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Author has written 41 stories for Alvin and the chipmunks, PAW Patrol, Clifford the Big Red Dog, My Little Pony, Balto, Pokémon, Digimon, Curious George, Zootopia, Air Bud, Misc. Cartoons, and Lion Guard.

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my profile here on Fanfiction. I hope we can be friends. But first, a little bit of info about me:

I am a white American male who likes to write stories. I only speak English, and try to be nice to others.

I like animals, cartoons - even if the cartoons are meant for kids-, movies, TV shows, and moments where characters get stuck under bed sheets, blankets, parachutes, tents, curtains, tablecloths, ect. and their buddies think they're a ghost/ghosts.

Yes, bed sheet ghosts, blanket, and parachute ghosts are my favorite cliche. It may be old school, but I think bed sheet or rainbow parachute ghosts are fun, funny, and amusing.

Note: I am a 90s kid, so if I write about an old 90s or 2000s TV show, please be familiar with the show before you comment or PM me. Examples include: Barney and Friends, Franklin the Turtle, Little Bear, Sagwa the Chinese Cat, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Dragon Tales, Clifford's Puppy Days, Batman the Animated Series, Early seasons of Pokemon and Digimon, Lilo and Stitch, ect.

Also, another known fact is I am a writer. I have written an actual childen's book, and have been hand writing stories - original and based on cartoons- since the summer of 2002. With that in mind, please make sure I can read and understand your story. I am not a harsh critic, but if I am going to enjoy a story, as the reader, I need to understand the story and know the franchise. If you need help, use auto-correct on Microsoft, or Google what you need help on. No gibberish please.

Now, am I saying I won't take constructive criticism or advice? No. I will. Just no flames please.

Other Accounts: (look me up online to get to these accounts. Links didn't work. I'm sorry)

Deviantart Account: GhostBedSheet (I do stories and drawings on here)

Wiki Account: BluePupBuddy (Same username on other wikis. Just look up my username)

Fimfiction Account: BlueCuddlePonyGhost (Only My Little Pony Stories will be on here)

Wattpad Account: BlueGhostFriend (Almost All my stories will be posted on here)

YouTube Account: Animal PawPony (Check out my videos on my main channel. Subscribing is free)

2nd YouTube Account: SnowGhost Cuddles (Check out my videos on my backup YouTube channel. Subscribing is free)

Dailymotion Account: Animal Pawpony (subscribe to my channel if you want to. It's free)

(videos not on YouTube are on my Dailymotion account or Bitchute Account)

Bitchute Account: AnimalPawPony (subscribe to me if you want to. With or without an account)

If you wish to follow or subscribe to me on these other social media accounts, you can. They are free, but check the Terms and Info just to be on the safe side.

Story and OC Characters Info:

All Original Characters belong to be unless stated otherwise. DO NOT STEAL FROM ME!!! Trust me, I have done research for 3 years to see if the advertising on the TV show PAW Patrol is accurate, and when I did the research, I have found nearly 100% similarities between Tracker and my OC Snowflake. I was very hurt just by the similarities they had. However, I have yet to confirm this with either Viacom or Spinmaster.

Despite any negativity I may have towards the show though, I still am a fan of PAW Patrol. You can still talk to me about it, and I do read those stories.

NOTE: before writing my PAW Patrol stories on the PAW Patrol Fanon Wikia, and some before on Fanfiction, I wrote down all my original characters, the town they live in, and the characters backstories. This means that they rightfully belong to me. Same with my other OCs. I always try to make my characters as original as possible.

My PAW Patrol OCs:

Snowflake is a PAW Patrol Fanon Wiki character created and belongs to BluePupBuddy. Her info is below:

Snowflake: Snowflake is a female husky dog. She joined the PAW Patrol after helping out in a rescue. She became the newest member, and was given the job Tracker for her acute sense of smell.

Bio: Snowflake is a female husky pup who is a mix of light gray and medium colored gray. A line of gray even goes down her snout, almost touching her nose, and the back of her ears are gray too. Her paws, underbelly, the tip of her tail, and around her eyes to the top of her chest are the only parts of her that are white. Snowflake also has ice blue eyes. Snowflake wears an ice blue collar with her badge also being ice blue, with a picture of binoculars on it.

History: Growing up in the town of Sunlight, Snowflake and her siblings had a good life until they all were adopted. Snowflake was the last of her siblings adopted, and was given to an old, hard working man. On a December evening, the two were taking a walk, when Snowflake spotted a vivid blue scarf with white snowflakes on it. As an early Christmas present, the man bought the scarf and gave the scarf to Snowflake. She has kept the scarf ever since, and this is how Snowflake got her name. The man treated her well, and she even got to meet his nice family. She played with the grand-sons and grand-daughters, always trying to be the best pet she could in the family, despite mostly living with the family's grandpa.

