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Author has written 4 stories for Lord of the Rings, Naruto, Elder Scroll series, and Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

Also was known as AlienX275 on DeviantArt, but that account is basically abandoned now.

I am currently partnered with a fellow fanfiction reader by the name of TheMightyMorgoth in order to keep up with a good quality of stories (mostly) as well as have someone to help me try and keep a somewhat normal posting schedule.

Am a huge anime/manga fan! I am accepting of most mangas, depending on the content.

Some examples of manga/anime I watch/like are: Bleach, Soul Eater, Hellsing, (used to watch Yu-Gi-Oh) Naruto (I may have had my doubts about Kishimoto, but he came through with a pretty good ending and managed to redeem Sasuke in a believable manner, so I'll give him some points on this one) and various things that I cannot remember at this time.

Anime/Manga I do NOT like: I'm not the biggest fan of Attack on Titan (before you flame me, just let me say that I'm okay with parts of the show... just not the first episode with the gruesome death of Eren's mom. I mean, come on! That's a little harsh! That, and the constant killing off of everybody's favorite characters!) Pokémon, (Ash is still ten years old when the show is on the SIXTH GENERATION OR SOMETHING!) and again, others I cannot remember at the top of my head.

Some personal stuff!

Name: Really? Would YOU give your real name on the internet?

Age: I'll leave that up for debate at this point. At times I'm very immature, others I can be rather serious.

Gender: I'm a dude

Where I live: United States. That's all I'm telling you.

My likes: anime, hot girls, writing, playing video games, reading, and being slightly insane

Dislikes: yaoi (unless it's tastefully written, which is rare), fangirls, really bad anime with really bad plotlines/stupid names, and the US court system.

My goals in life: Find a hot girlfriend, possibly make a YouTube account and get lots of subscribers, and just get well known in general. And also to have people like/respect me for my stories.

Okay then! That wraps this up! I'll be posting something... eventually. Whatever. See ya on the flip side!


Current Stories and plans for them:

The Witch-King Cometh V2- Now co-authored with TheMightyMorgoth in order to keep the story going while still being unique. The new chapter will be started soon, and posted eventually.

There and Back Again: Sauron's Tale- Story is not abandoned, and I will attempt to come back to it at some point. This will probably be updated after Witch-King Cometh.

Percy Jackson and the Black Flame: The Lightning Thief- Not abandoned, but can considered to be on hiatus. As of right now, there is a possibility of a rewrite to make it more realistic and slightly darker.

Nightmare Incarnate: Second chapter is posted, will update again after updating There and Back Again.

Planned Stories

Maleficent/Naruto crossover: Don't judge me! I just watched that movie again and I feel that putting a character from Naruto in there as a sort of "Sage" character might work! I'm thinking Obito... Pairing would be Obito x Maleficent

Necromancer Naruto story: Not sure what to do with something like this, but it's in the wings.

Naruto/Devil May Cry crossover: Again, not sure where to go with this so it won't be just like very other Naruto/DMC crossover on this site. I want to make it unique.

Naruto/Dishonored crossover: I've got a few ideas for this, but I'm not sure how I want to do it.

Nightmare on Elm St/Skyrim crossover: Putting Freddy in Skyrim, seems like something unique to me!

Slender Man in Skyrim story: Basically Slender Man "aiding" Harkon and the Volkihar clan for a short time. Pairing would be Slender Man x Serana

Star Wars/Naruto crossover: Really don't know what to do with this one, but given I saw the trailer for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" I feel the need to do this. Not sure who'd be in it, but I'm thinking either Sasuke or Madara.

Naruto/Skyrim: I have an idea of putting Madara in Skyrim just for the heck of it. It'd probably be similar to "There and Back Again" except with Madara instead of Sauron. Pairings are undecided for now.

Percy Jackson/God of War crossover: I kinda want to do this only because there is a disappointingly low amount of decent God of War crossovers. And I don't want to be cliche by involving Kratos just cause God of War is one of the things put in a crossover (or sometimes in crossovers NOT labeled as such!) Plus, I re-watched Tetra Ninja's "God of War: Ascension" playlist. Pairing is a draw between Percy x Clarisse or Percy x Thalia. Not sure yet.

Possibly something with Wicked: I just saw the musical the other day and it was amazing. I'm not sure what I'd do, but I'll think on it.

Something with Sonic.exe: I know what you're thinking, don't go there! I literally only found like FOUR stories featuring this, and while the original Sonic.exe Trollpasta (since it got moved there I'm calling it that) may not have been that great of a story and the author was a bit of a jerk, I like the idea. And given the four stories I found were either "Sonic get's possessed by a demon" or "mind control by Eggman" or just flat out a piece of garbage passing itself off as Sonic.exe, I feel that I need to write a halfway-decent story involving it that will (hopefully!) do the character/creature a bit of justice. Not sure what I'd do, but I feel it would be an interesting idea.

A crossover with Five Nights at Freddy's: I've one idea, but not sure how well it would work. Ever since FNAF 3 came out, I found a new favorite animatronic in the form of Springtrap, and wanted to write a story featuring it in some form.

