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Author has written 30 stories for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, My Little Pony, Homestar Runner, Earthbound, BlazBlue, and Five Nights at Freddy´s.

Hello my name is keyz05 but you can call me "keyz" for short.

I live in Texas. I am also from the country of Iran.

I like ace attorney, homestar, and other.

Also, I can only write and read whenever I feel like it. Not much else, really.


Now, then. Here's an update for y'all.

Likes: Video Games (I'm pretty much addicted to it), Visual Novels, Archery, Persian Culture, Homestar Runner, Cartoons, Cartoon Movies, Anime, Southern Food, Mexican, Nice and Kind people, People who stay calm at things, and People who quit complaining from obvious stuff.

Dislikes: Racism, People who think Iran sucks, Anti-Heroes (sometimes), High School (instead of the Career Center), Jerks, Evil & Despicable people, and many unpleasant stuff which is bothersome.

Preferred Genres: Drama, Comedy, Tragedy, Tragicomedy, and Documentaries.

MyAnimeList Profile:

Ace Attorney - I love how you are an attorney trying to find the truth of a murder. It's great to have amazing characters, interesting backstories, a dark story, and all of the villains/criminals are despicable. It's my favorite visual novel series, ever. I recommend you play all the games!
Favorite Prosecutor:

-Miles Edgeworth (In my opinion, he is awesome!)
-Godot (Sip that coffee!)


Favorite Defense Attorney:

-Phoenix Wright (He too, is awesome!)
-Athena Cykes

Homestar Runner - You gotta love the humor. Homestar and Strong Bad certainly fit my game. I just love how Homestar is stupid and Strong Bad answering emails, all the time. The characters are all awesome and funny; there is literally no one you could hate, or dislike. You'll laugh at what jokes they put into their episodes. I prefer Homestar Runner to be my number one favorite character, in my opinion. :)


So enjoy my writing!

Link to Homestar Runner Website:


Topic: I'M BACK!! Message me in PM or in the Reviews of any of my stories! (10/20/2015)

So, here are some quick character facts about Irfran!

-He is not a flawless person. He is a little stubborn, irritable when frustrated, and most danger can occur from his mistakes.
-His relationships with the cast, his master, his family members, and other OC's are not flawless. There are times when everyone will go negative on him.
-He has a constant phobia of Ghouls. Which can occur in a Gag-reel or as a running gag.
-He is single, currently. He has no love-interest. His date with his childhood-crush Ariana in "Date Night" was 'unofficial'. Feel free to ship him with her, or someone else, if you want.
-His occupation is a corporal in Vigilante Military Organization. He has friends there. Also, he and his friends get a lot of time-off over the days.
-He is reluctant to kill. No matter how cruel the bad guy is. Even, in the military.
-His close-friend Maxwell is an Anti-Hero. Just to keep the whole story in balance.
-He has a very dark story. Just so to make him quite an interesting character.
-NOT EVERYTHING of Irfran's wear will always be black. He'll wear different colored clothing which is suitable for him.
-Terumi/Hazama did not ruin Ragna's life; but, also ruined other people's lives in a whole. Irfran included. Keep that in mind.
-HE WILL NOT have a Harem. I mean, why would I be stupid to do that?
-The Power Of Nine is kinda like the Azure Grimoire/Power of the Azure. Except, that it's mostly magic. No Armagus.
-Changed Vs. Terumi theme to "Sacred Nightmare 2" because I felt the previous one was kinda cliche. No offense.
-Don't accuse him as a 'Gary Stu'... If you hate him, then that's just you.

Here's a good one:
Irfran got a career at a vigilante military organization called the "Anomaly Union" in Kazakhstan, near Yabiko. He's mostly found in Yabiko, but will explore the rest of Ikaruga. Also, in Yabiko, Tulius owns a pub in Yabiko, and Irfran goes there frequently. He met Julian in Wadatsumi along with Yune. That's the information when Irfran is in Ikaruga.

Well, that's about it. I hope you guys enjoy.

Video Games that I play:

Max Payne 3
Far Cry 2
Far Cry 3
Team Fortress 2
Half Life (Plus, Opposing Force)
Half Life 2
Counter Strike: Condition Zero
Mass Effect series (Paragon Shepard, FTW!)
Sonic The HedgeHog (Adventure 1 & 2, as well as others!)
Total War Shogun 2
Minecraft (Creepers!)
Total War: Rome (Plus, Barbarian Invasion.)
Mother 3
Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies
Until Dawn
The Walking Dead
Elder Scrolls: Skyrim & Oblivion (Stop! You violated the law!)
Surgeon Simulator 2013
Call Of Duty
Guilty Gear

TV shows, movies, and Cartoons:

Wander Over Yonder
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Homestar Runner
Song Of The Sea
Inside Out
The LEGO Movie
Toy Story Series
Fullmetal Alchemist (Roy Mustang, FTW!)
Invader Zim
Despicable Me
Beavis and Butthead (Too offensive, though...)
King Of The Hill
How To Train Your Dragon
Ao No Exorcist (Love that show!)
Fairy Tail
SAO: Progressive (*Burns all of the original SAO light novels into a fire place*)

Relationships that I love:

Ace Attorney:

Athena & Simon
Apollo & Juniper
Phoenix & Iris (sometimes)
Phoenix & Maya (sometimes)

Fullmetal Alchemist:

Edward Elric & Winry Rockbell (Thank god, it's Canon!)
Roy Mustang & Riza Hawkeye


Jin & Tsubaki
Bang & Litchi
Litchi & Arakune(Roy) (If Litchi is successful to bring him back, of course.)
Carl & Makoto

Favorite YouTube Videos:

Favorite Anime Heroes:

1. Shido Itsuka (Date-A-Live)

2. Kirito/Kirigaya Kazuto (SAO)

3. Ky Kiske (Guilty Gear)

4. Noel Vermillion (BlazBlue)

5. Hinata Hyūga (Naruto)

6. Naruto (Naruto)

7. Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail)

8. Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach)

9. Athena Cykes (Ace Attorney)

10. Phoenix Wright (Ace Attorney)

Favorite BlazBlue Character:

Iron Tager

"Your a second-rate soldier."

The reason why I like the Red Devil is because he's serious, calm, and calculated in nature. Also, he does do a lot of major damage, and has good combat potential. Iron Tager's personality, at times, is pretty much like me; however, I do have some flaws with him. One, some of his distortions are WAY too hard for me to pull off, including his astral heat! Second, he is slow, doesn't dash, and can be an easy target to other opponents if you are really bad as Tager; but hey, at least I really don't care about dashing ability on a character. Third, he can get embarrassed by Kokonoe, at times. Either way, I like playing as Tager. If you are skilled as him, you can be the most dangerous opponent in the battlefield... Period! Anyway, thank you folks, for reading this.

