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Hello, my name is MissingBlood. Got that name from a Shadowrun book. Which as you now realize that almost this entire profile will contain fanfictions about the dark future that we've all dreamed of back in the eighties. I'll be taking several popular sci-fi based books, shows, movies, and games and eventually turning them all into one story. How will I do that? Simple, by making the stories connect to each other in various ways. I would like to thank Komamura's son for showing me this sight and for inspiring me to actually start writing stories. If you want to ask me any questions, then by all means go ahead. I'll answer anything and most of everything that comes my way. If you want to inflict your own opinion or in some cases OC then again message or review on one of my stories. I have a community and I'm looking to make it grow, so if you want to check that out, it would help.

2015: The world is now dependent on gasoline and oil for their basic needs. Pumps and reserves begin to run dry. America begins the war that destroys the world with Russia and China. Nuclear missiles are being used as the first phase in the war.

2016: Australia runs out of gasoline and goes into civil war. Thus begins the great oil race. China is converted into a radioactive wasteland from non-stop use of American bombs. Russia begins the third European assault. Japan has sided with no one and has reverted into creating the first off-world colonies, while half of the population moves to America for safe haven. America offers protection for all those willing to survive. France and Germany join with the Americans to help counter Russia’s assault. England, Spain, and the rest of the European Countries refuse to join any side. All are bombed by both the Americans and Russians.

2017: The first mega cities in the new America are created by the first Yondo-3 Replicants. The cities insure a safe haven for those around the world who are able to make it there. Russia runs dry on the resources to launch anymore missiles of any kind and is taken out of the war. China is slowly starting to collapse on itself with civil war and the constant American bombing.

2018: New York Maximum Security Penitentiary (A.K.A Manhattan Island) and the Off-World Isocubes are the only prisons left in the world. Australia begins the water wars. A terrorist organization, known as Green Circles, have begun bombing major parts of the mega cities causing the US government to form a unit of anti-terrorism “enthusiasts” to track down and eradicate the Green Circles. Thus begins operation Green Circles Blue.

2019: Replicants from both the Tyrell Corporation and the Weyland Corporation are declared illegal on earth after a bloody mutiny. Any Replicant caught on earth is hunted down by Blade Runners and sent into retirement. The world goes dark on communication ending the last wars on Earth. The world is left in a radioactive wasteland of sorrow and pain. Those few who are lucky are sent to Off-World colonies to start new chapters in the humans’ long bloody story.

2020: The awakening happens sooner than expected and goblinazation has occurred worldwide, creating creatures of radioactive mutations and combined with the genes of the ancient races before time itself is recorded. Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, Demons, and Trolls throw off their human disguises to begin yet another long and bloody chapter in human history. Magic is reintroduced to mankind and it used with caution. Dragons now roam the skies in search of their long hidden treasures.

Earth, 10 years later: A world without law, without hope, and without mercy. Those who are left to their dying planet must try and survive any way they can. The mega cities hold the common wealth, who now have a strong foothold inside the wasteland and make untold fortunes from selling old world artifacts for those who are willing to buy. The poor die in the streets around the city walls. The only way to make good money is to kill for it. The police are outnumbered and out gunned. Only six percent of crime is actually reported and taken into consideration. Officers die on the line of duty every day.

Off-world colonies: Law is more secure on the bases that litter the galaxy. New forms of Alien life are encountered throughout exploration. New forms of trade are discovered and several alliances are made. The Great Tanuaser war begins lasting for six years. Humans fight each other and the Aliens that they’d met and now share blood with. The Xenomorphs are discovered and LV187, after being used during the Tanuaser war, is now under assault from these parasites. The first human colony in the Lylat system is built on, what the natives call the planet Zoness, which is destroyed from a Cornerian war. War begins to brew between the Cornerians and Humans.

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