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Author has written 8 stories for StarTrek: The Next Generation, Sherlock, StarTrek: Deep Space Nine, and Destiny.

i've been writing fanfiction since high school and am currently trying to get my s*t together to try and be a published author. in the process of working on original projects, i've been introduced to the Elder Scrolls series and am in love with writing for several of my Skyrim characters. I finally got an account to post up some of this Skyrim stuff i've been working on. but, i admit to being horribly slow with these things and i tend to get dragged off by other projects... :P

...also, i may end up moving my old Harry Potter fics from to here. they censor WAY too much for me and i resent them for it greatly.

find me on : http://

aug 18, 2014 : new twitter thing! looking forward to seeing where it goes : https://twitter.com/TAPo_o

thanks to Sparticus328 for talking me into getting an account and keeping me going with her own writing!! as well as colabing with me on our "Superna's Journal" project.

update april 14, 2014 : so, yeah, i was going to do just Skyrim stuff, but i've started with a TNG/Data piece - which is simply an excuse to write a whole lot'a sex scenes involving Data - and i make no excuses. :D

update april 28, 2014 : chap 3 of "Dreamscapes" is up and i'm amazed that i've managed to stick to a 2 week posting schedule. i'm working a lot on it - and what i'm now calling the SP (SkyrimProject/SupernaProject). i'm really enjoying playing around with the emotional aspects of Data that one never sees in the show or films (and, of course, exploring him in other ways...), but i wouldn't keep up too much hope for a whole lot of plot, 'cause that'd kinda be counter to the point of the exercise. :D and i *am trying to get the SP to a place where i can begin posting. :P i have to get the chara's back-story together first, and it's just not happening. *glares* i also want to note for anyone reading "Dreamscapes" that many of the... somewhat odd... formatting things are related to the fact that i'm typing most (ie, almost all) of it on my phone, and the formatting will not copy to email or browser. so i use *'s to mark up where thoughts go, etc. it's been my artistic choice to leave them in, as well as the auto-caps after ...'s. Thanks for reads! and please forgive my rather a-social a/n's - i would love to get some reviews (...but they tend to make me nervous as i've had bad experiences on other sites...)

SPOILER ALERT! may 10, 2014 : 12:51pm 5.6.2014 i had a wonderful review this morning, positing that i should maybe have Data describing his emotions as he dreams and have him think more about them and try to deduce what is happening... … Data gets lost in these dreams... his usual light-speed deductions aren't possible in this dream landscape of haze and white and gold and skin and kisses. these are things he doesn't have in reality - these are feelings he'll never have in reality, because of that light-speed thought. because his body and mind work different in his waking hours... what i'm trying to do is show how lost in the moment of his dreaming he is, how taken by this non-existent girl he is... the problem is, it's damn near impossible to write that oh-god-my-chest-hurts-and-i-can't-breathe-i'm-falling-in-love feeling. there are no words. they don't exist - at least not in English. thus, i'm stuck with analogies and metaphors and allegory and painting the pictures and experiences from my head out on the page in a poetic manner which still doesn't do it justice. i'm the kind of writer who wishes i could pull the ideas out of my head in film format - but no joy... and i've gone off on a tangent - what i'm saying is, this is an exercise in style for me. there's no solid plot planned. there probably won't be any twists. this is an excuse for me to write a slew of sex scenes with Data to satiate my killer little crush on him. the important things to him in his dreams are the touches and sensations. the waking chapters will deal more with the emotional impact these things might have on him - which i do also love writing - ...just imagine what it would feel like to fall in love with someone you know you can never be with, see, touch or kiss, because they simply don't exist... i am writing segments where Data is going through this, but he's one of the few characters i don't enjoy torturing, so i hate to see him suffering... ...there is a haze inherent in dreams which rather a lot of people seem to forget... even in my most vivid dreams, things shift and change, not in a way that can be described, but in an instinctively known manner - the mind just knows, this was a lake and now it is the ocean - everything is in focus and then only this is in focus, only this is vivid, only this feeling is in focus -

update june 15, 2014 : so... chapter 6 is up... the wait wasn't as long as i'd thought it might be... i just jumped on the line i'd originally intended and went with some hot and heavy. *chuckles* working (at an actual job) now (cause i need a new damn car :P), so things really might get spotty inasmuch as how often i can post. i illiterately have nothing ready for chapter 7, so we'll see how that goes... *crooked smile* chap 6 makes the language warning in "Dreamscapes" description valid. *hehe* smut. *hehe*

update july 18, 2014 : well, i was right about how long chapter 7 was going to maybe take me... the job is out the damn window though- thus the strikethrough. and, consequently, i've had stellar writers' block for weeks now. and it hurts. but chapter 7 is going up! yay! again, huge thanks to Sparticus328 for all the help and support! you are wonderful! also, back to working on my book to prep to send to publishers...

