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Author has written 8 stories for Utena, Noir, Mirage of Blaze, and Crescent Moon.


Over the past four months, I've fallen seriously ill. I'm pleased (more pleased than you can imagine) that I've "dodged a bullet" and am back on the road to recovery. Needless to say, this has put much of my writing on hold, a situation I found as frustrating and unhappy as you!

My activities are restricted as I recover, but I am working within them as best and as long as I can. (Can't push too far, though--I hate being lectured by my doctors!) I'm eager to get back to work on my various projects!

Thank you all so much for your patience and kind words. They've meant a great deal.

~With regards and hope for more productivity in the future,



My Crescent Moon AU, Sublunary is in no way, shape, or form connected to the yaoi webcomic of the same name! Not at all! They just happen to have the same name. They are wildly different in genre and content. (And please, now that I've mentioned it, do not go looking for it if you're underage. I stumbled over by accident, and while the creators are talented artists and storytellers, it is not for minors or young teens! I know I wistfully wondered if anybody'd do fan-art for Sublunary, but this isn't it!

Ah, the endless problem for fan-fic writers: The BIG List

Progress...of sorts

Due to illness: updates will be sporadic. I'm sorry. Being hospitalized won't get the updates out faster!

The In-Progress List:

Sublunary: As of Jan. 12, 2006 this story is 75 percent complete. Updates have been delayed because of the necessity of linking three important chapters. (Two of which would have been cliffhangers, for which I would have been roasted.)

Sublunary side-stories--at least two in the works: The Merdian Stone and Kinigura.

For the curious, the order of the series is:

Timelost Traces (gen, hints of NxM) In Progress. (See the journal link for how much progress.)

Unsung Verse (gen, complete)
Sublunary (In progress, NxM)
Mizumari (gen-ish, hints of NxM, complete)

And because you've all been such faithful, wonderful readers, there will be a special surprise when I finally finish the series.

Participation in LiveJournal's Fanfic 100 is also a major project. Warning: the chosen pairing will certainly include mature themes, so a good-faith warning is being issued--if you're underage, please don't follow that link.

If you do, and your parents find out, they can't say I didn't warn you.

I also make sporadic fic posts to the LiveJournal community: 31_days. No set fandom or pairing there. Yet.

More stories can be found at MediaMiner (again, warning for the mature themes), or at my personal site (which holds stories not available elsewhere). As always, your reviews and constructive comments are welcomed and appreciated. If you have a question regarding any of my stories, feel free to contact me via the e-mail address above.

As a matter of personal policy, I don't respond to reviews/comments in the headers of a story--I figure people are here to read stories, not eavesdrop on my personal conversations!

Personal pet peeve: the 'words' ficcy, ficcie, chappie, and variations thereof still give me hives. (I paid good money for that English degree, after all!)

Links of note:
These are pages I've made reference to, but were eaten in actual author's notes.

Japanese Folktales. Used a prime reference in chapter five of Sublunary.

Wind of Sorrow. An explanation as to why I believe a Mitsuru/Mahiru pairing doesn't work. Be advised: this isn't a cute and fluffy rant, but tackles some serious subjects. I don't think any of its content is appropriate for teens, but use your own judgement.

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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