Eventually, she was left at the house, and became a neighborhood dog. The kids were getting ready for high school, and her owner had health problems that needed proper medical attention that the town's hospital couldn't give. On top of that, the family had some financial problems. From that moment on, she stayed at the house, trying to make it as lively as she could, despite her being the only one living there, and no human but the dad owning the house in case the grandpa came back.

Snowflake continued to live at the house, but also traveled around town, and would stay with other nice families from time to time. Sometimes getting gifts as sympathy for her lonely life, or having a friend stay with her. Sadly, this was only the case with humans, since most dogs in the town of Sunlight were either too young, played rough, or had conflicting personalities that weren't good matches with Snowflake's personality. Only a few dogs close to her age became her friends. Her siblings included. When she spoke with dogs, the language they spoke was English, but with humans, she could only be heard in woofs, barks, whines, and certain gestures. This was Snowflake's life before joining the PAW Patrol.

Personality: Snowflake's personality is kind, caring, playful, and silly. She gets along with the pups, and Ryder. Snowflake is good friends with Marshall, Chase, Zuma, Rubble, and Rocky. Snowflake also gets along well with Skye, since she's the only girl pup around. Snowflake considers Marshall as her best buddy, since they both can be silly, kind, and funny sometimes. This makes sense since Marshall is the first pup that Snowflake becomes friends with after she returns Marshall's teddy bear. Snowflake also likes to play with Jake, Katie, and Callie on occasions.

Snowflake likes Alex, but gets annoyed by him sometimes for not being aware of the seriousness of emergencies. Snowflake also gets annoyed if Marshall accidentally sprays his water cannon at her when Snowflake is tired, or in a bad mood.

Since Snowflake is a husky dog, she likes the season of Winter, and enjoys playing in the snow. Snowflake knows that she had siblings when she was a little puppy, but does not know where they are. Snowflake can get confused or mad when she doesn't get enough sleep or if something is bothering her. Snowflake also gets scared quickly when she is up really high, and can see below her, or any part of the ground. Loud noises upset her, and in the case of Thunderstorms, can make her jump! Snowflake is also scared of ghosts because she doesn't always know if the ghosts are real or not. Also, whenever Snowflake needs help getting to sleep or is scared, she also sleeps with a teddy bear or a stuffed husky dog.

Pup Pack and Vehicle: Being a Tracker, Snowflake needs to be ready to search, find, and observe things when she's out with the PAW Patrol. Her pup pack is ice blue with white straps. Snowflake's pup pack includes a map of Adventure Bay, a magnifying glass, binoculars, a compass, a small brush and pan, plastic bags, and paw gloves. Snowflake also wears an ice blue helmet with a light on it. Snowflake's pup house can turn into an ice blue van with flashing blue, white and yellow lights, and comes with a scanner to look for hidden objects, and a glow-in-the dark map pad that can locate things, animals, and people in the dark.


1. Look high, and low, and everywhere we go!

2. Leave no stone, tree, or clue un-seen!

3. Detail Counts!

Likes: Playing with the pups and Ryder, playing in the snow, stuffed animals, helping people/animals out, being silly, parachuting.

Dislikes: Heights, Falling, Thunder, Ghosts, Loud Noises, getting sprayed by Marshall when she's in a bad mood.

Fears: Snowflake's fears are loosing her friends (emotionally or physically), and not being accepted.

Parents and Siblings: Snowflake's parents were both huskies, but their names are unknown. Snowflake remembers that she did have siblings from her younger puppy years, but the names of her siblings as well as how many she had is unknown. However, Snowflake later meets her siblings again during a rescue in her hometown.

Snowflake's Siblings:




Featured in the stories: Once in Every Snowflake (Completed)

Pups and the Spooky Night (Completed)

Snowflake's Crush (Currently)

Pups in a Haunted House -Collab story with Ltc97 (Completed)

Pups and Marshall's Bully (Completed)

Chase and Skye's Valentine (Coming to Fanfiction. Currently on PAW Patrol Fanon Wikia)

Snowflake's Home (Currently).

Trivia: Before making Snowflake, I got permission from Tundra to make Snowflake a husky.

Originally, Snowflake was suppose to have a snowflake logo on her pup tag. However, since Tundra already had that pup tag logo, Snowflake's logo was changed to binoculars, due to her tracking job.