update aug 04, 2014 : july was rough, so i'm hoping aug will be better... already had some happy ideas while rewatching the tng movies and am reading some of the novels that might ping some new things too! i hope! :D also had a brainwave that'd been a while coming inspired by Brent Spiner's little twitterfiction from back '09. (read the whole thing here) it's still very much in it's infancy, but it's got me mildly excited for new artsiness! and OhMyFuckingGawd I WANT TO WATCH THRESHOLD!!!

update sep 04, 2014 : so it's been like a month since i posted anything... and i feel bad. i'm at a point with "dreamscapes" that i have a lot of sorting out to do and figuring out what order chapters need to go up in - in addition to having to write things previously just in notes or otherwise finishing unfinished chapters which either lack openings or endings... and, hell, i haven't even had my computer on for two weeks between weather threatening power outages and my freaking anxiety disorder fucking with my head! august was rough, and i doubt september will be much better... given fall is generally rough for me anyway. but, i am still working! still writing! still thinking! the issue is i end up with a scant one day of solid work per week which doesn't add up to much... i just wanted to leave an update if anyone is looking about wondering where i've gone - i'm still here! i'm just trying to cope with life and sort chapters out at the same time! i expect that once i have everything figured out it will be a more rapid fire posting process to just get everything up so i can move on to other things needing finishing - including a couple tng one-shots. :) "dreamscapes" is a labor of love for me and despite the feeling that chapter ten should really have gone up last weekend, i want it all to lay out just so and, so, i must wait until i have everything written out fully and in its proper place. thank you to any followers for your patients!

update sep 29, 2014 : WOOT! i have written again! it has been some hard months this summer... uhg! i basically had to totally reset my damn brain, but beautiful things are in the works and the just-posted "Dreamscapes" chapter ten is just the first taste! :D polishing and finishing to do and one-shots to slam out for deranged enjoyment! ...as in, like, five or six of them... O.o ...plus... O.o

update oct 17, 2017 : posted up a Sherlock on-shot, though short... and am working (kind of diligently...) on a TNG one-shot... that's a productive week, right? :) well, that TNG thing is turning out to be a real... mess... and is *killing me by pulling me off of "Dreamscapes" which is *so * close to being finished i can *taste* it!! seriously, i have one chapter to do some serious clean up on, and two to simply finish up/add closings to and then it's party post time! ...although, i would like to do a songficesque dream chapter for MS MR's "Head Is Not My Home"... and i am jonesing super f*cking bad right now to do a piece for Katy Perry's "E.T." *drool*...that might be a better fanvid - IF I HAD THE RIGHT FREAKING FOOTAGE! this is a problem with TNG... so many thoughts and no footage for the ideas... :P TANGENT! - - ONE-SHOT TO BE UP HOPEFULLY IN THE NEXT WEEK! WOOT! :D - - Also, I want to rec Tony Vernon-Smith's Trauma to anyone who hasn't read it and loves TNG, Data or First Contact. It is amazingly poignant and moving and beautifully done. See, it even got me to sentence-cap my damn words, :D Must be majick! :D

update oct 25, 2014 : mmm... so getting that oneshot up didn't really pan out... had a lovely anxiety attack last weekend and spent the week recovering... got all the thoughts out, needs edits, but not ready to go up yet. (!)i did, however, write a beautiful new chapter for "Dreamscapes" yesterday! YAY! :D ...like i need more of those to wait to go up... -_- yeah... and i'm eagerly planing a complete rewrite of "datalore" cause wtf?! writer dudes!?! so that's what's up: my head and gut freaking *hate me. ...but ST and Data are keeping me (somewhat) sane. :D

update nov 01, 2014 : new "Dreamscapes" (chapter 11) up! yay! still working out that one-shot... but the next couple chapters of "Dreamscpaes" are done and ready, so they'll be posted on freaking time!! also working out a rewrite of "Datalore" the season two episode, 'cause it's just a wreck and deserves better.

