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APRIL 5, 2016


Well, I've had a whole day to let the news-not-new soak in. And I had a chance to look up some info on the whole new series. As I had thought, this is a spin-off of the original manga, but interestingly this 'Fruits Basket, Another' will only be 2-3 volumes long since its only meant to be a special short storyline to promote the collector's edition of the original Fruits Basket manga that's now being released. So, for you fans of the original Fruits Basket, if you don't already own the volumes, well, here comes the collector's editions filled with colorful artwork, too! YAY!

So, how do I feel now about the spin-off? Well, not as strongly but I am leery. Maybe Ill give it a read. For now, what I'll do is just what I've been doing this whole time...focus on my fanfic! In fact, believe it or not, this news has given me the juices to start working on the next chapter so actually this is good!


APRIL 5, 2016

GREETINGS DEAR READERS! Hope you are doing well!

Why am I here and not working on my fic? Because I just had to post this commentary:

WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON IN THE MANGA INDUSTRY????? It's hard to find good manga nowadays and when I do, I treasure it (Honey So Sweet!). But during my hunts for one, lo and behold I find that more and more previous 'hit' manga stories are being regurgitated! What is going on I ask again! First my beloved Rurouni Kenshin was re-released...I wasn't too perturbed since it tied in mainly with the fact that the real-life movies came out as well (those were fun to watch). Okay, fine, I moved on from Kenshin since its storyline in the manga ended beautifully.

Now, what the heck happened with other manga authors? REALLY? I don't understand why the trend is there but it's there--NARUTO = BORUTO?!, Now, to my utter shock, FRUITS BASKET = FRUITS BASKET, ANOTHER?????????????????? WHAT THE HECK?!!!!!!!!!! Needless to say, if you were wondering what I thought of this new development, well, there it is. I am not pleased at all...I'm rather STUNNED. UTTERLY STUNNED.

Why oh why has our dear Takaya-sensei gone in this direction? WHY? Well, I don't read Japanese so I can't say that I've read interviews to why this is being brought back around, but to me, there is not enough of a good reason to do this...with any good manga storyline. The stories ENDED. FINIS. CAPUT. THE END. As an author, you should not go backwards...you must move forward. That means leaving behind beloved characters that to you were lovingly constructed and the worlds they lived in. Listening Ms. Rowling? If an author would dare to trespass back to the past to bring back that world to life, you will forever label yourself as incapable of putting together another original story.

What made the original manga storylines so wonderful and successful was just that...they were ORIGINAL. There will always be common elements of shoujo, shonen themes that are carried out (girl, boy, love, hardship, overcome, etc.) but to be able to weave a storyline that your readers join you in droves for the ride...that was the beauty of success. I congratulate those authors who managed it...you've given me a chance to write a good fanfic based on your world (listening, Takaya-sensei?). But I also pity you, truly. It cannot be easy to create other original work with such a successful manga over your heads. Expectations will be ridiculous...and terribly burdensome. Having another successful manga like it was with those precious original gems is near impossible. All your work will always be compared to your previous successes--your stories that don't hit it big with readers are amplified more as failures rather than just what they are...other stories.

So is that why we see some authors doing this 2.0 version of their original stories? Naruto regurgitated as Boruto, Fruits Basket has the 'Another' tagged on--deny it all you want, dress it up with different names, alter family situations but it's the SAME storyline that should have stayed 'The End'. What breaks my wee heart of a fan is that in the new Fruits Basket, the boys are drawn EXACTLY the same as the originals...one at least had the hair altered but regardless, IT'S THE SAME. SAME. SAME. SAME. SAME. SAME...

The feeling of discovering new layers to your characters and the world they live in--that's not to be found here in Version 2.0 of whatever 'continuation' manga has been released. Is it too good to let go? I get it... money and success go hand in hand in this sick world. I just had hoped Takaya-sensei would avoid this trend but alas, that's not to be. To me, and solely my humble, no-one else cares opinion, its a great disservice to what made those original stories shine with a beacon all their own. But...to each his own...it's their characters, their cash-cow I suppose. That hurts to write about our Fruits Basket.

(Yes, I'm still working on the fanfic...fear not! G'nite!)


DECEMBER 14, 2015

Yes, I was here...will you come read with me?

