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Wazzup Fanfictioners!!!! I'm Dizzie HamHam Writer, AKA the writer of probably the most popular Kids AU Zootopia Story: While We're Young.

A bunch of stuff has happened in my life right now. I am slowly getting back into writing and as soon as I can, I will start repos

Current Ongoing Projects:

101 Dalmatians: All Paws on Deck: A story with a Script/RPG style. Lucky, Cadpig, and Rolly find out that Spot has been missing for a while. The three pups go on an adventure to find her, but also released that they may need more than just the three of them. They are also going to need help from some of their brothers and sisters. Patch and Two Tone are just to name a few.

Goldentale: A story on Undertale with Frisk and Asriel as the main characters. It will branch off one of my other stories with Asriel having a golden soul and grow up with Frisk as a brother. Living on the surface for a few years, both Frisk and Asriel's life has been perfect. But it doesn't take long for things to go down.

Zootopia: While We're Young 3 Part Saga: An AU story on what would happen if Nick and Judy met each other as kids. How would knowing each other sooner change their perspectives on life? So far, this is my most popular story and I plan to make it one of my longest story.

Star Fox Next Gen: Seed of Destruction: A Star Fox story starting Marcus and the new Star Fox team. The Eladard Army is planning something big involving Marcus and with Falco out of commission, they made need to get some help from new fellow pilots.

Zootopia: While we're Young Q&A

Q: What is the story about and how did I come up with it?

A: If you didn't already know, "Zootopia: While We're Young" is an AU story on what would happen if Nick and Judy happen to meet each other as kids. In the movie, I always loved how Nick and Judy were as kids. They were both so cute.

The title for the fanfic was... honestly on a whim. I didn't know what I should call this at first. Calling it "Meeting as kits" just seemed lazy. So I came up with "While We're Young" for a concept of the story having them grow up together and enjoying things while they are still young. This was mention in Chapter 7.

I had the idea for this story when I started to look at artwork. The artwork had always give me the "What if..." thought. I looked around and I was bit surprised that not so much people came up with the idea. Or at least do things the way I would have done. So I decided to do it myself. I'm happy that so much people like it.

Q: Isn't Nick older than Judy in the movie?

A: That's why this is called a AU. As in an alternate universe. I know that this wouldn't actually happen in the movie. But that why this is fanfiction. You write down you own stuff whether it could actually happen or not. But I do feel if Nick and Judy were the same age, that this could happen for real.

Q: What are Nick and Judy like as kids?

A: For me, I try to keep things based on the canon with facts from the movie on how they are. Judy as a kid seem really upright, cheery and determined to make the world a better place. So pretty much the same way she as a adult, but less serious.

In the movie, Nick stated to Judy that he was a lot like her when he was small. So I believe that Nick was very cheery and a nice kid, even if some people judge him because he was a fox. But I still feel that he would be a little sly and witty.

The two most likely had very different childhoods since they live in different areas. For on thing, Judy had 275 siblings and counting while Nick's a only child. Judy had the simple and quite farmlife, while Nick had the always buzzing citylife. So they had very different lifestyles.

Q: Why the once-a-week visits?

A: I wanted to have a plot device to use. The main reason why is because Judy's childhood was too focused in Bunnyburrow and Nick's childhood was too focused in Zootopia. I didn't want to move either character from their original hometowns. So having their parents get along and deciding to visit each other once a week was the best idea to go with. Most of the visits will be in Zootopia, but I plan to have some more Bunnyburrow visits in future chapters.

Q: What is Nick and Judy's relationship with each other?

A: In the movie, it's no secret that Nick and Judy have a pretty strong relationship. But it wasn't like that the first time. They didn't get along that well at all. But I feel that the main reason is because they are both adults. Kids however, can get along much easier because they are still young and innocent. So I can definitely see Nick and Judy getting along much easier than in the movie.

There is also reason I did their relationship like this. In the movie, the most dramatic moments for both Nick and Judy were when they were bullied as kids. This also effected how they would be when growing up. But what could have happen Nick and Judy were able to meet each other during those times. If Nick had stook up for Judy, Judy would not only have got clawed, but would also feel less prejudice against foxes or other predators. If Judy had been there for Nick, Nick wouldn't given up on things and maybe even stood up to the Junior Ranger Scouts. These events also make the bond between Nick and Judy even stronger. The two now seem to have complete trust in each other and never want to her each other.