--Other Mains--

1. Valkenhayn R. Hellsing

2. Lambda-11

3. Litchi Faye-Ling

4. Noel Vermillion

5. Amane Nishiki

6. Kokonoe (My only Anti-Hero scientist that I trust.) :)

7. Platinum The Trinity (There are some people who main this character. I'm not kidding.)

8. Hakumen

Ace Attorney OC: (UPDATED: 8/20/2015)

Name: Arman Majeed

Aliases: Army, Armani, Brown guy, Persian guy, Meat eater, etc.

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Occupation: Defense Attorney

Birth Year: 2006

Nationality: Persian/Iranian

Relatives: Kavian Majeed (Father; deceased), Arian Majeed (Mother), Ryon Majeed (Cousin).

Likes: Persian Tea, Beef Kabob, Quran, His Mother, His friends, etc.

Hobbies: Reading, Bowling, Online Research.

Dislikes: Butter, Evil, Criminals, Murderers, Terrorists, Corruption, Needless killing, Losing his mother, Losing his friends.

Biography: Arman lived with his mother at Arak, Iran. His father was a heavy smoker and was killed in a conflict when he was in the military, not before he was found out of committing war crimes along with the squad that he used to join. As Arman knew that military work was considered dangerous, he had to look for another career in his family's name. Eventually, his ancestor was a lawyer when he was in America, and Arman found it interesting. So, he decided to travel to America in Los Angeles. Since, his cousin works there at a car service company. He took the bar exam and studied criminal law as hard as he can. Finally, he got his badge, and had no need for a mentor. So, he started to open his office in his apartment. He meet many more attorneys, soon after.

Appearance: Arman has light-brown skin, black eye color, and straight dark-brown hair. His lawyer wear consists of a brown suit jacket, a khaki suit shirt, brown pants with a Light-Brown belt with a Antique Brass Buckle on it, a gold (Vegas) tie, and black shoes. In a casual wear, he puts on a dark-blue shirt, a brown jacket, blue jeans, and light-brown shoes.

Personality: Arman is shown to be a "down-to-business" person. He is shown to be short-tempered and judgmental, at times. However, Arman is an honest, straightforward, plain-speaking, and tends to be polite to others. He is protective of his family and loved ones, particularly his cousin Ryon. Arman tends to stay strong and believes in his clients. When he's at home, he likes to read books, mostly Quran, and also loves to use his computer for research. Particularly, legal research. He also likes to go play bowling with either his cousin or his friends, at times.

BlazBlue OC: (Updated: 10/14/2015)

Name: Irfran Nilgiria

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Birthplace/Origin: Persian/Iranian, 15th Hierarchical City of Gonzetsu

Date Of Birth: January 12th

Blood Type: A

Height: 1.70m

Weight: 132 lb

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Black

Occupation: Warrior/Guard (Gets money from his dad, of course.), and Corporal.

Aliases: Eastern Warrior, Sand Knight, Nice Guy/Sand Man (From, Taokaka.), Fransworth/Frans (Terumi's name logic.), The Sorcerer (By Hakumen.)

Weapons: Steel Sword (Celeste), and Nine's Magic.

Values: His people, His family, others, honor

Relatives: Navid Nilgiria (father.), Vesal Nilgiria (mother and deceased.), and Darion Nilgiria (brother.)

Hobbies: Piano Playing(He's not really good at it, though), Chess, Cooking.

Likes: Kabob, Quran, noodles, walking, his brother and father, his friends, etc.

Dislikes: Ghouls, killing, The NOL(Formerly), Imperator Izanami, losing his family and friends.

Allies: Ragna The Bloodedge, Noel Vermillion, Jin Kisaragi, Rachel Alucard, Valkenhayn R. Hellsing, Taokaka, Litchi Faye Ling, Bang Shishigami, and other Blazblue heroes.

Enemies: Hades Izanami, Hazama/Terumi, Relius Clover, Azrael, and Maxwell Zakarion (formerly).

Voiced By: Nobunaga Shimazaki (Japanese), Sam Riegel (English)

Music Composed By: Daisuke Ishiwatari

Theme: Luminous Sword II (

Unlimited Theme: White Onslaught II (

Irfran Vs. Maxwell Theme: A Silver Legacy II (

Irfran Vs. Ragna/Asura Theme: Dark Barrage II (

Irfran Vs. Hazama/Terumi Theme: Sacred Nightmare II (

Sad/Reminiscence Themes:

Tragic Memories: (

Tragic Memories (TUNED): (

The Incident To Remember: (

NOTE: They will make you cry. I am not kidding. I mean, it was all my decision, really. :/

Biography: Irfran is the main protagonist of Irfran's chronicle, and other stories based off of him. When he was young, Irfran had a hard time in school, and he mostly bullied by other students who kept breaking his things. That soon ended when he meet's Maxwell, and made several friends over his younger years. Despite of all that, he along with his mother, used to like Japanese culture, and he loved reading books about it. Thus, things were positive. Until, an unexpected invasion occurs from the NOL, and Irfran's sweet, introverted, and innocent mother was killed by Yuuki Terumi in the year AD 2193. After that, Maxwell's entire family was burned to death by Terumi, and lived in a very bad orphanage with no chance of getting an adoption from any of the royal families. Luckily, Maxwell did attend Military Academy.

Soon after that, Irfran lived eleven years in a colony; which was a large cavern at the very outskirts of Kagutsuchi. Irfran was unable to cope with his distress and depression, and attempted to hang himself on a tree, but was saved by both Jubei ,and, Rachel Alucard; who helps him train to become a warrior, and avenge his mother's death. His lighting magic came from the witch known as "Nine" and agreed to continued living in his colony. Soon, he and his brother would go to Kagutsuchi, at times. He would meet Bang, Litchi, and even Taokaka once in her younger years as a Kaka, while Irfran was being guided by his master, soon after that. Thus, his quest begins...

Oh, and one more thing, he developed PTSD during the time when he was a child. Which was soon to be recovered. Also, Irfran was once to learn Kendo from his father, but had little interest to it. Thus, someone else went to do it instead of him.

