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Hi. DragonRing, at your service.

These are the News:

The research article for chapter 18 and 19 is ready for you to read, so head over to my blog and discover my research and my thoughts I had for this chapter as well as other goodies like the map for the Goron Mines and my own version of the Hero's bow: dragonring-tp-novel . blogspot . ch

Old News:

Interested in a short note on my welding training as well as my inspiration for Kakariko's expanded cellar? Check it out at my blog: dragonring - tp - novel . blogspot . ch

Progression of The Dolor Mortis Curse: ALMOST COMPLETE

I threw out the whole Reader's Questions thing to make room for this section. I want to keep you informed about the progression of my (sorta) studies in the art of writing horror, as well as the progression of the last chapters in The Dolor Mortis Curse. Maybe it will motivate me to write in it a little bit every day if I'm in direct touch with you, dear readers. So I'll try to post the progression I'm doing with date. Let's see if it works :D Oh, if there is written 'in progress...' then that means I'm not done yet, there may still be something coming that day.

  • Sunday, 3. May: FINALLY FINISHED THE LAST CURSED CHAPTER!!! This is one of the last posts in this section, because finishing this story is now one of my lesser priorities. I'll continue it, but now the novel comes first again.
  • Saturday, 2. May: I think I passed the most important events, can work on the end now ... FINALLY!!!
  • Friday, 1. May: the evening is the best time of the day to write, at least for me. Continued the chapter, pages slowly but surely forming ... the knot is loosening further, and even if today's the day where no one works, my Muse is definitely doing overtime today! It's bloody time, damn!
  • Thursday, 30. April: there, finally a clear shot ... wait for it ... nearly there ... *light bulb* GOTCHA! Hah, finally! You're not going anywhere, Muse! I need you, vacation is over! Let's get back to work, come on! We've got a Curse to break!
  • Saturday, 25. April: okay, twelve pages in total, but still not finished. I've still got the most important part to write... this is really difficult! Every word is painful and I have to tug it out of my brain... this is just not working... where's my muse?!
  • Wednesday, 15. April: continued, but it turned out meek and lazy. I'll try again another day...
  • Satuday, 11. April: I *finally* managed to continue this blasted Curse! I know it's been long, but now I think I'm on it again. Things have been going on lately that needed my full attention, and there was just no opportunity to write in all this. Will keep on to it from now on though, and hopefully I'll bring this story to an end that will both satisfy you, dear readers, as well as me. Damn I'm so sick of this story...
  • Thursday, 19. February: used a daily (I should rather say eveningly) routine/habit to find the right scene for the exorcising; theatre. By the way, this is a great method to find inspiration: just slip into the role of your protagonist (here Link), set the scene (my room becomes Link's room) and play the scene you'd like to write by completely improvising it. It's really fun, and already helped me a lot.
  • Tuesday, 17. February: after having regained my wits from last chapter (horrible, horrible...) and finished 'The Shining' (not really what I had expected from it, but okay...), picking up work again on the next, all revealing chapter.
  • Monday, 9. February: recovered from last chapter's writing (yeah, it frickin' took a toll on me). I think I'm done with writing depressing stuff. But, then you never know ...
  • Sunday, 8. February: ... morning. Re-read it, edited it, added more stuff, wrote the ending. Asked my grand-dad, who's a retired latin and greek teacher, about a fitting latin title. Finished chapter 52, uploaded it.
  • Saturday, 7. February: the one writer's day of the week has finally come: wrote for nearly seven hours non-stop on the next chapter, until half past one in the ...
  • Wednesday, 4. February: refined plotplan. Continued to write, but in need of the right mood to produce decent literature (it's not the right day). Continued 'The Shining'.
  • Tuesday, 3. February: continued chapter, advancing nicely. Continuing 'The Shining'
  • Monday, 2. February: continued 'The Shining' during school (school is sooo boring...); struck by a lightning bolt of inspiration (it's still smoking somewhere), made plotplan (very major spoils) and started writing chapter
  • Sunday, 1. February: continued to read 'The Shining'. It's getting interesting ...
  • Saturday, 31. January: read 'The Shining' by Stephen King (yes, ordered it with Amazon Prime so that it would be there the next day)
  • Friday, 30. January: watched The Grudge 1 and 2 again to find missed details; ordered 'The Shining' by Stephen King
  • Wednesday, 28. January: researched on how to write a horror story, with gore and without
  • Tuesday, 27. January: brainstorming for chapter 52. Major spoils, so keeping quiet
  • Sunday, 25. January: painted 'The Agonizing Man' for cover, taking inspiration and guidance from the book 'Early Medieval Art' by John Beckwith
  • Saturday, 24. January: read articles on Wikipedia about depression, suicide, mental torture. Watched Squeezie's (French Youtuber) playthroughs of horror games. Watched The Grudge 1, 2 and 3 entirely, with headphones and volume turned to full whack

