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Why, hello there, my virtual compadre.

This is Egyptian God Phoenix and since you're here, allow me let me give you my back story.

In the year 2013, a friend of mine introduced me to this website and needless to say, it was love at first sight. I wasn't aware of the phenomena known as fanfiction prior to my friend's recommendation so when I stumbled across a story that wasn't based on canon, it's fathomable to see how I became addicted at the almost immeasurable number of possibilities. Over the time I've spent on this outstanding website, I've come across countless stories and various authors – the seemingly endless content is what got me hooked on story reading in the first place. One can say that FanFiction has become my ecstasy – this is figurative, not literal. I've never tried drugs and I don't intend to pollute my mind in the near future either. That escalated rather quickly, eh?

"What narrations are you most interested in?" That's a good question. To be perfectly honest; my interest is only piqued if the narration is a Naruto-centric fanfiction. I don't how or when I started to feel so strongly towards this scenario; however, I have no time to ponder on the ordeal. That being said, I just crave the thought of reading stories revolving around Naruto and have pulled a sequence of all-night reading sessions just to sate my need to read. You may say that's rather sad, but I beg to differ. I have a perfectly healthy social life – that doesn't mean I can't have a few nerdy moments. Nonetheless; my time passes by as I get smothered in the mixture of bliss and harmony that these fanfiction bring me.

"What do you dislike the most?" The sight of an abandonment/discontinuation notice on an exceptionally well-written narration. Personal life can manifest into a hassle – that shouldn't even be included in this argument. I understand how personal matters can drive one crazy – trust me, I know. I'm a University student and there were several instances where I had to be subjected to handling a full-time semester, a full-time job, and family gatherings. That is excluding the fact that my lady friend whined constantly – like I said; I can fathom how personal life can prove to be extremely difficult at times. So if an author is unable to continue writing due to personal life issues, I will accept the reasoning without hesitation. A break/hiatus makes perfect sense – the author could very well take a year's leave for that matter. Just not an Author's Note stating the narration is abandoned. However; if an author publishes a story and persists with making new ones regularly, how will he/she possibly update all of them? I'd rather see one complete story than to see a hundred incomplete ones. I've seen numerous stories abandoned for pointless reasons.

"What drove you to become an author?" There are a multiplicity of reasons behind my decision, to be perfectly honest. I've always been a people's person ever since I was a youngster. Although I've matured over the years and led a somewhat secluded life, I seem to have sustained some of my childish tendencies – one of which is the eagerness to reach out towards the populace. No; I won't reveal my true age – I'd rather not share any intimate details online. Anyway; on March 2nd, 2014, I decided to take the leap and finally learn what it's like to become an author. Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze: The Afterlife, is my very first narrative upload.

"Do you regret the choice?" Not in the slightest. At this current moment; my first-time story has over 4,000 reviews. The fans, PM's, reviews – everything required for a story to achieve a level of success, all of which were observed within the confines of my first ever narration. I've been given a tremendous gift, here. I don't know how I can thank my loyal fans enough for their support throughout the transition I underwent whilst becoming an author. BloodINCarnate, my friend and former beta, played a major part in aiding the transition process.

Having said all of that; I would like to express my gratitude towards FanFiction because if it hadn't been for this outstanding online goldmine, I wouldn't have been able to come across such wonderful group of people. I don't know how long I intend to stick around or even if I'll be around to see the next day; however, I intend to live life to its fullest and I know with the virtual adventures I have waiting for me, life will go on smoothly.

Thank you.

Egyptian God Phoenix's "Thought Process for a Naruto Fanfiction"

1. Do you know what makes sense to me? The prospect of a godlike/powerful Naruto. I've read countless stuttering, yelping, whining, moaning, squealing, fearful, and weak Naruto narrations – I'd rather read my cousin's annulment papers. What I want to see is the blond shinobi with a prowess that brings people to their knees – a legendary rank in the bingo books – a characterization of Naruto where he is cold, calculative, and downright deadly on the battlefield. A true ninja, the way he should have been portrayed in the whole damn series. Why waste the main character? He is the Child of Destiny, right?