However, as close as the two become, that doesn't mean they don't argue every now and then. Nick tends to tease Judy a bit by calling her cute. Judy would always get riled up by it. Nick's not usually fazed by this and uses his "fox charm" to calm her down. It works... most of the time. Bottomline, Nick and Judy are close and make a really good team.

Q: Okay, is there any SHIPPING between Nick and Judy? Are they gonna be a couple in the story or not. Seriously, we all want to know.

A: Ah ha ha ha... okay. I'm not gonna lie. I really love WildeHopps. I ship Nick and Judy like crazy. Just like the other 90% of the Zootopia fandom. It's my OTP. It's no surprise that I added shipping moments into my story. The two liking each others company. The way they are always excited to see each other. The two hugging or holding paws. Also the little peck on the cheek that Judy gave Nick in one of my recent chapters. That's the kind of stuff you would expect to see in this story.

How... ever... since Nick and Judy are just kids, they don't really understand their feelings for each others. They like each other, but they also try to hide it from each other. Most of the time they fail at it. It's also harder for them since they are completely different species. A fox and a bunny isn't really the most common couple to see.

One thing that I LOVED to include is Nick and Judy being prone to teasing by other kids. You know how sometimes kids would tease someone cause they like someone? That's the case for Nick and Judy. Judy's friends, Judy's siblings, Gideon, Finnick, and other kids yet to come. Judy and Nick respond to the teasing by saying things like... "It's not like that." or "We're just friends." or the "With a space in the middle" excuse. But it seems that their friends don't seem to mind if they were to actually be boyfriend and girlfriend. It even seems that guys like Benji would aloud it. But whether that happens or not, it's too early to tell.

Q: How smart are Nick and Judy as kids?

I got to say this. When you are the only two people to solve a case in 48 hours and the whole squad couldn't solve jack, as well as find the real problem and solve that too, you're basically the smartest characters in the ZPD. I have no doubt that Nick and Judy may be the smartest characters in the movie. As kids, I believe they were pretty smart too. But the two are smart in different ways. Judy is more book smart, while Nick is more street smart. Judy thinks with data and facts, while Nick is more on straight logic and knowing.

In the beginning of the story, Judy believed that all predators were vicious in the past. But Nick stated that there are a few prey that are just as vicious. This makes Judy realizes that she was wrong about things and has been a bit small minded in some things. Later, Judy is opened up to more opinions thanks to Nick. She also thinks that Nick has a habit of being right all the time, if you guys have notice. So when they get older, the two will grow from each others points of view.

Q: So, can we know about Judy's 275 brothers and sisters?

A: There is three things I just got to ask. One, why did Disney decided to give Judy so many siblings? Two, why would her parents still have MORE kids after the first 275? And three, how come out of ALL of her siblings, we don't get to know ANY of their names or what they are like? Seriously Disney, why give her so many siblings if we don't get to know any of them.

I feel that there was so much potential in the Hopps family and it was a bit of a missed opportunity that they didn't used any of them. They are basically telling us "Why don't we let the fans decide on what to do with Judy's siblings?" and make us decide what they should be like. Her older siblings, her younger siblings, and the one's yet to be born.

Sooooooo... from the movie, I gonna say that Judy is most likely a somewhat... not completely in the middle... middle child. During the "Carrots Day Festival" scene, we see quite a few of her siblings, including some who helped run their carrot stand. I'm assumed that some of them were Judy's older siblings. They looked around the age of 15, so that how high I'm going for the oldest litter of kits are.

A few of the siblings I came up with that some of you might know from reading are Greg, Wendy, Lily, Eric, Cole, Conner, Gerald, Herman, Eugene, and some other one yets to appear. You can expect future characters to have a certain personality that differs from the other kids. But you'll find out in later chapters.

Q: What do we need to know about Nick's parents? Can you tell us a bit about John?

What do we know? The movie didn't gave us enough to go on. We didn't even get to see Nick's mom's actual face. So, this means we all have to take some shots in the dark. Nick's mom seemed like every other mother. Very nice and loving to her child. As well as an supportive wife to her to husband. She can also be very bold. It's where Nick get it from. I went with the name Francine, or Frankie, because the creator of Zistopia came up with that and I wasn't sure what to name her or whether the name was official or not.

