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- Updates -

I changed my name to Klovr - yeah it used to be Kai-lovr - but it was too bloody long and unoriginal. So I got rid of the 'ai' and the hyphen because I couldn't think of anything more original than that. Gold star for me.

- Nothing But Me -

I'm a fifteen year-old Australian-inhabitant who lacks motivation to study and finds the remaining inspiration to mingle around places such as fanfiction dot net. Mood swings have migrated into my life so don't be afraid if you see happy thoughts suddenly turn into angry thoughts in this profile - or even in my stories! I have a bit of a potty mouth which is bad sometimes - especially at school. Well you're not supposed to say 'Shit' every time you make a mistake in your Japanese Speaking Test are you?

I'm a girl who complains. A lot. Generally not out loud of course, but still a lot. If you say something to me that I disagree with then I'll end up biting your head off and rant continuously until I win my point - which isn't always good, but what the hell. Yes I'm petty, but I'm 15 - so bite me. And at the moment, I'm currently annoyed with a specific GS fandom because of their nonsensical views. A bad pet peeve of mine is that I get turned off from people who use more than three exclamation marks or stretch out their words just to add 'emphasis' - emphasis my arse, it's just there to annoy people. Would you like an example? Here - "PPPPPLLLLLEEEEEAAAASSSSEEEE!" - OMG anywhere, use this ANYWHERE except in stories! PLEASE!

Anyways, I'm not really a writer, but what comes in must come out - yes, my mind is big enough for some thought to come through! I have a fetish for penguins because they just crack me up, and my imaginary dream is to one day become governor of Antarctica and have some sort of involvement with said penguins aka men in black tuxedos. They're so cute and fat and cuddly anyways!

I'm a sucker for sappy moments and have an embarrassing tendency to almost make a puddle (of tears that is!) and then make a full out of myself by continuously ogling at the screen or whatever source it is that's showing this sap. I love listening to dance, house, trance and the lot in terms of music - I suck at listening to rock because I'm a tad too shallow to understand all the deep and meaningful lyrics - if they're existent in the first place. xD

I went to Japan last year for some -coughboyscoutingcough- I mean ... it was a school excursion! The experience itself taught me to appreciate the world around me, and that their country is so much cleaner then this country! Except their traffic is bloody psycho!- you try and cross a road when the pedestrian crossing allows you to, and then HO-ZA, there's a car that's about to kill you! But it also taught me that Customs are bloody vindictive! Geez, they do a good job and everything, but freaking hell - they almost yoinked my Chucks!

I love my Space Bar and I would die without it! Use the freaking Space Bar people.

- Obsession with Stories -

Normally it's not really a hobby of mine to write up a story, but if I do - then expect a post every once a year or something like that. But of course, that's pretty hard for me to do in the first place, which is why I tend to avoid writing altogether - I'll just let the ones who know what they're doing to do their thing. I may not know what to write, but I know what I want to read: and that's something that at least has decent grammar. Grammar is our friend.

I have always been obsessed with shounen-ai and yaoi - I'm actually more into the whole huggling and cuddling fics rather than the hard-core lemon stories. But any story that actually has ANY sort of a sleeping scene - then I'm always there! That's probably my number one obsession when it comes to stories. I usually die in a puddle of sap because I just love the incorporated fluff that's just been read. xD You can't keep me away!

Generally when it comes to a favourite character, I usually want them to end up being the Uke in the relationship because it's just so mushy and endearing to read!

I have this very large adoration for Beyblade's Tala and Kai because they're just so cute together! You just want to give them a big bear hug and then sandwich yourself between the two! There's this stubborn nerve inside of me that just won't let them go - you just can't not love them! Ta/Ka will always be my favourite Beyblade pairing, but other than that, I can normally read any other pairing, such as Ty/Ka and Ka/Re.