Naruto/Prototype crossover: Had one in the wings a while back, was terrible and therefore scrapped. After I revisited the games, I decided I wanted to try my hand at a story of that crossover once again. Not sure what to do about it though, but my muse for odd reasons is suggesting a Fem Alex Mercer for a pairing.

A crossover with The Darkness: For odd reasons I feel the need to revisit The Darkness as a series and write something. I'm thinking either a Naruto/The Darkness crossover or possibly using Harry Potter (Strangely enough, Harry as the host of the Darkness seems like a unique idea to me.)

Naruto/Aliens vs Predator crossover: I have this in the wings. I always wanted to write a part-Xenomorph Naruto with a pairing that is a girl who's trained by the Predators. As of now, the current pairing is Naruto x Fem Sasuke.

Harry Potter/DMC crossover: not sure where I'd go with this, but it's an idea. I''m thinking of using Sparda.

Planned Update Schedule

Please note that I am terrible with deadlines, as well as I am in college, so my updates are sporadic. But this is the general plan from now on in terms of alternate updates between stories.

1. Nightmare Incarnate

2. Witch-King Cometh

3. There and Back Again

So this is my planned "schedule" for adding new chapters. This list will be altered over time based on whether or not stories are completed, or new stories are added to the list. This is just so you guys who are actually still following me and reading my stories can figure out which one will be updated next.

Rant(s) about Cliches and other Irritating Things in Fanfiction and other Literature

Okay, this is just for me to go off for a bit and give you guys some of my opinions on certain things. I'll put them in a list for simplicity's sake:

(Please note that I am in no means trying to insult anyone's opinion. These are just my own, and I feel the need to rant for a bit.)

1. The overabundance of yaoi on this site- Don't get me wrong, I've got nothing against yaoi, and I admit I may read it if it is tastefully written and not just endless smut. But... don't you think it's a tiny bit annoying when you search a straight pairing (say Naruto x Temari for example) and half of the stuff you get is Naruto x Sasuke?! I mean seriously! Can the site put a filter or something on it? Cause it's a little out of hand! Not to mention all of the random crap people put up on this site for weird reasons! Such as the next item in my list...

2. Mpreg- I mean seriously? What the heck!? Why are there so many stories where Sasuke is getting Naruto pregnant!? WHEN THEY'RE BOTH STILL DUDES! I mean come on! If you're going to write a yaoi pairing, at least keep it realistic people!

3. Lack of decent crossovers for under-appreciated titles- While I admit people do tend to go for the big name titles (Naruto, Bleach, Sonic the Hedgehog, One Piece, Fairy Tail, Devil May Cry, Elder Scrolls) and I'm no exception to this, but we definitely need more crossovers for the under-appreciated titles in gaming, anime, etc. And even some of the big name movies of last year like Maleficent for example don't have that many crossovers. And the ones they do have may not be as good as some of the others you might find in another category. I mean, one guy even wrote a "Naruto/V for Vendetta" crossover and it's the only one of its kind! And to be honest, it's actually pretty good! (If the author of said story is reading my profile right now, I'm begging you. Finish that story!) When you think about it, V for Vendetta is another of those titles with an underwhelming fandom in We really need to change this in my opinion.

4. Various things that happen in far too many crossovers- There is an overabundance of cliches on this site, and fanfiction in general! There's always some cliche such as "god-like characters" or various events that always seem to happen! Examples include: "Naruto is neglected by his family for a twin or younger sibling" "Percy gets cheated on by Annabeth" "Bashing of various characters (usually Sasuke or Sakura)" and especially in the Naruto class "The Wave Arc" (Well, now that I think on it... it is an iconic part of the series, so I guess I'll let this one slide for a bit longer) I will admit, even I have moments when some cliches are either unavoidable, or put them in to set up a scene as well as the mood of a story. But it will not be often! So we really need to come up with our own ideas for our stories, and not just follow some cookie-cutter "Make a story" thing that seems to permeate the site. Maybe that's why I try to be original? Guess it's kinda hard on a fanfiction site.

5. Serious Lack of Exotic Pairings- Let's be honest, we knew this was coming. Several fandoms have this specific pairing that always shows up, even when you search another pairing in particular. There's a large amount of "NaruHina" "SasuSaku" "NaruAnko" "NaruErza" "NaruLucy" as well as others such as "Percy/Annabeth" (not much of a problem cause it worked in the books, but this is fanfiction! Unleash your Imagination!) or "Percy/Nico" (Not hating on Nico, although Riordan did catch me off guard with the whole "Nico-being-gay" thing in House of Hades. -Spoilers!-) I mean, the other day I searched the Percy Jackson archive for Percy/Clarisse fanfiction. Most of them ended up being Percy/Annabeth or Percy/Thalia. Or they ended up as...

6. Harem fics- I've got nothing against harem fics, nor do I condone authors for wanting to please their readers. I know this feeling. My original version of The Witch-King Cometh was going to be a harem fic so I could try to have people like my story (until my beta-readers at home read it and the ones I have on DeviantArt and told me to rewrite it) Like I said, I've got nothing against them, but sometimes we just need a simple "Guy falls in love with girl" story (or "Guy falls in love with guy" or "Girl falls in love with girl" stories too. I'm not picky!) that's just for a good read.