Special Note: My profile pic is all thanks to the world of the Internet. Peanuts & all its characters belong to their respective owners!

Wow, it's been years (I am seriously disturbed) since I've started working on fanfiction for Fruits Basket. How the time flies! I've written above and beyond from what I originally set out to do. All my sidefics (minus Never Say Good-bye) were never even thought of until my main fanfic, Seasons of Sorrow, steadily progressed. It's been hard and sometimes quitting seemed like the best way to go. However, I'm no quitter...I can't just drop my fanfic work, no matter how much sense it would make to do so. I work on it at home mostly (dead hours of the night, too), but I also work on it here at my job. Dedication...hm, more like insanely obsessed. But I just love my fanfic works that much!

Now, I know how the canon manga concluded for Fruits Basket. I'll say upfront that back in 2004, many developments of the canon weren't nowhere near what they ended up being as. Thus you will see in early chapter releases of mine private notes on my headaches dealing with the canon and ultimately my resolution to forgo canon altogether and go with my original storyline. I deviated from canon, but didn't really ignore it either. Reading my works, you should see where I've taken liberties of my own and which were actually in the canon. It is my hope that they flow smoothly, and you'd hardly notice the differences.

So, if you're new to my end of the world, here's a brief summary of my current fanfic works:

Seasons of Sorrow: Pretty much how the story summary has it written...I usually refer to this in my journal and elsewhere as 'SOS'. This is my main epic/novel-size fanfic work still in progress after years of hard work. Yep, it's been that long folks. It has evolved from my original outline to delve into parts of the Sohma curse and family that many would think, 'Hm, maybe that's how it really is'. It should...the story is meant to deal with the Sohma family more...family history, intrigue both in the 'circle' of the Jyuunishi/Zodiac and also outside of it...and of course, the ultimate problem...their curse. It has basically everything...mystery, drama, comedy, family issues, the dash of romance, plus even some horror. Another thing I want to point out is that the title reflects the actual seasons of the year...winter, spring, summer, and fall. So my story currently right now is in the summer mode...I just hope to finish it by the end of this summer! I'm not holding my breath, though... This story will be updated continuously...let's face it, after years of intensive hard labor, I'm not about to stop!

The Game of Memory: A three-part one-shot released with the intention of shedding light on Akito's father. Not much is revealed on this man, so I went off on my own and created this adorably innocent story of love and loss. I say 'adorably' because it is primarily set in the past with Yuki and Akito in their early years together along with Akito's father, Akira. This also has scenes with Akito's mother, Ren, that definitely left a mark on their young lives. I used the actual game of 'Memory' as a tool to tie the time-lines together...hence the name. This is my favorite sidefic that supports SOS storyline.

To My Surprise: This is a one-shot that I released as a splurge of mine. Also, it supported SOS storyline as well as TGoM sidefic that Yuki knew of Akito's gender early on in life and this sidefic emphasized that part in particular. This sidefic is very innocent and sweet...this also is set primarily in the past with a young Akito and Yuki along with Akira.

Sometimes...: This is a sidefic that supports SOS storyline. It's primary focus is on the unusual pairing of Ritsu/Kagura that appears in my SOS fic...how it all began and progressed to what you now see in SOS. It has more romance than SOS, so if you'd like to read that sort of thing, try this sidefic out. I can make you a believer of the pairing!

The Problems with a Rat: Another sidefic supporting SOS. It covers some issues that weren't really a part of the main flow of SOS, but it did put to rest some open issues, like Akito's mother, Ren. I also took special notice of Yuki/Ayame's relationship and how the past set up the present in a way. Very dramatic and angsty...a good read in my opinion!

Starlit Dreams: My latest sidefic supporting SOS. It's not my favorite storytelling, and I guess it shows how my readers think of it, too. It's good in the details, though, and gives good development of key points in SOS. Primarily this fic is for the Akito/Yuki relationship development.

Never Say Good-bye: My very first one-shot, and it really has no bearing on my main fic. This one stands all on its own. I was very upset with how I lost my pet back then, and so, here's my story to evoke those emotions in my readers. It's by far the most successful one-shot I've released...at least, with my reviewers. Read this and remember, take your tissues!