Appearance: Irfran is a handsome young man with black hair, and black eyes, and light-brown skin. While he often wears casual clothing at times, he wears armor that covers his body with the exception of his head. His attire of his armor consisted of black pants with a black belt that had a large silver buckle which had a wooden scabbard on the right side of his belt, a black V-necked shirt that was worn underneath a black trench-coat with gray lining going down the sleeves and black boots with iron plates to protect his shins. He has a leather plate worn on his coat, which was on his left side, and a pair of black finger-less gloves.

Personality: Irfran is generally nice, friendly, respectful, kind, and an easy-going person. Showing the most altruistic he can strife, he can show much religion and honor when it comes to his family and friends. He knows much more about violence when he gets into fights, and gets remorseful over it. This can make him feel pretty bad for, himself. At times, Irfran can have a funny side to him. Like, when he gets humored by his brother, and admits that he can actually try to make the joke funnier. Not that I mention that. Irfran also trusts his allies in a friendly way, even if it's Ragna or Noel. Either way, he can help any of his allies in need. He isn't a flawless individual, though. Irfran, at times, can be slightly irritable, which only occurs if he couldn't control his frustration. Also, he gets himself at a risk of danger if it comes from his mistakes, by the way. One more thing, he can be a little stubborn, at times.

To be clear, he is a calm and collected individual, rarely showing any signs of distress. However, during his days after his mother's loss, Irfran was just not forward enough to cope with it. This, gave him such depression, and it took long for him to recover over the years. He has shown different moods throughout the days; at times being rather cheerful, while being gloomy at others when in the colony. Mostly reminiscing thoughts about a trauma that he could't let go of his past.

Irfran keeps a good attitude to almost anything, unless if the situation is considered serious, or if he encounters an enemy of his. He even acts nice towards others, even if the individual in front of him is hostile. He does seem to get along with Rachel and Jubei. Seeing, as they helped him train to be a warrior to begin his vengeance on the NOL for what they have done. As he admits that when he encounters aggressive and rude people these days. Luckily, this is not a major issue to the young man.

Irfran is also an emotional person and lets his emotions control him from time to time. When it comes to traumatic memories of his past, his friends, including his so-called "best friend" Maxwell. He always has many serious things that can come in mind. Like, the death of his mother and hearing the deaths Maxwell's entire family, were all so haunting to him. He even remembers that he couldn't stop crying over his mothers death, and begins to feel the sadness over it, for years to come. Soon after, Irfran was relieved of his pain, and vows to avenge her death. He did so, by being trained by both Jubei and Rachel who meets him in the woods alone, by himself.

Powers and Abilities:

Drive: Electro Force

Distortion Drives: Blazing Charge, Arcane Flash, Dispersion Barrier

Overdrive: Revitalize

Astral Heat: Sand Rupture

As a warrior, Irfran has well skilled traits in his magic and fighting style. First off all, he is agile and demonstrates a lot of sword wielding moves that can hit his foes at a solid range. He bears some Muslim-style attacks, which basically punish his opponent by throw and grab attacks, which can also do average to serious amount of damage. Most his attacks; interestingly, can get powered up and combined with the use of the magic of electricity. His specials have the usage of electrical blasts and rays which can range at his foe that can either result in being huge or small on the damage type. Huge, being the most powerful.

His drives, include, Blazing Charge, which can result two charge hits of his sword; before, it can end with an electrical punch that can result in a powerful blow to the opponent at a distance. His other drive which is in fact called, Arcane Flash, results in a huge flash wave that can inflict minimal damage and can result the opponent being stunned for at least five seconds, when impact. His third drive is called, Dispersion Barrier, which creates a large electrical circle around Irfran, while there are other sparking orbs around the electrical circle. With the drive activated, he charges at the direction he's facing; doing major damage if an opponent makes any contact to it.

He posses an Overdrive called Revitalize, that can make his speed, range, and electrical attacks triple, but should it end, and he will be back to normal with a sudden decrease of most his abilities for fifteen seconds. So, his overdrive should be used wisely.

His Astral Heat, which is by the name of "Sand Rupture", results when Irfran does slices of his sword at every direction of the Compass and ends with a giant ray that results in a huge explosion that can result the opponent being demolished in to nothing in white, and Irfran being in the middle of a sandy desert, at the clear blue sky. Holstering his sword and looking at the ground, in the end.

Character Inspiration:

Shido Itsuka (Date-A-Live) - Shido is an average young man that originally had no interests in the opposite gender until he got forced to be by his little sister. Basically, he has to deal with females on a constant basis, which he is not used to. He is a main character of an action/harem of Date-A-Live and he is in fact, a kind-hearted person to spirits, and people. Irfran can be romantically attached to other women, but is currently single. Nuff said.

Kirito/Kirigaya Kazuto (Sword Art Online) - Kirito has hard times with words, can be rude at times, and can be direct. However, Kirito is actually a kind person who is just misunderstood. Despite the general population opinion towards beta testers in SAO, he refused to abandon another player in trouble. This is only strengthened after the demise of the Moonlit Black Cats. He is also emotional and is kind of handsome. Pretty much like Irfran. Also, his weight is apparently cool, which is similar to Kirito, by the way.

Ky-Kiske (Guilty Gear) - Ky is a deeply religious man, the adjective describing both his devotion to God, as well as his commitment to the ideals of law, order, and honor. He is diligent and scrupulous. Loyal to his ideas more than his surroundings, Ky will not hesitate to investigate his superiors if he believes them to be undermining his conceptions of justice. He is a compassionate man and chivalrous in the classical way, being known to hold back against female opponents if he is forced to fight them. Ky is definetly my main and he shares honor, and religion, which is a usable trait that Irfran posses. NUFF SAID!!

Lucas (Mother 3) - Arguably, one of my most favorite Nintendo characters of all time. Lucas is a strong-willed boy, who do things that he finds is right. Like Irfran, he is an emotional boy and shows determination when the situation permits. Now that he has matured into a boy much like his brother, he'll do anything to solve anyone's problems. This inspiration led me to think that Irfran could be just like him, and has a rather similarity between the two individuals. Anyhow, that's what I think about Lucas about his heroic actions in his story, which definitely acts like Irfran. Trust me, that was MY decision, alright. Oh yeah, the two are in different ways, nonetheless. :)

Pre Battle/Post Battle

Normal 1: If this is the battle you want. Then, very well. / That wasn't so bad, after all.

