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I love most stories but love the ones that have believeable plots.For example most NaruHina stories just dont make sense. I hate NaruSaku because it doesnt make sense she abused him physically and emotionally. Hell she isnt even that attractive.I would like to see more NarutoxSamui/NarutoxKarin along with HarryxLuna. Also I have many ideas for stories regular and crossover alike with no way of writing them sinse I'm using my Xbox. My tag is DHG Za6uza message me if you want to hear my ideas.

Name: Momochi Ryu/Elemental Demon of the Bloody Mist


Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual


Clothing: A Black trench coat with the elements their respective kanji in a circle surrounding an oni mask on the back. Underneath the coat is a crimson vest and under that a fishnet shirt. A pair of black cargo pants with many pockets. Also has holster and pouch on each leg. Wears black sunglasses with crimson lenses. Wears combat boots and fingerless gloves.

Hair:Crimson red and smoothed back with a strand hanging in front.

Appearance: Has Sosuke Aizens bone structure with pale blue eyes and a scar going down from the right eyebrow to the jawline. Lean but fast and strong, has scar scattered across body. Is often seen with either a senbon or a stick of pocky in his mouth. Has sword resembing Kenpachi Zarakis from Bleach on hip.

Personality:Acts crazy and bloodthirsty in battle but is really cold and calculating inside mind. And warm,kind along with easygoing outside it. Will kill you if you steal his pocky.

Likes: Cleaning sword, eating dango, writing to Samui, and fighting strong opponents.

Dislike:War and weak opponents, people taking his pocky, and corruption.

Ninja Class: Holds the rank of Elite Jounin but is really high kage in skill and low to mid kage in experience. Rumoured to be member of the Seven Shinobi Swordsmen of the Mist with unique sword with special abilties.

Bio: Cousin to Zabuza by his fathers side, Ryus grandfather on his mothers side was an Uzumaki and grandmother an Uchiha. Ryu was born a bit after Zabuza and entered the academy at 6 and during a robbery of a store he was in activated the Sharingan when one of the robbers swung his katana. Ryus Sharingan evolved to its Mangekyou in the gradution exam when he killed his friend in self defence. When Ryu was 12 his team participated in th Chunin Exams in Kumo where he ran into the genin team of Killer Bee and met Samui. Ryu became a Chunin and started exchanging letters with Samui. When the bloodline purges started he joined the rebels and once the civil war ended he was promoted to Jounin. Ryus eyesight detiorated during the civil war so his mom who also gained the Mangekyo from seeing Ryus father die in battle gave Ryu her eyes while dying of wounds sustained in battle.

Skills: Ryu has mastery over the standard Mangekyou abilities along with the rare Kamui. He is an experienced genjutsu user, ANBU level taijutsu along with Nidaime Hokage level lightning and water affinities and slightly less powerful affinities to fire and earth. He is a master of silent killing and a fuinjutsu master. Is a master of Kenjutsu. All this combined have made him a high S-Rank shinobi in the bingo book.

Specialties: 1.Ninjutsu 2.Fuinjutsu 3.Sharingan 4.Silent Killing/Stealth 5.Kenjutsu 6.Taijutsu 7.Genjustu [Numbers mean what I trained more in ie 1 most 7 least.]

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