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Author has written 8 stories for Harry Potter, Series Of Unfortunate Events, and Rocky Horror.
As you may have guessed, Vivian Kain is merely a pen name to protect the guilty, your fabulous author. Viv's alter-ego (moi) is between the ages of 18 and 20 and is currently a college student boasting (surprise surprise)a Journalism major (at one of the top ten Journalism schools in the country I might add...SCRIPPS, YEAH!).

Vivian enjoys spaghettios, coffee from the Donkey, the color pink, baby monkeys (named Noacho), sociology, berets from Paris, the mafia, frozen chai, being a Journalist, reading The Post (not for its news value, but amusement), the Disney Channel, having great taste in clothes (according to...everyone), Johnny Depp, the Lando Wall (which is no more...alas), politics (that's what I keep Mr. HTC around for...I love it, but I think I'm allergic to Political Science), euchre, Italian last names, college football/basketball/hockey, schoolin' it like it ain't no thang, Diet Dr. Thunder, decorative scarves, Mod Volleyball, Costa Rica, a little lego toy from the IGA named Rex, spending Spring Break in Panama City with the coolest floormates ever, being duct-taped into her dorm room, cupcakes, Jones Soda and of course, Harry Potter.

Ms. Kain passionately loathes long uphill walks to class in the winter, salad, being Cher on the Hoover poster, stale desert in the dining hall, dumpsters, Economics (no more of that nonesense), dirty hair, English 151, being bad at tennis, wearing sandals in the shower, cell phone slime, losing at euchre, LONG Student Senate Meetings, the Post's Monday columnist (for TWO quarters now...ah, the days of the cool fall quarter columnists), and not being able to watch reruns of Daria because she can't find the channel.

If you know what's good for you, you'll leave some stellar reviews of her works, which are listed below.


Pensive: Last updated 12/24/03. I've been working on a new chapter for some time now, but making the Dean's List Winter Quarter was kind of taxing on my social life, so I had to choose between the crazy college life and...writing a fanfiction on my weekends. Evident which one I chose. Don't fret, however, as I'll get back to this as soon as summer rolls around!

What Happened to Beatrice: This is my next priority after Pensive. I love this story but I haven't reread the series in so long that I'm afraid I won't do it justice. As I said, my next project after Pensive so look for it soon after Pensive is updated.

Lucky Day: I'll get back to this eventually, I promise! The life of a college girl is very hectic, especially with dorm mates and such constantly's hard to unleash that kind of humor around normal and respectable members of society! As soon as I have more time, look for more of this, hopefully before too long!

The Lord of All Things: The Fellowship: Gotta love this story! It's a toss up whether I will update this or Lucky Day first. It'll probably be after Pensive and Beatrice, but look for it soon into the new year, I'm really excited about this idea but I need to work out a more detailed plot before I continue.

A Rock and a Hard Place: I love this concept! Not as high up on my priority list, I just wanted to see what kind of reaction I'd get to a more serious ASOUE fiction, and I also liked the topic of a Violet-Duncan-Quigley triangle, since it appears that that is where we're headed. Plus, I've always loved the idea of Sunny as a young teen, it's just so much fun! Look for this a few months into 2004, when I get some time.

Dark Days of Tom Riddle: One day in the not so near future. It's not a priority and it doesn't have as big a following as Lucky Day already does or the one I anticipate Pensive to acquire. If you would like to see more, let me know and I'll consider working on it soon.

Sleeping with the Enemy: I like the concept of this, but it's another one that I have to MAKE time for, as I'm not inspired right now. Plus it was written so long ago I think my style has changed too much to continue it as is, so I might have to rewrite and repost before I add to it.

The Past Future: Probably will never update this one. I love Rocky Horror, but it's not really my passion. I might try to write a little more to tie up loose ends and finish it, or I may just remove it.

That's all for now folks! Go, read!

4/6/04: Well, it turns out Spring Quarter is going just as busy as last quarter, especially with all the Journalism classes I'm taking and trying to keep up with my correspondence...certain friends of mine just HAD to go to Austria for the quarter! Anyway, I'm shootin' to make the Dean's List again along with playing some sand volleyball and chillin' with my favorite moddies...I just simply haven't had time to update ANYTHING lately. Thanks, however, for continuing to read and review. You guys are great, and I promise updates will come...this summer? Peace and Performance Fleece!

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