Normal 2: *holds a Islamic crescent* I shall strive for honor. *Puts crescent back in his pocket* / I'm sorry if I harmed you too much. *Gives a serious look*

Normal 3: I see you wish to show your strength at me. Very well, then. / Why did I get myself into this mess... *Scratches his head in frustration*

Normal 4: I am not certain to fight... Just saying. / Please, I do not wish to seek further violence. *Gives a serious look*

Normal 5: This is starting to get tedious. / Why must these people fight? *Scratches his head in frustration*

Overdrive Quote 1: Revitalize!

Overdrive Quote 2: Going in full power!

Overdrive Quote 3: Here it goes!

Overdrive Quote(vs. Hazama): I won't forgive you!

Special, Pre Battle/Post Battle (Only in Chrono Phantasma.)

Ragna: *Looks at Ragna* Ragna The Bloodedge. / For someone who has a large bounty, I wasn't expecting to defeat you this easily.

Noel: *Looks at Noel with a sincere look* Noel Vermillion. / I am not sure if I have a Panda doll for you or not.

Mu: *Gives a slight embarrassing look* I-I wasn't... Miss Vermillion / You seem alright, Noel.

V-13: A Murakumo Unit... / I'm afraid that I've got nothing to say to this matter.

Rachel: Oh, miss Rachel. / Did I hurt you too much, Rachel?

Valkenhayn: *Pulls out sword, and gets into battle position* I see what you mean, then. / Please, tell miss Rachel that I apologize for this intrusion.

Jin: *Dodges his Ice attacks* I'm surprised to find you here, Jin. / That was it?

Tager: Oh, the Red Devil. / Gee, you were pretty strong.

Platinum: E-Excuse me!? / I suggest that you two watch your attitude, next time. Alright?

Carl: Wh-whoa there! What did I do!? / I'm sorry, kid... I should have held back more.

Bullet: You need data? / I hope I was able to assist you.

Azrael: *Clashes their attacks together* You're... The Mad Dog! / *Holsters Sword* You were as strong as they say.

Litchi: No... You could've have. / I'm sorry for even hurting you, miss Litchi.

Bang: Let me see your heroic powers, then. / You were alright, mister Bang.

Makoto: *Holds Islamic Crescent in hand, while closing his eyes* I shall strive for this, I suppose. / *Holsters Sword* I shall apologize for any major injuries.

Tsubaki: *Looks at Tsubaki with a sincere look* Tsubaki Yayoi... / Please, you have got to stop this nonsense now!

Izayoi: *Looks at Izayoi* The sealed armagus, Izayoi. / I wasn't expecting to defeat you this easily, but I forgive you.

Hakumen: *Gives a sincere look* Hakumen? THE Hakumen!? / *Holsters Sword* It was an honor...

Amane: *Gives a strange look* Can I help you with something, miss? / Wait! You're a... *Covers face in embarrassment* Oh dear, I apologize.

Hazama: *Clashes their attacks together* I'm surprised to find you here, Terumi! / I am not finished with you. *Gives a serious look*

Terumi: *Clashes their attacks together* I've got nothing to say about your cruel actions, Terumi. / You're gonna have to tell me everything you've done, for now... *Gives a frown and a serious look*

Relius: *Gives a sincere look* Relius Clover. / *Holsters Sword* Remember, you shouldn't underestimate us humans as "objects".

Taokaka: Okay... Let's play, then. / *Holsters Sword* Easy, now. I'll buy you some food for you, Tao.

Kagura: The Black Knight of the NOL... I must be careful. / I must say, I expected more. *Looks Disappointed*.

Kokonoe: *Looks at Kokonoe* Kokonoe... I didn't know that you could actually... *Signs, Pulls out sword, and gets in battle position* / *Holsters Sword* I may wish to help, if you're wounded too badly.

Lambda: I-I thought you were... *signs* Who even knows? / I wonder if Professor Kokonoe knows of this? *Holsters sword, and looks at Lambda with a strange look*

Celica: You hold much purity. / *Sheathes Blade* Please, I do not desire to harm one such as you.

Maxwell: *Clashes their attacks together* Maxwell. / Can't you stop this right now, Maxwell!? *Gives a serious look at Maxwell*

Maxwell (Post-Truth): *Clashes their attacks together* Seriously, Maxwell!? Again!? / *Holsters Sword and gives a serious look at him* I wish you could just stop this...

Asura (DemiDevil45's OC): I will make you pay for insulting my faith! / I will show mercy...this time...

Julian (Rouge black knight's OC): *Gives a serious look and draws his blade* So you are the commander of the NOL Peace Corp... / *Holsters his blade* You were wise to leave them when you did.

Catarina (Cosmo.camellia OC): *Surprised look* Wait... You can actually wield magic!? / *Curious look while holstering sword* I had no clue the Library would allow these people to join...

Hyousuke (Cosmo.camellia OC): Your a soldier from Sector Seven? / *Holsters Sword* You shouldn't try to keep yourself away from others, you know that?

Infer (Deviljho's Hatred OC): What an unholy monstrosity! / Your soul is forever lost, it's pointless to save you.

Umbra *Infer's Future Version* (Deviljho's Hatred OC): I sense... death... / There's no way this was her true power... I didn't win, and I barely escaped with my life.

OS Kain (grey0716's OC): Who... Are you? / *gives a strange look* This is odd. Where do you come from?

CP Kain (grey0716's OC): Alright! Looks like it's my turn. / That was a good duel. We should meet again sometime!

Sora (SpeedRulerLiberation's OC): *Gives a strange look* Strange. Have I met you before? / *Holsters Sword and sigh's* I don't know what to say about this.

Nova and Emy (XDANTE1's OC): Whoa! So, you two can actually fight? / *Holsters Sword* Sorry, you two. I've shouldn't have pushed myself, too far.

Shadow Reaper (dialzen's OC): *Surprised look* Who are you? / *Holsters blade* You've concealed my powers with your powers... Just how?

Meta Samurai (dialzen's OC): *Surprised look then battle position* Whoa! Another Samurai? Really? / *panting* Gee, you were pretty fast. For a samurai, I mean.

Counter Quotes, Pre Battle/Post Battle:

Ragna: Tch, it's you. Let's get this over with. / *Stands on his Blood-Scythe* Hmph, how weak.

Noel: Okay *Summons Bolverk*. Let's go! / Was that really it?

Mu: Were you looking at me!? *Transforms into armor* / I-I just don't know what to say...

V-13: *Powers up* Target acquired. Switching to battle mode. / Target eliminated.

Rachel: *Come's down from the air* Shall we begin our dance? / *Sits on Throne* How upsetting.