That's all for now. All my sidefics are completed and short...unlike SOS. (Sigh) Well, I'll get there with SOS...the light at the end of this tunnel is still a ways away, but rest assured, it'll come. And remember, all your words of wisdom, thanks, and anything related to my fics is very welcome in my review bins. No matter how old the story, I'll always reply to my reviewers. So here's my heartfelt thanks and cyber hugs to each an every one that reads on in my fanfic world for Fruits Basket.

Happy reading everyone!

Bleach Fanfiction Corner ON TERMINAL HIATUS

Welcome to my somewhat new work in another fandom! It was really just a splurge on my part, so I'm hoping that it isn't outright offensive to those readers that read Bleach often. I started on this fanfic with one main character in mind. It's a very simple plotline, not anywhere near as involved as my Fruit Basket fanfiction. Hopefully I can keep up with this fandom as well as I had with the other one!

Whispers Ride the Wind: New Bleach fanfiction featuring Hitsugaya Toushiro and his lieutenant in an unusual situation. Mainly focuses on Toushiro's past from before meeting Momo and after. There will also be portions focused on the present timeline, which actually takes place while Ichigo and party are in Hueco Mundo. As far as I know, this is purely speculation on my part...very little, if any, canon will be involved.

Manga and Anime I follow(ed):

(FAVORITE) Fullmetal Alchemist (anime/manga)
Ghost Hunt (manga)
Gundam Seed (anime/manga)
Bleach (anime/manga)
Trinity Blood (anime/manga)
Fruits Basket (anime/manga)
Skip Beat (manga)
Tail of the Moon (manga)
Rozen Maiden (manga)
The Prince of Tennis (anime/manga)
Neon Genesis Evangelion (anime/manga)
President's Dad (manga...when will they conclude this...is TPop listening?!)
Hikaru No Go (manga...can't ShoJu release it in volume form already without the long delays?)
Kaze Hikaru (manga...someday they'll push these out faster...way too SLOW!)
Shojo Beat magazine (most of 'em I follow)
Godchild, Cain Saga (manga)

(FAVORITE) Rurouni Kenshin (anime/manga)
(FAVORITE) Cardcaptor Sakura (anime)
Sailor Moon (anime)
Naruto (anime/manga)
Outlaw Star (anime)

Favorite characters:

Yuki Sohma, Momiji Sohma (Fruits Basket)
Cardcaptor Sakura cast (uncut version -- shoot the English dub!)
Ion Fortuna, Abel Nightroad (Trinity Blood)
Sojiro Seta, Kenshin Himura (Rurouni Kenshin)
Edward Elrich, Alphonse Elrich, Roy Mustang, Maes Hughes (Fullmetal Alchemist)
Fujiwara-no-Sai (Hikaru No Go)
Naru Shibuya (Ghost Hunt)
Toushiro Hitsugaya, Uryuu Ishida (Bleach)


Great contest to participate in when it's active: The Fruits Basket Readers Choice

Stories (uncut) also published here:


I'm old enough to read, write, and work. Love kitties, but I'm a Yuki lover all the way! I love his character-very easy to maneuver, at least for me! I love both the anime and manga versions (from what I can understand from talented, kind translators).

I can't believe I actually did it! My first fic and hopefully no kitchen sinks are thrown. I've read so many Fruits Basket plus InuYasha fanfics (love both storylines) that I'm constantly amazed at how well the stories are written. I've had farfetched ideas for some time until finally one started to make more sense to me. I've gotten the whole plot idea down, and I'm constantly writing on stickies whenever the inspiration hits me. I will say that the storyline in itself is complete, and I know where I will be going with this plus the finale.

If you would like to contribute, please pass it on! I'll give credit wherever credit is due, and see if I can integrate the idea into my storyline. If it cannot be done, then I'm very sorry. But then again, good ideas that can't be used doesn't mean you can't create a story based on the idea! I'd love to read it!

If you want to flame me (oh, please don't!) for whatever conceivably honest reason, please be kind and don't use foul language. I simply will not read it. I hate typing it out (thanks a lot Kyo, Haru, Rin, etc.!) I hate it even more when it's directed at me.

I hate plagiarism and will not stand for it. That said, if you feel that I might have 'stolen' something from a different author (have to cover all bases, right?) or from you, please let me know. I don't abide by this practice and any mistakes that are indeed made I will fix posthaste--I'll even go so far as to credit the author.