Originally, Snowflake was never suppose to have a crush on any pup. However, when the PAW Patrol show started, I first thought Marshall was a female, and had a slight crush on him. Once I realized he was male, the crush thing went away, and Marshall became my favorite pup. But once I made Snowflake, I decide my "crush" on Marshall should be a part of Snowflake's character.

Snowflake was born between late September to November. Originally, she would have been born in December. She was created 9/17/2014

Originally, she would have wanted to join a dog sled team north of her town, but since all spots were taken, she was only allowed to visit and be friends with one or two teams. This is also where she met her original dog crush. However, since weather could be crazy or unpredictable for the teams, Snowflake was allowed to live in a big log cabin with a human friend about a mile away from the training/meeting building for the dog sled teams. Snowflake and her friend became the Tracker Team. A special team that was trained and skilled at finding, locating, and helping hurt, lost, unpredictable, and sometimes delicate dog sled teams on the trail during severe weather. Almost every rescue was life or death. Regardless if a dog or human life was on the line, or if it was an injury or conflict with a member of a dog sled team. Some team members could even turn aggressive or had problems unknown with age or bodily issues that prevented teams from getting somewhere or preforming a task. The job was no walk in the park.

The vehicle, and tools she uses as well as the vehicle color, are the same as the ones she had when working with her human as the Tracker Team. The only difference is that the tools were kept in a storage box on the vehicle -with a spare box in the cabin-, Snowflake uses no pup pack, but her rescue equipment is the same, just in the truck/van or is attached to her uniform, the van is a Ford Escape used during emergencies during the early training months and when weather isn't severe, and during real emergencies, the vehicle is a Ford F-150 Raptor or a Jeep Rangler Unlimited.


Ned is an OC character that is created and belongs to BluePupBuddy

Bio: Ned is a male, husky pup that has gray and light gray fur on the back of his head, ears, back fur and the back of his tail. The under parts of his body are white. Ned also has blue eyes.

History: Ned got adopted by a nice family back in Snowflake's hometown. He enjoys his owners and making new friends.

Personality: Ned is a kind, polite, playful, silly and childish pup. He likes to play and be silly, but can also let his childish ways get the best of him. However, Ned knows when to be serious at times.

Likes: His owners, siblings, making new friends, being silly, stuffed animals, playing under bed sheets and blankets for fun, hugs.

Dislikes: Thunderstorms, lightening, the dark, monsters, ghosts, getting stuck under bed sheets and blankets and not being able to see or get out, not being taken seriously.

Family History: One of Snowflake's brothers, and has three siblings, including Snowflake. The name of Ned's parents are unknown.

Ned's Siblings:




Stories Ned is Featured in:

Snowflake's Home (Currently).


Brian is a husky dog created and belongs to BluePupBuddy.

Bio: Brian is a male husky pup with dark gray fur on his body and the back of his head, with white fur under his body. Brian also has green eyes.

History: Brian lives in the hometown that Snowflake is from. He likes his owners, but sometimes enjoys getting attention when it's necessary.

Personality: Brian is a calm, serious, but kind pup. His seriousness can sometimes get the best of him, so he can sometimes be a bit too uptight. He enjoys making friends, and playing around, but isn't childish.

Likes: His owners, siblings, making new friends, playing, going on adventures,

Dislikes: Getting caught being a bad pup, pups who are too childish- although his brothers Ned is okay, monsters, annoying or mean pups

Family History: Snowflake's brother, and has three siblings including Snowflake. The names of his parents are unknown.

Stories Brain is Featured in:

Snowflake's Home (Currently).


Melony is a PAW Patrol Fanon Wiki OC character that is created and belongs to BluePupBuddy.

Bio: Melony is a female, husky pup with green eyes, and medium gray colored fur on back, the back of her tail and head, and from the top of her nose to the fur in between her eyes. The rest of her fur is white.

History: Melony was born in Snowflake's hometown along with her other siblings. As a pup, Melony was adopted and lives with a nice couple.

Personality: Melony is a kind, polite, but also sensation pup. She tends to take situations and stuff seriously, but also enjoys having fun. She is only slightly immature, but not childish like her brother Ned. Melony also doesn't like it when pups or people are being mean or pushy. Nevertheless, she is a good pup to be around.

Likes: Hanging out with her friends siblings, helping others, sunny days, playing with toys or friends, baths, swimming, Summer

Dislikes: pups being childish during serious situations - her brother Ned however is okay-, monsters, thunderstorms, spooky shadows, seeing her friends upset, pups or people being mean or pushy

Family History: Melony is Snowflake's sister, and has three siblings, including Snowflake. The names of her parents are unknown.