Now I know what some people who watch the movie are gonna say. Nick's dad wasn't in the movie. The official release movie, yes. The original plotline however, he was. Most people would think Nick's father was abusive, not there for him, one of those awful fathers. But that wasn't what the creators were originally planning for him to be. They actually made him out to be this very kind and optimistic kind of guy. It was also cleared that he has a strong bond with his son, Nick.

Other things to my knowledge is that John's his actual name. Actual planned name at least. Another thing is that he was actually a tailor too. As well as his shop being named "Wilde and Son's". The tailor thing makes sense on the count of Nick enjoy to wear ties. He gets it from his pop. He also has a sense of humor that Nick also got it from. John is made out to be good, honest, does his best to keep his family happy. He also see others for who they are and not what they are and expects the same for others. So he tries to be a positive role-model to his son and encourage him to do better.

Overall, both Nick's mom and dad are really good people. They do whatever they can for their son and support him with any dream he has. (So long as it's not a bad one.) One more thing. I do NOT plan to kill off Nick's mom or dad in any way. I'm not Disney when they offed Mufasu, Bambi's mom, Anna and Elsa's parents, Tiana's dad,Tarzan's parents, and EVERY other sad parent death in Disney's vault. So ease your minds. Nick's folks are safe.

Q: What is the relationship between the Hopps parents and the Wilde parents?

A: In most cases, for a friendship to work well, the parents have to get along as well. That's the case for Nick and Judy's parents in this story. Now both sets of parents have a lot in common. They love their kids and they do their best to make them happy. However, like their kids, they are opposites of each other.

Stu and Bonnie mentioned in the movie that they were scared of a LOT of things. Citylife, bigger mammals, most predators, changes, trying, and of course... foxes. John and Frankie are not. In fact the two foxes aren't really afraid of much. John and Frankie are willing to reach out for their dreams and be okay with other mammals. Stu and Bonnie are not. Stu and Bonnie would prefer if all their kids became carrot farms, while John and Frankie are okay with Nick following whatever he feels that he should do. See what I'm getting at? If Judy didn't became friends with Nick, they would still be afraid of foxes and bringing out the fox repellant and fox tasers. Good thing that they got along.

The Wilde parents are currently trying their best to make the Hopps parents more comfortable with things with every visit. Hopefully, they can help the bunnies not being such sticks in the mud. But more on that in future chapters.

Q: So what other characters are we gonna see in this?

A: Zootopia is known to have an awesome series of characters packed into the movie. So you can expect to see a few of them in this fanfic. Characters that you already seen mentioned are Gideon, Finnick, and Clawhauser. Seriously, those guys are completely underrated cause each of them had less than 3 minutes of dialogue in the movie. Kinda disappointing. So you can expect to see them in this fanfic more.

Other characters that made a cameo were Bogo, Mr. Big, and Judy's friends from Bunnyburrow. More characters from the movie will appear in this story too. But I'm not giving any spoilers on who. So don't be asking.

Q: Did I even this story to be so popular?

A: Honestly, I did not think this would have 100 follows, let alone almost 200. I'm glad people really love this story. I do hope one day this could be featured on Zootopia News Network. But no pressure. I'm fine with the fans I got.

Q: Will there be a time-skip?

A: Yes, a time-skip is planned for this in the mid-future. But not for a LONG while. There is gonna be a lot more chapters of Nick and Judy younger first. They will most likely grow up to be teenagers and do this or that. After a bit of that, I might skip ahead to the Police Academy stuff. But like I said, most of this story is gonna be them as kids.

Q: Last question, how long will that story be?

A: So far, this is the longest story I have ever done. Honestly, I don't know how much chapters exactly will there be. I do know how I want to end it and I planned out everything I wanted to do. Originally, I was gonna end this at the last chapter I just did. But then again, that was planned about two months ago. Before this got so much fans. And by then I had like several other chapters that I had in mind. So now I have extended this to so much more chapters now. So if I had to estimate, this story will have around 30 or so chapters before ending. Should be a good amount of chapters.

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