Valkenhayn: *Has his look back, but turns around, and kicks in the air* Sorry, but I must do as milady said. / *Bows politely* I see nothing of importance here. *Creates dark portal, and goes through it*

Jin: I'll make you regret this. / *Places hand on his chest and looks down* Is that all you've got?

Tager: You. I'm looking forward to this battle. / *Straight's his glasses* Not bad. For a warrior, I mean.

Platinum: Oh god! It's Pedo-The-Second, again! / *Rides on unicorn* Ha!Ha! We've did it, Sena!

Carl: What's wrong, sis? An enemy? / That's for making sis mad!

Bullet: I need some information. / Hmm... This is the power of the Sand Knight... Impressive.

Azrael: *Crunches fists together* Show me what you've got, you little scamp! / *Puts coat on his left shoulder, and mocks Irfran's appearance* Are you supposed to be some kind of joke? *Crunches fist*

Litchi: I'm sorry. But, this is the path I've chosen. / Please... Let me go, for now.

Bang: *Prepare's energy* Come on! Show me what your really made of! / I am Bang Shishigami! A man who adores love and justice for almost everyone!

Makoto: *Prepares fists* Okay. Are you ready to battle me? *Gets in battle position* / Wow, it's no wonder I was victorious on this one.

Tsubaki: In the name of the Imperator, I shall punish you for your crimes. / *Crouch down on him* I shall start a restraining order, for now.

Izayoi: *Tsubaki transforms into Izayoi* Please... Show me, your justice! / I shall forgive you.

Amane: *Gets out of dress* You've seem kind of gorgeous, if I say so myself. / You weren't that bad! *Smiles in praise*

Hakumen: *Has Nox Nyctores held on his shoulder and gets into battle position* Show me your power that rivals one of the heroes... / *Holsters Nox Nyctores* Nothing but a shadow I'm afraid...

Hazama: Shut up, and die! / *Approaches Irfran, crouches, and plays with his hat* You were just like the old days.

Terumi: *Wields a green energy string while approaching Irfran* Bring it on, you little rat! / *Walks towards Irfran, and stomps him ten times while laughing* Hye hyehhehhe hya hyahhahhahhahhahhah!! You're just like the other weaklings! You damn, runt!

Relius: Ah, the power of Nine. How intriguing. / Just another weakling, after all. *Straight's his cape, and walks away*

Taokaka: *Goes on the screen* Oh! Let's play, Nice Guy! / Can we go buy food? *Plays with fist*

Kagura: Let's see how strong you are. *Kicks Zweihander off the ground, and gets into battle position* / *Places Zweihander on the ground, turns around, and looks back* I'm sorry, but religion isn't my thing.

Kokonoe: *Teleports to location* Please, just show me what you've got. / *Approaches Irfran, crouches, looks at him, and sign's* Irfran Nilgiria. How disappointing.

Lambda: Target power level increasing to max level. *Brings Screen* Increasing threat level to... A. *Closes Screen* / Target down. Collecting data.

Celica: Um, who are you? / Oh my! I'm so sorry, allow me to heal you!! *Heals Irfran*

Maxwell: *Greets with by bowing with his hand, and into battle position* Hello, Irfran. Are we going to have fun like the good old days? / Wow. That was just plain stupid of you, Irfran.

Maxwell (Post-Truth): *Points a Wing-Chun at Irfran while frowning, and into battle position* Come on, Irfran! Show me your power! / I never knew that you were just this stupid of you, Irfran.

Asura (DemiDevil45's OC): I'm not going to lose to some hippie! / Where's your god now?!

Julian (Rouge black knight's OC): A fellow righteous man, such a rare occurrence. / Though our sources of moral edict may vary, our goals are one in the same. I wish you luck on your journey through this land.

Catarina (Cosmo.camellia OC): Another that can wield the power of magic? / I'm terribly sorry. But I must be going, good sir.

Hyousuke (Cosmo.camellia OC): I hate magic users. / You cheated on the field and yet... I still out matched you?

Infer (Deviljho's Hatred OC): You dare to challenge me with magic!? HA! / As you can see not all demons are born equal kid. Learn that in Hell! *picks him up and just before she bites him, the screen turns black*

Umbra *Infer's Future Version* (Deviljho's Hatred OC): I'll eviscerate you maggot! / You are not worthy to be the protector of anything!

OS Kain (grey0716's OC): *Cold glare* Out of my way...NOW. / Naïve little shit... Don't bother me again.

CP Kain (grey0716's OC): This power...looks like I'm not holding back. / You're pretty interesting. Let's fight again some day.

Yuki Crimson (cursedsage95's OC): Wait, you have the magic of Nine!? / *sitting down and catching breath* Jeez, now I know what Jubei had to deal with.

Sora (SpeedRulerLiberation's OC): Not you, again...*Readies stance*/ I'm so sorry about this. *Disappears*

Nova and Emy (XDANTE1's OC): Nova: Hahaha! And I thought my name was funny! / Nova: Score one for me! Emy: You lasted longer than I thought.
Emy: Hm... let's see if this can be fun.

Shadow Reaper (dialzen's OC): Hope you don't mind the Shadow Reaper... Giving you this challenge! / Not bad at all.

Meta Samurai (dialzen's OC): *Sits in one knee like a statue* Are you worthy... *His eye glows red, as he sits up* ...To face lightning?! / Huh... Must've overdid it again...

Second BlazBlue OC:

Name: Maxwell Zakarion

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Date of Birth: December 5th

Blood Type: O

Birthplace: Arabic/Iraqi

Height: 179 cm

Weight: 151.0 lb

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Red-Orange

Occupation: Lieutenant Of The Intelligence Department (Resigned when he got into Ikaruga, no less.)

Aliases: Max, The Corrupt Blades-man, Maxy (Terumi/Kagura Name Logic), Maxington, Red Guy/Scary Guy (From Taokaka), Lieutenant.

Weapon: Two Ebony-Black Wing Chun's, Flying Claw of Desolation (Armagus)

Values: None

Hobbies: Playing Pool

Relatives: Unnamed Mother (Deceased), Unnamed Father (Deceased), Unnamed Brother (Deceased), Unnamed Cousin (Deceased), Possibly Other Members (Unknown)

Allies: Noel Vermillion, Jin Kisaragi, Tsubaki Yayoi, Rachel Alucard.

Enemies: Irfran Nilgiria (Formerly), Ragna The Bloodedge, Hades Izanami, Hazama/Terumi, Relius Clover, and Azrael.