Melony is featured in the following stories:

Snowflake's Home (Currently)

Shawn is a PAW Patrol Fanon Wiki character created and belongs to BluePupBuddy. His info is below:

Shawn: Shawn is a Border Collie Pup who is a bully from Pup Training Camp; a camp for puppies where he, Marshall and Snowflake went to.

Bio: Shawn is a Border Collie pup. He is mostly white with patches of brown around his right eye, and some parts of his fur. Shawn has black eyes, and dark brown collar.

Personality: While attending Pup Training Camp, Shawn befriended some other pups who were his camping friends. Shawn quickly saw Marshall and Snowflake as targets for bullying since Marshall was always clumsy and silly, while Snowflake was just Marshall's friend. Shawn never understood the idea of any pup wanting to be Marshall's friend since Shawn always saw Marshall as a "Clumsy, weird, and unintelligent pup". Shawn saw bullying as an opportunity to make other pups look bad in order to show that having faults or bad characteristics makes a pup unlikeable.

Likes: Make fun of/bully/tease other pup's lack of characteristics.

Dislikes: Being proven wrong, other pups supporting whoever he is bullying

After the events of Pups and Marshall's Bully: After Shawn got taken away by the police, he had to do help around Adventure Bay to make up for bullying the PAW Patrol. He later on would apologize to the PAW Patrol and find a new home in Adventure Bay.

Family: Shawn has a brother. Shawn and his brother's parents are unknown

Featured in stories: Pups and Marshall's Bully (Completed Story)


Brendan is a PAW Patrol Fanon Wiki OC character owned by BluePupBuddy

Bio: A male Border Collie pup who has brown, white and black fur on his body, the end of his tail, and on his ear and face.





Family History: Shawn's Brother

Clifford the Big Red Dog OC:


Ghost is a Clifford the Big Red Dog OC character created and belongs to BluePupBuddy. His info is below:

Bio: A male, American Eskimo dog.

Personality: Kind, generous, layed-back, sensitive, wants to help others, friendly.

Likes: Friends, helping others, playing with or being under bed sheets, pretending to be a bed sheet ghost.

Dislikes: Thunderstorms, lightening, thinking ghosts or monsters got him.

Chiller is a Balto OC character created and belongs to BluePupBuddy. His info is below:

Bio: Chiller is a Husky/American Eskimo dog breed mix. Chiller is a male dog with blue eyes, gray on his back fur, the back of his tail, the back of his ears, and from his forehead down to the top of his nose. The rest of his body is white. However, Chiller does have dark gray scars going from almost the sides of his eyes, upwards in a curve towards the top of his cheeks on both sides of his face.

History: Chiller was born from a father who was all husky, and a mother who was a husky/American Eskimo mix. Chiller got his name because he almost always seemed calm all the time. Chiller was adopted along with his siblings and they all went their separate ways. Chiller grew up with a loving human couple. However, one day he was outside playing fetch with his owners and had accidentally ran into a row of icicles that were hanging nearby. Two icicles cut the sides of his face from the top of his cheeks down to almost the corners of his eyes. He was rushed to the vet, with the concern that the icicles might have damaged his eyes and was given medical attention. Luckily, Chiller's eyes were fine with no harm done. This is how he got his scars.

Personality: Chiller is a kind, polite, playful, and sometimes funny dog. He tries to be "cool under pressure" considering his name, but he can get angry or stressed out like anyone else. He tries to help out however he can, but sometimes, things don't work out for him. He can also get amused easily, which can cause him to sometimes get into trouble or make mistakes. Still, he tries his best. Chiller is also a sensitive dog, and enjoys hugs.

Likes: Making new friends or hanging out with his friends, playing in the snow, getting hugs, belly rubs

Dislikes: Thunderstorms, lightening, really loud noises, is afraid of ghosts, getting hurt physically or emotionally

My Alvin and the Chipmunks OCs:

Charlie: Straw-Colored Fruit Bat

Ally: Golden Retriever Puppy

I hope you will enjoy my stories. Again, no flames please. Also, if you don't like my work and don't have any advice for me, just go with the old saying: if you don't like it, don't read it.

Story Requests: CLOSED.

Story Collabs: CLOSED.

If you have a suggestion for a collab or request, leave it in a review. But unless I agreed to one beforehand, I will let readers know if the story is a yes or no from me.

Still, enjoy!

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