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Author has written 6 stories for Inazuma Eleven/イナズマイレブン, and Assassination Classroom/暗殺教室.

Hello everyone

Its Kiriga Here \ω

I used to be Wolf2508, Wolfnya and now i am 4697neko (shirokuro neko)

I love Inazuma Eleven GO!

and assassination classroom!

i also love to draw ! My passion and hobby.

Only read Inazuma Eleven Go-Galaxy fanfictions not really interested in the first season.

Anyone have instagram? Then follow me pls

Main: bluetail_karen ( just my original account that i had before making tenma's one)

IE:strong_tenma (main one im on)

official_fei_rune(originally my sis's account)

nagisa._shiota (Assasianation classroom account)

Twitter: @soranekomaru

3rd of december is my B-day !!!

I love kagerou days, honeyworks, anime, doctor who.

Oc submissions are at the bottom

This is my OC

Name: [ Kurotsuki Kiriga )

Age: 14

Gender: girl

Appearance: light blue hair which goes just below her shoulders tied up in a half up half down and has cold blue eyes and light brown skin

Personality: On the outside she acts cold and emotionlesbonus on the inside she cares for everyone , tomboy, because she is often into fights and the boys all follow her and calling her "boss or leader" when she dosnt want them o but she still hangs arond and make sure they dont do anythig bad. Bcause of this the locals think that she is a gangster as well and the people aroud her try and stay away from her. but usually she stays away from big crowds and relaxes somewhere peaceful

Likes:Animals, nature, reading, listening to music.

Dislikes: loud people, bully, school, Homework, Pink,

Talent: Even tough she doesnt particptate in any activities shes good at sports

History: Her father is one of the top financial business man she used to live like aprincess but since she hated that life she told her father that she was going to live alone for a while and left the house.

Crush: Turugi Kyousuke



[ Wolf fang :crouches down and dashes to the ball with a wolf in the background having tee ball in the mouth if it takes the ball

Thunder hurricane(spins the ball like eternal blizzard from fubuki) forming a hurricane and then kicks it upside down (like death drop) making thunder around the ball

Wolf Break: Jumps up in midair does a flip and kicks it into the goal with lightning snow leaf water dops and a wolf going with the ball.

Dragon Fang(ryu no kiba): Kicks the ball down from mid air and a blue dragon comes out from a hurricane and holds the ball in its mouth.

Tiger Fang:A black tiger roars in the background as the ball gets kicked into the goal.

Youkai eleven (not all 11 will be ocs) ONLY 1 PER PERSON


Crush taken:(can be anyone from IE TO GALAXY)

Turugi Kyosuke

Kirino Ranmaru

Kishibe Taiga

Ibuki munemasa

Shindou takuto

This is the Form for Youkai Eleven submission for OC's The form for the bad guys

For Lagoon&El dorado

Goal Keeper:1




(not all oc will be playing they will swap half way.)

Name (Japanese name)
Nickname(you don't have to)
Age ( probably about 1000 years since they are youkai if not then normal age )

Position:(the numbers im not bothered to write them)
Appearance:(your human form which is the same as kami form.)

If your Kami/Youkai ( you CAN put in a animal form even if your a Kami if you can't make up your mind I will allow two animal forms no more wolf pls)

A character your interested in or take a liking(not crushes)





Power(you May have up to 2 special powers )
Or a weapon you use main and secondary (u can have guns )

Hissastu:MAX5(if your in el dorado pls put shoot command or Defence command thingy and then type in the hissatu name.)

History: (u don't have to)

Clothes( pls do it as much like aolden Japanese clothes )

optionalyour quote/something you say after the sentence like amagi which he dado after every sentence

Oc form for Inazauma Live! First come first serve.(ON PAUSE WILL CONTINUE IN ABOUT A FEW WEEKS OR DAYS OR SOMTHING...)




Song:(Choose from below)




Copy and paste the japanese writing and listen to it i will go with the version that typed in.BTW i might not be putting in all of the songs and look at the video and that is how many people i will put in

Songs that is avalable for now:

Senbonzakura イナゴ雷門16人 αで、千本桜

Calc 【手描きイナGO】Calc.を歌ってもらった(6人合唱)

not available yet but will be on soon:

Shot gun Lovers 【手描きイナクロ】 ショ.ッ.ト.ガ.ン.・.ラ.ヴ.ァ.ー.ズ - Niconico video Q

Mozaic role(rap Ver) 【手描きイナクロ】 モ.ザ.イ.ク.ロ.ー.ル(ラ.ッ.プver)で作ってみた。

Merancolic 【手描きイナクロ】メ.ラ.ン.コ.リ.ッ.ク.

Kiritorisen 【手描きイナゴ】DDとゼロでキリトリセン

Just be friends 【手描きイナゴ】Ju/st/Be/Fri/end/s (2)

Mr music 【手描きイナゴ】Mr.musicを歌ってみた【合唱7人】

Orange 【手描きイナゴ】o_r_a_n_g_e【合作】

Ia ia night of desire 【手描きイナゴ】イアイア ナイトオブデザイア 合わせてみた【合唱】

Envy catwalk 【手描きイナゴ】エンヴィキャットウォーク 合わせてみた【合唱6人】

Time machine 【手描きイナゴ】タイムマシン 合わせてみた【合唱4人】

Torinokocity 【手描きイナゴ】トリノコシティ 合わせてみた【合唱4人】

na_ri_su_ma_shi_gen_ga_ 【手描きイナゴ】な_り_す_ま_し_ゲ_ン_ガ_ー【コラボ】

happy synthesaia 【手描きイナゴ】ハッピーシンセサイザ 合わせてみた【合唱6人】

Head phone actor 【手描きイナゴ】ヘッドフォンアクター 合わせてみた【合唱8人】

Megu megu fire edless night HQ 【手描きイナゴ】メグメグ ファイアーエンドレスナイト HQ

Amano jyaku 【手描きイナゴ】天_ノ_弱を歌ってもらった

Melt band edition 【手描きイナズマ】メルト -Band Edition- 合わせてみた【合唱8人】

Kamisama manejimasaki 【手描きイナボカ】CS雷門 αでカミサマネジマキ

M.U.G.I.C 【手描きイナボカ】M.U.G.I.C【新旧一年生】 -

Ayano koufuku riron 【手描きイナボカ】アヤノの幸福理論

souzou/mousou forest 【手描きイナボカ】想像フォレスト

Hello, worker 【手書きイナGO】Hello,Worker【合唱】.wmv

Black rock shooter 【手書きイナゴ】ブ_ラ_ッ_ク_ _ロ_ッ_ク_シ_ュ_ー_タ_ー

riririri burning night 【手書きイナズマ】リリリリ バーニングナイト 合わせてみた【合唱】

These are songs that i like and i pretty much dont like other songs (no offence )

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