Natural Enemy(s): Irfran Nilgiria (Formerly), Ragna The Bloodedge.

Likes: Coffee, writing, computers, relaxing.

Dislikes: Irfran(Formerly), Decaf, Wearing hats, weakness

Voice Actor: Daisuke Ono (Japanese), Crispin Freeman (English)

Theme: Mortal Exblade II (

Maxwell Vs. Irfran Theme: A Silver Legacy II (

Sad/Reminiscence Themes:

Best theme ever... I mean, literally. :/

Biography: Born into a family of an English decent; Maxwell was a typical boy during his days in school, and with Irfran. He was a smart and an optimistic kid who'd had a slight grudge against Irfran's newest friends, but kept on acting as a normal individual making sure that he never gets himself into trouble with his family. One day, Maxwell helped his cousin after he fell to ground at some point, when they were playing on the playground at the local park. He calmed him down and said to his cousin that he'll be fine in the future. This made his cousin feel happy, and later discovered that his other family members had other plans in the future. It turns out, that both his brother and his cousin were also smart and optimistic like Maxwell, and he was happy to see that they're dream was gonna come in the future. Unfortunately, that wasn't going to happen...

By the time the NOL's invasion began on the middle east (as well as other Countries that couldn't accept their government.), Maxwell sees that his entire Flat was burning down. He runs to the door, and sees his family horribly burning to a crisp in the fire to death, including his brother, and cousin. He looks around everywhere and fails to find anything to unlock the door, and save them. Maxwell's family later dies in the fire; with a shocked, but stained look on his face, as he traumatized by seeing his family die a horrible death. Later, Terumi arrived, and sees the traumatized individual. Seeing how traumatized he is, Maxwell says to Terumi shakily states that his friends are in danger, but Terumi calms him down, and takes Maxwell into the burning Flat to "Save" them. As they both got inside, Maxwell's and Irfran's friends came out and Terumi soon killed them burning them to death by pouring fuel on them while they were at center of the Flat; however, Irfran upon Maxwell looking at bodies of his dead friends, he notices that Irfran was missing, and decides to blame him for the death of his family, and told this to Terumi, and agreed with him.

During the aftermath of the tragedy, Maxwell successfully attended Military Academy. He met Jin, Carl, Noel, Makoto, Tsubaki, Sora (SpeedRulerLiberation's OC), Catarina (Cosmo.camellia OC), Knight (Deviljho's Hatred OC), and Silvia. He then soon accepted of being a member of the Intelligence Department, and soon became famous as one. He succeeded and years later, he was deployed in Kagutsuchi with Hazama.

Personality: While Irfran was described as an individual with "Pure Dignity". Maxwell is similar to Jin; however, unlike him, Maxwell is cold, foul-mouthed, and antisocial in nature. He completely disregards over the well-being of others and just wants things in his own way. Most of the time, he's just selfish and dislikes reminiscing about the past, particularly the Orphanage, and the times when he was in the Academy. He even continues wanting Irfran(and his family) to be to dead because of how much he wanted his brother and cousin to move forward to their dreams.

This, however, was all nothing but a Facade. As soon as Maxwell reunites with Irfran, and soon finds proof. He snaps out of his cold demeanor, and instead, goes to a much calm and rather depressed way. It's soon revealed that he had good acquaintance to Jin, Knight, and Tsubaki, and he was pretty much proud that they lived to their dreams instead. Despite his coldness; though unlike Jin, he is rather Honest and Straightforward, sometimes.

Back then, like his brother and cousin, Maxwell was a smart and optimistic boy. Who used to admire Irfran and family members. Although, they're gone, Maxwell promises to never leave their deaths go unavenged. He takes a soft side when he's in the colony, or his apartment, and loves to drink coffee. With Colombian; being his favorite.

Appearance: Maxwell has light-white skin, blue eyes, red-orange hair, and has a masculine build. He wear consists of a light-grey suit jacket with two pockets, light-grey pants with a light-brown belt, a light-red tie, underneath his suit jacket would be a red suit shirt, and black shoes. He states that he likes wearing it battle, even if the situation is tense.

In a casual appearance, he wears a white muscle shirt, green military pants with green Camo on it, and brown boots.

Powers and Abilities:

Drive: Energy Claw

Distortion Drives: Decimate, Genesis

Overdrive: Elemental Blitz

Astral Heat: Hymn of Agony

In battle, Maxwell fights open with two Wing-Chun's that come straight out of his pockets. His moves are much similar to Hazama's, but their's a difference. Unlike Hazama, Maxwell sprints in battle, his attacks have a decent range, and when firing out his claw; it moves more faster than the Ouroboros. His Armagus, which comes from his Claw, can support him during battle, if he's trying to go to one place, or to the other. Maxwell's Wing Chun attacks have a solid range and does slightly more damage than Hazama's knife attacks. His overdrive occurs when he fully activates his Armagus; making his attacks, his claw, and his drives much powerful, but should the overdrive meter empty; he attacks will slightly take less damage than the rest.

He has two drives, both of them are mostly damaging. His first one is called Decimate which is in fact a counter drive; if hit, he can hit both Wing-Chun's hard, doing major damage. His second drive is Genesis, to which, he preforms a slice-n-dice charge to which direction with both of his Wing Chun's, also doing major damage to the opponent when contact is made from the attack. His astral heat, is called Hymn of Agony", surprisingly, this astral head is unblockable, and it fires fast to direction Maxwell is facing. With his Astral Heat active, he fires his Claw, and wraps the opponent around it, he then continues to keep slicing the opponent into the wrapped Claw, and when the moment he stops to unwrap his Claw, the unwrapped opponent gets knocked out after many powerful stabs around him/her.

Character Inspirations:

Jin Kisaragi (BlazBlue) - Jin is a member 4th Thaumaturgist Squadron, and a former Major and Commander of the NOL. He is Ragna's younger brother, who was manipulated by Terumi to cut off his arm. Leaving the rest to Jin on his own to kill Ragna in the near future. Jin's personality can be similar to Maxwell's sometimes. Also, the two are crazy when it comes to their enemies. Like, Maxwell, for example.

Vegeta (Dragon Ball Z) - As a prince of the fallen Saiyan race and arch-rival of Goku. Regal, egotistical and full of pride, Vegeta was once a ruthless, cold-blooded warrior and outright killer, but later abandons his role in the planet trade, instead opting to remain and live on Earth, fighting alongside the Z Fighters; all so that he can strive as the universe's powerful leader. His personality of the aftermath of Vegeta is kinda like Maxwell's. Also, he can be cold-blooded and aggressive, at times.