update nov 08, 2014 : kicking off my post-party for "Dreamscapes"! hopefully* one chapter will go up per week! yay! i'm excited to get it all done up so y'all can see the whole thought. been keeping very busy the last two weeks both with "Datalore" - what a headache! could they have written the ep full of *more plotholes!? - as well as jotting down some new ideas for a new chapters project... which is *kind of, but not really, related to the one-shot i still haven't finished and posted. ...it's still giving me panicky feelings from it's freakout two, three weeks ago. :P

update nov 29, 2014 : after two weeks - and, yes, melting into a puddle for part of them... i've managed to get chapter fourteen of "Deamscapes" up for enjoying. i also cued up the next couple chapters so that i can post them from my phone... in case this "gawd i don't feel like even touching my computer" thing continues... :P chapter seventeen still needs to be half written and closed... :/ *derp* here's hoping my head can cooperate with getting that done, cause after that, everything is ready to go!! c:

update dec 01, 2014 : uhhg... these boys have killed me. i got just a tad distracted... by Garak and Julian... so that'll be up tomorrow morning... at some point... nice, little pwp one-shot that i've literally spent the last twenty-four hours (plus) working on, writing, editing, researching, typing and proofing. :p i am exhausted, sludge-brained, and very, very fulfilled right now. c: (2231hours)

update dec 19, 2014 : welcome back to the anxiety show! :/ being in new england i was without power for most of last week and trainwrecked this week (ie emo issues over turning my comp on...). slowly getting myself back to a Data State of Mind, but rather easily distracted by "plain, simple Garak" and his "dear Doctor"... in fact my brain is percolating the idea of a songfic one-shot for Garak/Bashir - You Once Told Me by LulaNormaire on YouTube. :D ...still writing daily, but only just getting my head back on... and that's why i never got "Dreamscapes" chapter 16 up this weekend... :p ...several new things that could end up as one-shot slash pieces though... Hehe :D i have been utilizing twitter a lot recently though, so please go check out my feed and follow if you like what you read. :) link at the top of the bio!

jan 17, 2015 : just a thing i found via google... "From Risa With Love" on

feb 12, 2015 : i'm not dead! i swear! my brain is still spinning out scenes for Julian and Garak, i'm building Cardassian language since the show never did so, and i'm teasing my way back to Data and "Dreamscapes"... My deepest apologies to anyone following "Dreamscapes" for this extended delay. i feel terribly about it. :(

update may 10, 2015 : finally, after over four months, i have gotten my Re to Sparticus's "Rokassa Juice" typed and posted. FINALLY! in my AN i noted that it doesn't belong with my "Elim" Series. this is a series of one-shots that i've been working on ever since i did "Elim" back the end of november. these would be the things keeping me off of finishing "Dreamscapes"... -_- i have enough of them done now, though, that i think i can begin typing them up to organize and get them posted. they will all be going up as individual pieces, completed one-shots, and i'll keep a "table of contents" at the TOP of my profile. it may be kind of a messy way of doing it, but in my head they all developed as separate, semi-disconnected parts, and that's the way i want to share them.

update august 18, 2015 : i know, i've been away for months... outside of reading and reviewing a couple things... i'm having a rough summer. a very anxious summer. and this keeps me away from my computer as much as is possible, ie constantly. i have zero motivation to type up any of the long ready things that have been waiting for me since probably about february, and i'm clinging to my notebook like a lifeline. i'm working on newish things... continuing with a lengthy one-shot/chaptered series (similar to Dreamscapes in format) that i began last fall before Garak highjacked my brain. yes, i'm still writing, it's all i do. i've filled half a five subject notebook since may - and i've still only got one notepage going, so it's all material of one sort or another. ongoing projects include: Dreamscapes: ch17 to half write and then its done and will be posted. no, i have no idea when that will actually happen at this point. :( Elim series: fully written and ready to be typed except for a couple spotty scenes that are still lingering haphazardly in my head. Cardassi: in the works. currently on hold until inspiration strikes. not been feeling the languages thing lately. :/ Brainscenes: long, chaptered series i'm working heavily on at the moment. quite a bit done, but given how i want it to be posted, i need to be sure it's all writen before i begin that process. it's all out of order, and will go up that way, but i need to know the complete number of scenes before i can name my chapters. ah, the deranged, selfpunishment of the artistic brain. :P 500 Prompts and Twitter: for killing writer's block. i'm posting some promt ideas under the hashtag #500Prompts. see top of page for Twitter link. ...i'm a freaking mess right now, but eventually i'll be okay...

update june 20, 2016 : i swear i'm not dead! just working heavily on Cardassi, as well as some original projects. :)

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