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This is my attempt at release. I have too many thoughts and stories running through my head. Hopefully if I let them out, I can get back to my homework. Yup, homework! I am a college student who currently has too many projects going on, but I think I strive on stress. I'm completely random in all I do, but hey, at least I'm not boring!

Before you read/as you read my story, (hopefully to be stories in the future...) know one thing... I AM A HUGE SESS/KAG FAN. I'm not biased against anything else...they are just not as pleasurable. So before you even wonder...its gonna be Sess who gets the action. If you haven't realized I love the Inuyasha Anime the most, but I also like DBZ, Gundam Wing, and others.

Funny Quotes/Conversations of my drama-filled house:

"Just because your drunk doesn't mean you get mystical kung-fu abilities" (funnier roomie wasn't drunk...she's just clumsy and a scapper!)

"AAAHHHH," (as I knock on my roommates door)

"Omigod, are you okay" (-me)

"Yeah, I thought the nazis were coming to get me" (completely serious, she'd just woken up!)

"Well, I know he knows me, but I really dont remember him. He knows we're the same year, where Mel and I used to sit in the library, and that I'm pre-law"

"STALKER!" (-me and other roomy silmultaneously)

"Well, I've never really seen him around"

"Then he's a GOOD stalker!"

Me and roomy get in her car, she starts it, as the car jerks "What?" car jerks again "What the HELL is wrong with my car?"

"Uh, baby? The car is in reverse."

"OH! Maybe that's it!" puts it in drive, and we leave disclaimer: my roommates are actually very intelligent, but we're all very ditzy. This way we get along fine! Can't member any others right now...but there's always drama at my home...Tune in next time for more funnies!

If you wish another way to contact me, I have MSN messenger under the email address

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