Constructive criticism is always welcomed, especially from the wonderful storytellers out there (please, pointers)!

I'm blabbering again-I tend to do that-not to mention the fact that I'm rather picky when it comes to grammar and spelling (when not sure, usually a 'sp?' follows). I like articulating my thoughts into words, and I don't like being redundant in my words. Fancy words (I've been told this) are part of my vocabulary, but I'll try to tone it down for my readers. If you don't understand a phrase, just let me know-as you can see, I love to explain in detail what I'm talking about!

BLAH, BLAH, BLAH! Okay, enough. On to the real fun stuff. This fic is drama/angst material, and will only get more so as the storyline progresses. It will mainly be centered on Yuki (of course) plus Kyo and the rest of the gang will definitely have a hand in the story. No, this is NOT yaoi (sp?) or shounen-ai (sp?), and I will not change my mind so please don't ask. Please give the story a chance-in andof itself it should appeal to all readers alike. Gosh, I hope I don't let anyone down.

Anyway (focus H'Kat), I will not be including too much outside characters-that means people that aren't related to the Sohmas (except for Tohru of course). Friends outside will appear here there, but no real whole chapter will be dedicated to let's say the Yuki Fan Club. In my mind, they are useless anddon't contribute to my storyline (I meant the fan club! Other side characters are of course wonderful). This 'curse' that plagues the family means that mainly the family will have to deal with it, not anybody from the school body.

That being said, I will use characters here and there to move the story along that appear in both the anime and manga. So if you're not up to par with the later chapters of the manga, then I am sooo very sorry if I spoil anything for you. Of course if you're a die-hard fan, you would already know many of the details anyway, right?

I will use details from manga (English and Japanese), anime, and weird speculation to mix them into the storyline. Definite twists is what I'll be gearing towards! If you feel that I should include a certain aspect from the anime or manga into my story, once again, let me know, and I'll see if doesn't interfere with my storyline. Be forewarned, I may not be able to use it, but thank you just the same!

Japanese vocabulary. I'll be the first to say that I am by no means an expert (born and bred in the USA), although I'm constantly confused for being Samoan (sp?), Vietnamese, Taiwanese, etc. Perhaps an ancestor... FOCUS H'KAT! All right, if you can correct me for any grammar or spelling errors related to my Japanese phrases (or English for that matter), I would sooo appreciate it!

Japanese culture. (Thanks Ina-chan for reminding me.)I'm no expert by a long shot! I have my ideas by reading manga in general and such, but to delve in it scares me. I'm afraid I'll offend true Japanese people out there! Like my fav author has done, please let me know if I've misrepresented anything here...honorifics, culture issues, cuisine, etc. I really want to get those right...it's what makes my fanfic seem a little more authentic.

I don't intend on bashing any of the main characters, although it may seem so at the time. Kyo, Shigure fans, be FOREWARNED-it may seem that I'm making them look bad, and I'll try very hard not to (later on you may want me to!) or at least explain why in my post remarks.

This storyline is unique since I tried to stay away from the usual "formula" out there. Again, definite twists in this world of mine! It drags a little at first, but it'll pick up-PROMISE! Also be aware that the story is about the STORY, not the pairings. That's why I didn't classify it under Romance. Hints here and there and implied later on (haven't gotten that far yet), but that's not the main focus of this story.

I am always inspired by the music I listen to. Variety is my middle name, and if you can see my CD collection, you'd have to agree (no heavy metal or extreme alternative though). I will include "suggestions" to my readers as to what song in particular I listened to while writing the respective chapter. I may even include lyrics in the storyline...it'll just depend. I will forewarn that I speak/read fluent Spanish so don't be surprised to see some suggestions for Spanish music! Hey, have a little culture in your life! You'll like it! I will translate as best as I can, of course.

JUST IN! All post remarks and such will be posted at the bottom of each chapter in my author's area. I will post on this page related info to each release, but mainly it'll focus on new developments outside the story plus an explanation as to why a chapter won't be posted on time.

Here's one for the censors:I don't own the anime, manga, songs, lyrics, characters, magazines, or any other outside material that may be used in this fic. Coincidences do happen in this twisted world, so it's very likely to happen in this fic, too!

Finally, thank you for reading and reviewing, and thanks to all storytellers out there for inspiring me to give this fic a shot!

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