Island, New York, their lives change for the better, or is it for the worse? The three find themselves at Camp Half-Blood, a place where Embrina and Cat learn of their true identities. Cat is finally at home with the other demigods, but Embrina still has to overcome one obstacle... She was never supposed to be born, she is a daughter of Hestia. Discontinued.

Flickering Flames (Original Fiction)- Ember was just having a normal day in the school counselor’s office- But her day is soon altered by not only her counselor quitting her job, but by two men appearing out of air coming to take her away.

Ember is taken to the Linlea Peaks, where all Elementals- Gnomes, Sylphs, Undines, and Salamanders- are taken when they turn sixteen. Elementals are the beings of earth, air, water, and fire. When Ember reaches the Linlea Peaks, terror has already begun to reign down upon the Elementals. Any Elemental not in residing in the Linea Peaks have disappeared. The Quintessence, a “fifth” elemental, are waging war against the Elementals for the first time ever. Because of her persistence to help, Ember is sent along with seven other young Elementals to find the lair of the Quintessence, hidden somewhere in New York City.

Without any adult Elementals around to conquer the Quintessence, it's up to the eight Elementals to save their kind from utter destruction. But is the task too daunting? *Found on fictionpress.com and

Saving Our Own Skins- Mona Crimson really believed she was going on a simple field trip to a nature preserve. But when she gets there, it turns out that she and the other students must compete in ten challenges until a lone victor is left alive. Everyone is doing whatever it takes to ensure their life continues, most of them working alone and trying to kill anyone else they can, expect Mona; she and her best friend Cerise work together because they can't bare to loose each other. Nobody knows the reason they're doing the challenges. They only know that losing means dying. *Found on fictionpress.com and

Clove and Glimmer's Fight- The result of my friend Rikki and I being bored... Exactly what the title suggests, read if you dare! Updated randomly.

A Rise of Champions- You've read about Aqua Pyrette and Parker Brown's journey through the Games. You've read about them winning and mentoring. But what you haven't read about yet is their lives before volunteering. How different was Aqua's life before her brother died? And is there something Parker's been hiding his entire life? All questions that started unanswered will be answered in this story. From the first day in the training center to the events of the 74th Games to the night before the Reaping of the 80th Hunger Games, this prequel will have everything covered. Will be started after 'The 81st Hunger Games: A Return of Past Victors' is completed.

Lie, Cheat, and Steal- Noemi Lyra Hansen is a socially awkward girl from District Three. She and her twin sister, Arrietta, both only have their names in the Reaping bowl twice, but Noemi still manages to get picked. With only seven Games before hers, there have been no victors from her District to mentor her, so she gets stuck with a Capitol person. But more importantly, Noemi never had a chance of winning. Even though she is smart, she is weak, she can't make allies, and has many, many, more weaknesses to outweigh all of her strengths. She can't win. She just can't. On hiatus.

Hunger Games 100 Theme Challenge- Explained earlier.

After the Clans- After a the combination of a great sickness and twoleg invasions, the four Clans have almost disappeared. The few survivors banded together as one, and after many, many, moons, they have gained enough cats to recreate the Clan, or at least three of them. The settled around the sun-drown. ForestClan lived in the forest like ThunderClan or ShadowClan, SunClan on a grassy field like WindClan, and OceanClan on an abandoned beach, unlike any Clan before. This is the story of new kits in the new Clans. All OC.

SYOTs/SYOCs I am a part of:

Lava Marley Poole, District Two mentor in 'Betrayed: The First Quarter Quell-SYOT OPEN!' by ButterscotchBrownies

Dazi Cerena Sparkle, District Two escort in 'Betrayed: The First Quarter Quell-SYOT OPEN!' by ButterscotchBrownies

Yttria Vanadim, District Two female in 'May the Odds be Never in Your Favor' by 2019rocheca

Indie Rhett, District Two female in '123rd Hunger Games SYOT: When History Repeats Itself (Open)' by Rippo100

Adilah Flame, District Two female in 'The Cold and The Quill: The 97th Hunger Games' by gorrillaface345

Jeffery Damon Sterling, District Three male in 'The Cold and The Quill: The 97th Hunger Games' by gorrillaface345

Hero Stormer, District Four male in 'Away From the Sun: The New Era:1' by SomeDays

Zoelie Rhett, District Seven female in 'Kill: The 75th Hunger Games' by ShayminxForeverx

Calliope Darby, District Eight female in 'The 62nd Hunger Games: SYOT' by JaylenFeliciano (R.I.P. Calliope. You got 13th place.)

Marus Silverman, District Eight male in 'Kill: The 75th Hunger Games' by ShayminxForeverx

Rose Wingate, District Nine female in 'Away From the Sun: The New Era:1' by SomeDays

Daphne Sillma, District Nine female in '85th Hunger Games SYOT' by Finnickxoxo

Brooke Rigby, daughter of Nemesis in 'Sofi's Quest: SYOC' by 2019rocheca

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