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Fav music:The Black Eyed Peas
Fav sport:Soccer/Baseball

Ok, here's the deal, I told u some of the geral stuff but here's the intresting stuff...

Favorite Actors: Freddie Prinze jr.-Greg Cipes-The guy who plays Bender on The Breakfast Club,and thats far!

Favorite Actresses: Sarah Michelle Gellar-Hilary Duff-Julia Stiles-Tara Strong-thats all for now!

Favorite music:The Black eyed peas-Britney Spears-Evenesense-Ashlee Simpson-Jessica Simpson-Kelly Clarkson-Taking Back Sunday, Thats all!

Favorite Sports: Soccer-Baseball-softball, thats all!

Favorite books:Teen Titans:A kids game-Chicken soup for the preteen soul-For your eyes only-Where the sidewalk ends-W.I.T.C.H. series,thats all!

Favorite movies:Freaky Friday-Scooby doo-Scooby doo 2 monsters unleashed-13 going on 30-Down to you-Bring it on-Bring it on again-The Breakfast club-Ferris Bulers Day off,thats all!

Favorite foods:Burger king-twislers-starburst- skittles-Srimp-noodles-veggie burgers-soy milk-thats it!

Favorite cartoon characters:Beast Boy(He's really hott!)Irma-Nigel(NOT lol)-Logan-Ulrich-(I think thats how u spell it!)-Betty Boop,thats all!

Favorite shows:Teen Titans-X-Men evolution-W.I.T.C.H.-Totally spies-Ed Edd n Eddy-Buffy the Vampire slayer-Popi the sailor man-Betty Boop the series, thats all!

Quote:"Hey, it may be a stupid and childish thing to do but then again.. so is highschool"