7. Lack of good Genderbent character pairings- In case you haven't noticed so far with my stories, I happen to be a fan of genderbent character pairings. Not only does it satisfy my vow to not write yaoi, but it also adds in a whole new level of interesting and exotic pairings to go for. But sadly enough there are rarely any good stories written with genderbent characters done right. Either they get thrown into harems, or they don't act the way they should act without good reason. This also brings me to another thing...

8. Personality changes that make no freaking sense- Sometimes you get characters who will change personalities in the blink of an eye! For example, in some fanfics, Naruto will start off as the usual ball of sunshine and everything good and then a chapter later he turns into a complete douche! If you want to change someone's personality, there has to be a gradual change. Take Gollum from Lord of the Rings for example. He started out as a nice guy who briefly was swayed by the ring and killed his best friend. He felt remorse, and was upset that he killed Deagol (spelled right?) That being said, they then showed how he went from Smeagol to Gollum. A gradual change that corrupted him over the years and centuries until he was hardly recognizable from his original persona. That's how you change someone.

9. Not enough "real" dark fics- This is something that I share with my co-author/editor/partner TheMightyMorgoth. The major portion of so-called "Dark fics" don't portray a character as truly dark. Take the Naruto fandom for example. Naruto will be portrayed as a bloodthirsty maniac, spewing obscenities and committing horrific deeds that even I won't write, yet women keep falling all over him. In my opinion, "dark" should be similar to someone like Hannibal Lecter or Sosuke Aizen. Calm, calculating, rarely losing his cool, and always one step ahead. They are disinterested in everything, and have no regard for human life except for their own twisted amusement or for their future plans. And yet all the while, no one ever suspects a thing. Because they are clever. They hide the darkness within them, hiding behind a mask, and no one ever suspects them until it is too late. THAT is dark. Not what ever the first example is.

10. "Perfect" Characters (Aka the Mary Sue/Gary Stu)- I'm pretty sure I can say without a doubt I despise how some characters are always shown as the epitome of good, never losing, always overcoming the odds, and winning at the last second while never being corrupted in the slightest. (Examples including Luffy or Canon Naruto) This is not how one should write a character. If you have a perfect character, then you have failed as a writer and should be ashamed of yourself. Now, granted, I am not a perfect writer. I'm probably not even a great author by most people's standards. I just do what I do for fun. But I at least try to make sure all of my main protagonists have some form of weakness, be it physical or mental. Sometimes even both. If I power up a protagonist, then you better damn well be sure I'm going to power up the antagonist to make it either equal, or even one-sided in favor of the antagonist at times. That's how I roll.

11. Lack of variety in character abilities- Now, anyone else notice that in both fanfiction and canon anime the main character only improves a single technique and uses that technique as his staple? Ichigo has his Getsuga, Naruto has Rasengan, Luffy has his rubber fists, Goku has Kamehameha, etc. This always bothered me in some ways. Sure mastering a technique and improving it is great. But don't limit yourself to just that. Take Sasuke for example: he may have improved and made variants to Chidori, but not to the extent Naruto has. He still relies on other abilities, from Katon jutsu to kenjutsu, from EMS to Rinnegan, his arsenal is evolving. Name more than 10 techniques Naruto has that don't involve Rasengan or Tailed Beast Mode in any way. I dare you. The same goes for fanfiction. We see plenty of fics where Naruto or some other character has Mokuton, or Yoton, or Hyoton, or Sharingan/Rinnegan, or even the freaking Juubi. We get it. We've seen them all. Now give us something unique! Telepathy, telekinesis, gyrokinesis, shapeshifting, chronokinesis, driving someone to madness just by presence alone, etc. The list is practically endless. So actually use some of them!

12. Certain aspects of a person's character that are accepted as truth, yet have little to no basis- Okay, this is a more recent one, but I've come to notice that there are so many character traits that people have given characters in fanfiction so often that they can't NOT have them or it seems wrong or OOC. One example is making Sasuke a power-hungry jackass with little regard for human life and an unreasonable grudge against Naruto. Another is Naruto being so naive in the face of everything terrible that happens, or not even reacting like a normal human being and ever wanting revenge for past transgressions. Sure forgiveness is good and all, but not all people are so noble. And finally, the fact that in every fanfiction Anko Mitarashi is for some reason ostracized by the villagers for being trained by Orochimaru (which usually leads to a pairing with Naruto because of their "similar situation") yet this never happens in the show or manga. She's treated like a normal kunoichi, not scorned and set up to die should she lose usefulness. These things are seen so often in fanfiction, and far too few times are they not in a story. And it bothers me that these things are just accepted as some form of truth nowadays about these characters.

So that's all my rants as of now. I might post more if I find other things to discuss. Whatever. I'll try to update one of my stories soon.

See ya on the flip side!

-The Phantom of Skyrim

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