Shizuo Heiwajima (Durarara!!!) - Shizuo is the main protagonist of 'Durarara!!!', having stated that he grew up within a perfectly normal family and suffered no significant traumas during his childhood. There hatred with Izaya occurred instantly for the first time when he was in High School. Yes, Maxwell can be short-tempered like him, but he can recover, afterwards. Most suit ideas came from him.

Pre Battle/Post Battle

Normal 1: I shall let you suffer... *Pulls out Wing Chun's* My wrath! / *looks down with hand on chest* How pointless.

Normal 2: So, you wish to fight me, eh!? / Never fight me again, you shit!

Normal 3: You want to die, huh? / Asshole. Was that all you've got?

Overdrive 1: I'll slice you!

Overdrive 2: Time to finish this!

Overdrive(vs. Irfran): I'll finish, ya!

Overdrive(vs. Sora): I'll cut you for this!

Special, Pre Battle/Post Battle (Only in Chrono Phantasma.)

Ragna: *Clashes attacks together* We meet again, mister "Grim Reaper" / I'll make you suffer.

Jin: So... *calmly pulls out Wing Chuns* We meet again, Jin. / *looks down* Just stop. I don't want put more harm into you...

Noel: *Clashes attacks together* Ah! Noel! / Bitch. Never fight me with those "toys", again.

Rachel: You... / Get away from me, you witch!

Bang: You, again!? / Damn. You sweat like an ape!

Tager: "Red Devil". What do you want!? / Hunk of shit! Get away from me.

Makoto: You never give up, do you? / Bitch. Is that what you call fighting!?

Hakumen: You're... Hakumen. / So... This was the power of the Six Heroes.

Tsubaki: *Clashes attacks together* Tsubaki!? What the hell!? / Please, just snap out of it!

Izayoi: This was your answer, then. / I'll stop. This is getting too much.

Hazama: I'll stop you right here! / Time to finish you once and for all...

Azrael: Sector Seven's wild beast, eh? / So, was that it, then!?

Kagura: Oh, god. Could you stop calling me that!? / Where the hell do you get these nicknames!?

Celica: Ugh... Irritating bitch. / Now, get lost. Or, I'll cut your neck.

Irfran: *Greets with by bowing with his hand, and into battle position* Hello, Irfran. Are we going to have fun like the good old days? / Wow. That was just plain stupid of you, Irfran.

Irfran (Post-Truth): *Points a Wing-Chun at Irfran while frowning, and into battle position* Come on, Irfran! Show me your power! / I never knew that you were just this stupid of you, Irfran.

Catarina (Cosmo.camellia OC): W-What the hell did you just say!? / Dammit. Look, just stay away from the suit topic, okay?

Hyousuke (Cosmo.camellia OC): Sector Seven's darkest soldier, correct? / Hah! Don't bother trying to come to me, again...

Asura (DemiDevil45 OC): Don't waste my time, shit face. / Told you, now get out loser.

Sora (SpeedRulerLiberation's OC): So we meet again, Sora. / Ha! That was total bullshit of you, Sora!

Shadow Reaper (dialzen's OC): Who the hell are you!? / Just another asshole, after all...

Meta Samurai (dialzen's OC): Oh, COULD YOU SHUT UP!? / Ugh, Idiot. Never say anything about my mouth, again.

Counter Quotes, Pre Battle/Post Battle

Ragna: Y-You again!? / *stands on Blood-Scythe* Your starting to freak me out, you know that?

Jin: *Summons Yukianesa* So... We meet, once more. *Picks it up and gets into battle position* / Until, we meet again. Farewell.

Noel: L-Lieutenant Zakarion! / Please, just stop this.

Rachel: Ah... Someone, seems to lose their temper. / *Sits on throne and signs* You've could've done better.

Bang: So, we meet once more! We shall fight fair and square! / That was hardly even worth your luck!

Tager: Kokonoe wants answers. / *straights glasses* If only you'd tried hard.

Makoto: So, you wanna begin? / Told'd you I would win!

Hakumen: *Pulls out Nox Nyctores* Maxwell... Zakarion. / *Holsters Nox Nyctores* Not as much as you could handle, it seems.

Tsubaki: I shall make you pay for what you've done! / I should've expected more from you.

Izayoi: Let us start our fair fight! / That was all you could come up with?

Hazama: Oh, great. *wears coat* Another pain in the ass. / Could you just leave and die for me? *Shrugs Arms*

Azrael: A member of the Intellegence Department. *Kicks soldier away and into battle position* / That's it, then? What a waste of time. *Looks back*

Kagura: Hey there, Maxy! / Lost your edge there or what?

Celica: Stop being so mean! / *Crouches with concerned look* Can you watch your mouth, for now?

Irfran: *Clashes their attacks together* Maxwell. / Can't you stop this right now, Maxwell!? *Gives a serious look at Maxwell*

Irfran (Post-Truth): *Clashes their attacks together* Seriously, Maxwell!? Again!? / *Holsters Sword and gives a serious look at him* I wish you could just stop this...

Catarina (Cosmo.camellia OC): I know this may be rude to say before a fight. But, don't you think that suit maybe a bit... tight? *blushes* Oh my god, that sounded perverted. Please excuse me. / You must not be selfish. It would lead you to a world of ruins. *Loses her serious persona* And for god sakes, wear something more suited for battle!!

Hyousuke (Cosmo.camellia OC): *Sighs* I seem to be running into a lot of people who want to fight me today. / And you mentioned that you're from the NOL? Man, all NOL soldier's disappoint me.

Asura (DemiDevil45 OC): I'll show you how crazy I can be! / Guess this means I'm crazier than you.

Sora (SpeedRulerLiberation's OC): *Blocks all of Maxwell's attacks before swinging back a few* Are you that serious to finish what we started? / *Walks to Maxwell's body and looks at him* I spared your life... That's the least I will do for you. *Disappears*

Shadow Reaper (dialzen's OC): Hey now, indoor voices! / You really need to work on that anger problem.

Meta Samurai (dialzen's OC): I challenge you, loud warrior! / I shall remember you, and your big mouthness!


Here's my BlazBlue survey. I hope this suits. Also, I'll be honest on this one, by the way.

SECTION 1: Who’s your favorite?

1.) Your favorite Blazblue male character?

Iron Tager. Just like I said in my favorite BlazBlue character!

2.) Your favorite Blazblue female character?