There was this stage where Ka/Re pairings were beginning to really piss me off though because the authors repetitively made Rei cry! No offence or anything, but whenever they would write something to do with Rei being overly-sensitive and then resulted in him immediately crying that was really provoking because I desperately wanted to strangle those stories! Even though he's not even a favourite character of mine, I think it's pretty obvious to everyone out there that he's not that sodding weak! So stop making him cry over every small problem! GAH! There's a difference between angsty and dramatically!sissy!like!

Yes, that was probably one of my main complaints I've always held. I tend to complain a lot about certain stories and just the way some authors write up their summaries and such - just the way they want sympathy by saying their story sucks and all that junk. So yes, that was just one of the things that somewhat turned me off with that pairing. It's like OCs. I avoid stories with OCs as much as I can because they're just plain annoying. Some are an exception, but when I say "some" I bloody mean some!

I'm in utter love with Gundam SEED's Athrun Zala because he's got the most gorgeous eyes, is a really interesting character to figure out if you think about him continuously (that's not me ...! xD;) and his Japanese voice (Akira Ishida) is just so husky at times - especially when he's all effy! I love reading about pairings such as: Kira/Athrun, Yzak/Athrun, and I don't mind Athrun/Shinn now and then. But I'm a bit strict with Kira/Athrun because the story with the pairing MUST be 'cry-baby-stereotype' Kira free! Or at least in the first two chapters at least! I hate it when people give his character a lack of dimension by giving him a typical Kleenex-hogger attitude. Yeah, I have an issue with characters that cry too much in fanfiction because it just burns me. But think about it: Athrun cries more than Kira in GSD! And I love Kira so give him some more life!

With Athrun/Cagalli vs. Athrun/Meyrin - can I just say that the majority of Cagalli-fans out there are seriously annoying and one-sided because of their views of Athrun 'betraying' Cagalli because he ended up walking with Meyrin at the end of GSD Final PLUS. It sounds as though everyone wants Athrun to be on restriction and not allow him to walk with any female form other than the tom-boy Cagalli - note the word 'boy' - why do you think Athrun should be with Kira in the first place. xD But yes, even though I'm not always into het. pairings, I'll spite every anti-Athrun person out there who hates him just because of their 'belief' that Athrun betrayed Cagalli, by saying that I love Athrun/Meyrin more.

Even though I don't even hate Cagalli in the first place - I don't even mind Athrun/Cagalli because they were admittedly cute in GS, but I don't understand why the most of the fans seem to hate Athrun so much - every character makes a hundred-thousand mistakes in GSD (Even the director), but they all seem to be forgiven expect for Athrun. X.x Right then ...

Even though I love Athrun, the one thing I can't stand is his English-dubbed voice - good grief it's horrible! And listening to Kira is even worse because I can't stop thinking about Kero from Cardcaptors. Yeah, can't stand English dubbing either.

In Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, all I can say is that Kadaj is one sexy bastard! xD I think that Cloud/Kadaj probably makes no sense and maybe it's a tad incest, but that's the only pairing I can learn to enjoy. Yazoo/Kadaj is definitely incest that I can enjoy once in a while ... like once every month or something ...

I think I also have a thing for silver-haired bishies. Fudge they're the hotness in the word hot.

Even though I love Beyblade and Gundam SEED pairings at the moment, I'll still always love Gundam Wing for some reason. I just loved the storyline!

Aside from Anime, I also love reading Harry Potter stories because there's just so many of them! xD I'm a hard-core Harry/Draco fan girl. I squeal in utter delight because this pairing is just so sexy! And Pyro from X-Men 3 - oh my sodding goodness he's so hot! (Yeah, yeah, no pun intended - that's so old now.) But I'm a supporter of Iceman/Pyro - yumminess. Reminds me of a certain Tala/Kai pairing that I love so much.

Just to let all you random people out there know, that any story that will ever be posted, will always be a one-shot. And I think they will all be humour-based as well - Ha! I just can't write angst! I tried once but it didn't work. O.o Plus, I usually don't even write under the genre of romance, they're all actually based upon friendship and just hot teenage-bishies who try to overcome certain ... bizarre adversities ... xD

Until next time! You're more likely to see me in a review then you are with a story!

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