  • About Me:

    The most important things: I'm a 20 year old female, my true name is Mara, I'm 1m 54 tall and I'm a lefthander. I'm fluent in High German, French and English and I currently live in Germany. Hobbies are writing, reading, sleeping and driving around in my Renault 5 called Louis. Küchenschrank hehehe! (that was High German for a kitchen drawer)

    First you have to know that my mother language is not English. I've so to say relearned it in about two years by reading in English, writing in English and watching English television and movies. So if ever you find a phrase or expression which you definitely can't say in English, please tell me! I'm always open for corrections and stuff to learn in this wonderful language, so feel free to contact me if you see anything.

    Before I wanted to start writing, I read lots of fanfictions already written for Twilight Princess to give me an idea of how to begin, and also to prevent writing the same as others already did. Next to many oneshots and individual stories before and after TP, I read two entire novelizations, Selphie Kinneas 175's great work which I follow eagerly every chapter, and la crème de la crème, the novel by Stephonika Kaye. I literally ate her story page after page, and it was her great work that made me re-learn English and start writing. Before, I was a real nut in English, but now, after about two years of hard work and reading her wonderful chapters, I improved a huge lot. I loved her story so much that I wrote some of my own chapters which I wove into her story, a little like an offspring. They are called 'The Dolor Mortis Curse' but are still in work progress.

    One major goal in my novel is the realistic side, so I'll totally restructure Hyrule to make it work like a real state. I'll build up a plausible trading system, add some new cities to make it bigger, make sure the transportation of all the goods and people is secured and provide each town and city with its very own characteristics, inhabitants, culture, delicacies and traditions. The novelization is, of course, based on the events of Twilight Princess from the beginning, so everything that happens in the plot will find its way into my story according to the new map. However, since the world of Hyrule is also touched by magic and a lot of actions, such as cannon-travelling, which simply don't work in real life as it does in Hyrule, I will focus on the realistic side of the kingdom and make the changes necessary in the plot (don't worry, the magic will remain.) The map of my realistic Hyrule is available at my blog, which you really should check out while reading my novel.

    Since I'm a bit of a reenactor myself, I'll also do a lot of research in medieval life, for example about agriculture, medicine, clothing, building and travelling. This can also be found at my blog, yet since I'm still at the very beginning there isn't much work yet.

    What I will not be doing as well is copy the exact text from the game and put it in the interactions of my characters. That's copy-paste and boring. I will invent new conversations, new scenes and events without leaving the game-based story.

    Oh, I almost forgot! I'm currently playing Hyrule Total War, the amazing fan-mod created by Undying Nephalim. Since I need some names for characters and cities, I will base them on the ones found in Hyrule Total War, to stay in the Zelda franchise, but not completely.

    The Novel: currently in work progress and rated T, at least for now. I don't really know what I'll be up to in the following chapters, so rating may change.

    The Dolor Mortis Curse: very dark story, full to the brim with desperation and pain. But it has a happy ending, so no tragedy here. Rated M for a reason and still in work progress to get the best result possible. Find more stuff for it here: dragonring - tp - novel . blogspot . ch /p/dolor-mortis-section . html

    Stranded Deep: A story I had wanted to start a long time ago, and which I will write occasionally when my Muse again decides to fall asleep while working on the novel or the DMC. I'm very interested in all kinds of survival, so this story (which is derivated from the similarly named game) will feature it a lot. And sharks! LOTS OF SHARKS!!!

    Arison Nakaru: She is also a FanFictionist at her beginnings and at the same time a passionate artist. Her drawings for her own story 'Shadowed Mask' are awesome, yet she never has had the opportunity to show the world what she can do due to a lack of computers and scanners at home. Check out her art here: dragonring - tp - novel . blogspot . ch /p/arison-nakaru . html

    It would be my greatest honour to invite you to my blog, which you can reach via this address: dragonring - tp - novel . blogspot . ch

    It is the base of my novel, where you'll also find the reasearch and sketches I've done, as well as some artwork featuring The Legend of Zelda in common. Leave some greetings while you're there, it would make me very happy!

    Till next time! DragonRing

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