Litchi Faye-Ling. To be honest, she reminds me of one of my teachers at school.

3.) Your least favorite male Blazblue character?

Yuuki Terumi/Hazama. Reason? Easy, I simply show no sympathy to that guy for what he's done. Also, I have this feeling that he may do something HORRIBLE! Which can result in a very emotionally painful and gut-wrenching event to occur, in Blazblue. I really DON't want that to happen. Heck, I even made him to be the true culprit of Irfran's dark past. Like, Dual Destinies...

As for my second one, it's going to have to be Ragna The Bloodedge. I am not kidding. I hate his character and personality. Plus, he looks obnoxious. UGH!!

4.) Your least favorite female Blazblue character?

None. I actually like all of the female characters. I'm NOT misogynistic. Sorry, if this offends you.

5.) Your most favorite weapon/Nox Nyctores?

Interfectum Malus: Ōkami. Hakumen has a sword which is so powerful. That I like it!

6.) Your least favorite weapon/Nox Nyctores?

Geminus Anguium: Ouroboros. Overpowered on boss Hazama in Arcade Mode; useless in the original Hazama when playing as him. That includes Terumi. Nuff said.

Ragna's Blood-Scythe and Azure Grimoire.

7.) Your favorite pairings?

My favorite pairings would be:

Jin & Tsubaki

Bang & Litchi

Litchi & Arakune(Roy) (If Litchi is successful to bring him back, of course.)

Carl & Makoto

8.) Your least favorite pairings? (includes Yaoi/Yuri)


Jin & Noel.
Seriously, what is the idea of ruining a canon relationship in the BlazBlue series? It makes NO sense, at all.

9.) Any cool crack pairings you’ve managed to heard about or seen (like from fics, and fan arts, etc)?

Ragna & Taokaka, I believe.
It's pretty funny if you keep seeing the art, most often. But yeah, it's an average to cool crack pairing.

10.) What is the weirdest pairing you’ve ever heard of?

Hazama & Relius.
I've got nothing to say to that...

SECTION TWO: answer for yourself!

11.) If Ragna had to choose between Noel, Rachel, Nu-13, Lambda-11 and maybe even Platinum (Luna). Who would you root for?

None. Because, Ragna's a bad character. Yet, I still don't why people love him.

12.) If you had the chance of meeting one and I mean only ONE character from Blazblue? Who would you pick?

I'll go with Iron Tager. The Red-Devil is definitely caring to a lot of people, and that goes to me.

13.) Which character do you relate to the most?

Mostly Noel. I actually feel kind of sorry for the situations that she gotten herself into.

14.) What’s the most embarrassing moment that ever happened to you while playing Blazblue?

Being kicked in the foot results you losing the battle. It kind of makes sense, really.

15.) Have you ever cosplayed as a Blazblue character? If so, who? If not, who do you want to cosplay as?

Unfortunately, no. I'm not interested in cosplaying.

16.) The funniest moment in all of Blazblue would be…?

Makoto Nanaya's gag-reel. Better, than Ragna's "WHAT" moments.

SECTION THREE: decisions, decisions…

17.) Ragna or Hazama?


18.) Jin or Hakumen?

I'll say Hakumen. He has a good sense of justice, than Jin. And wants evil to be exterminated.

19.) Noel or Rachel?

I'll go with Noel. To be fair, she does seem to have a messy life to all of the conflict going in the BlazBlue universe. I like Rachel, though.

20.) Nu-13 or Platinum (Yandere or Tsundere)?

Platinum. Nu-13 is just too crazy for me to even like her.

21.) Nu-13 or Lambda-11?

Lambda-11. To be fair, Lambda never deserved to die... (Okay, she is coming back to Chronophantasma Extend. Silly me.)

22.) Rachel or Platinum?

Rachel. She has much knowledge to everything, and makes me like her at times. Unlike, Platinum. Though, I still like her. :)

23.) Taokaka or Makoto (catgirl or squirrelgirl) ?

Taokaka. She makes me laugh every time I see her, and play as her.

24.) Litchi or Makoto (Who's the better Fanservice Queen) ?

Litchi. Her knowledge with medicine, definitely makes her a Fanservice Queen.

25.) RagnaxNoel or RagnaxJin?

None. Ragna needs to die.

26.) RagnaxRachel or RagnaxNoel?

Same question on 25.

27.) JinxNoel or JinxTsubaki?

Jin & Tsubaki. They both have a childhood crush on each other. Why try to ruin it!?

28.) Calamity trigger or Continuum shift?

Continuum Shift. The more characters, and modes. The better!

THE LAST SECTION: It’s finally over!

28.) List any of the Blazblue cast that you think is cute and/or hot.

The characters I find cute are:

-Platinum The Trinity
-Tsubaki Yayoi
-Rachel Alucard
-Makoto Nanaya
-Carl Clover

29.) What crossovers would you like to see in Blazblue?

The Crossovers I want to see in Blazblue, will may/ or may not be parodies. Here are the crossovers.

BlazBlue & Guilty Gear
BlazBlue & Homestar Runner
BlazBlue & Ace Attorney
BlazBlue & Gears Of War
BlazBlue & Spongebob
BlazBlue & My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
BlazBlue & Wander Over Yander

30.) The last question. What makes Blazblue one of the best game in the world?

That would be the fighting, story-telling, music, and much more! :)

Pick 3-5 of your original characters, and have them interviewed. Write their answers in a script/skit format.

This is removed because I've felt troubled when I wrote all of this. So, I decided to remove it. Sorry, if you liked all of this. It was my decision, really. *shrugs both arms*

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 68 - Words: 252,073 - Reviews: 209 - Favs: 40 - Follows: 49 - Updated: 1h - Published: 5/18 - Phoenix W./Nick, Maya F., Franziska vK., Miles E.
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UR-1 was obvious for both Athena and Simon. While two were together, Simon then tells Athena what Malice is. Enjoy and R&R.
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A Mother To Remember
What would happen if Athena DID CARE for her mother Metis Cykes? Enjoy and R&R. The Errors are nothing to worry about.
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How The Cosmic Turnabout should've started
Clay Terran's death was NO JOKE. Everyone knew what was coming for him. And I also wish that Apollo started Case 4 like this. Enjoy and R&R.
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Metis Cykes Birthday reviews
Athena is shocked to discover that it's her Mother's birthday and is saddened from it. Can she and Juniper Woods find the perfect truth of the UR-1 Incident? NOTE: This will continue in a Sequel which will there soon.
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