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update - 12 feb 2016

sorry for the slower than normal pace on updates. At the moment I am really struggling with nerve damage in my left arm which means doing a lot of day to day things is stupidly painful and tiresome. This has had a knock on effect on everything to do with me creatively - I've had to reel in the music playing, my e-Fedding has gone more to a bit part and more admin-based role now and i do have some pieces in progress for here, but its finding the time to finish them off between work and moments of lucidity from the pain killers.

Hopefully things will pick up soon, and I'll be back to trying to get at least one story finished

Lets start off with the basics shall we?

The boring bits

Name: Peter
Age 29
Location: United Kingdom
Star sign: Aquarius
Religious views: Atheist
[Game Religious views: Follower of the almighty Helix Fossil. PRAISE BE TO HELIX!!!]
Other things: I'm a black belt in Jiu Jitsu, I have a degree in Biochemistry (BSc 2:2 hons), I'm a qualified dispensig assistant in a pharmacy and I'm also a music journalist of sorts.

The interesting bits

I'm a fan of computer games. Like many on here, I love the Final Fantasy series, FFVII is my personal favorite as it is also the very first one I played and successfully completed (unless you count FF:Mystic Quest on the SNES/Super famicom). In order of personal opinion, my top 5 FF games are:

  1. Final Fantasy VII
  2. Final Fantasy V
  3. Final Fantasy VIII
  4. Final Fantasy IV
  5. Final Fantasy VI

As you can see, I am clearly a middle-FF fan numerically. I liked IX and X somewhat and found XII interesting but just lost interest after XII.
For me to read, Final Fantasy 8 are my favorite. Its such an open world in that title and unlike FFIV which had the after years, FFV which had a short spin off set in its worlds future and FFVI which had all its character epilogues which shown what happened to each character, and FFVII which has been greatly expanded over the years with the extra games, the film and what not, it just seems like FFVIII is the most open of them all and the interpretations of the game's universe, its characters and how different things can be made by people. It just seems like the best one to read personally.

I'm also a fan of other video game titles - the early Resident Evil games, 1, 2, 3 and CV-X were excellent. I'm a keen Pokémon player too - I have filled the pokédex twice, once in Sinnoh (diamond) and the most current generation - Kalos (X).
Game wise, I prefer RPG style or strategy style games, but i also like simulation ones - Football Manager titles often get me caught up for months on end and sometimes I wish I could write about my own in game successes and share my stories with like minded people.

Music is a passion of mine. I am a guitarist/bassist who plays for himself. I don't want to be in a band, I just want to play music which makes me happy and one day write some of my own. I am mostly a metal fan, leaning towards the thrash metal, death metal, progressive metal end of the spectrum but I also love classic rock, mid 90's pop punk, nu metal, some dance music and recently I have become a lot more engrossed in Doom metal and Stoner rock. I love to talk about music and guitars with a passion and I do respect everyone's musical opinions, even if I may not like them!

I also used to be actively involved in eFedding for the best part of a decade. My online wrestling alias was Razer and I spent most of my eCareer with PWA - Pojo Wrestling Alliance where I was a world champion twice and one of the best wrestlers never to make it into the hall of fame for various reasons.


For this site, I plan to read as much as I can and even try my hand at creating some of my own stories. Ideally it would be in the FFVIII section, but the Pokémon ones also seem interesting. Anything which takes my interest really.

My preference in reading is the personal touch. I like it when people present the characters in a way which makes you identify with them on an actual human personal level instead of just being a fan-boy/girl of the character and identifying with them through just their fandom. We know some characters in games come across as ice queens or lone wolves or arrogant, but just adding the little details which make them seem more real makes one hell of a difference to me.

Final Notes

I can't think of anything else to put in here really. Lets just see how this goes I guess!

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