2. When I overview the illustration of canon Naruto, all I see is a man-child who not only is brain-dead, but is also a clumsy and dense moron. An orange-clad ninja who wishes to be the leader of Konoha. That is just too pathetic for words. Let me get this straight. During the three-year training trip, canon Naruto somehow found the time to invent the Reverse Harem no Jutsu; however, he couldn't find time to form the Rasengan with one hand? He traveled with Jiraiya, who is a self-proclaimed super pervert, only to remain oblivious to the opposite gender? During this three-year long travel across the nations with a notable war veteran, he couldn't even gather up a noticeable amount of maturity? Whatever important jutsu or skill he obtained was obtained after the training trip. Rasenshuriken? After the training trip. Sage Mode? After the training trip. Shadow clone training secret? After the training trip. Bijuu Mode? During the war. Godly-variants of the Rasenshuriken? During the war. Flying ability? During the war. Truth-seeking balls? During the war. The list is endless. In fact; Naruto didn't even know to cut a damn leaf with Wind chakra until he came back to the village. So for the love of everything that is good and pure: what did he actually do for those three years?

What this all means is that I felt cheated whilst watching the blond, hoping he would somehow manage to pique my interest. That of course never happened – no amount of sudden power-ups can ease my conscious. Naruto should have never left Konohagakure in the first place – he could've learned more inside the village. This ungrateful crap should be destroyed. This is FanFiction – the motto is to unleash your imagination. I get the fact that Kishimoto tried to create some comic relief by having Naruto utilize the Sexy Jutsu and the obnoxious pranks, but when the blond was supposed to become a serious ninja, it should've stopped right there. Also; Naruto is supposed to be a ninja, not a circus freak. The job description of a ninja entails stealth and by having Naruto as an orange-clad mindless drone, it does more harm than good. Due to the bright-colored eyesore, Naruto not only endangers himself by wearing such a foolish attire, but he also endangers the lives of his comrades if there are serious opponents right around the corner. If I read that Naruto has on that orange monstrosity, I'm closing my browser. No questions asked.

3. This is a continuation of the point listed above. While I do have a distinct bitter taste for canon Naruto, I am not oblivious to his finer character traits. After much trial and error, Naruto befriended Kurama – a malice incarnated chakra monster. On that note: even the other bijuu accepted him. Naruto talked sense into Nagato and actually caused the man to revive everyone that was killed during the invasion of Konohagakure. He saved Gaara from a dark path and provided the redhead with so much motivation that he became the Kazekage and later on befriended everyone in Sunagakure. He even forgave the villagers who treated him like garbage and smiled the whole while. The blond shinobi trained to the best of his ability so he could protect his friends and family – that is a good character trait and it's something that kept me hanging onto the series. Not only that, but he also became the strongest character in the series with powers that are unimaginable to say the least.

That being said; Kishimoto's fictional-lust over Sasuke effectively drove away the character development that Naruto should've observed. The blond should have outgrown the need to save the mindless trash avenger, he should have gotten over the fangirlish pink-haired howler monkey, and he should have been more serious throughout the series. It's like Kishimoto was trying his level best to illustrate a ménage à trois between Team 7 – both Naruto and Sakura continuously fawned over the piece of trash Uchiha like moths to a flame. Due to that; the whiskered ninja's character development halted. Jutsu are fine to know but he should've poured power into his studies. The biggest lapse of judgment was the execution of the training trip. The stuff Naruto learned in one month after the training trip dwarfed everything he learned in those three years. In my stories: Naruto will show his finer traits – that much will never change. He will be a good character and will display fondness for his friends; however, at the same time, he will be cold and ruthless towards his enemies – he will be a real ninja.

4. Naruto with a powerful dojutsu? Yeah; that seems like the right course of action. You can display that the Rinnegan is actually an Uzumaki dojutsu which Naruto subconsciously activated during a tragic indent. You could even have Nagato transfer the all-mighty Rinnegan to Naruto as a token of gratitude for setting him straight. The Sharingan is another dojutsu that Naruto can receive by whatever means. Have the blond shinobi literally pluck the dojutsu out of that piece of trash Sasuke for all I care. What I'd rather not read is Naruto with the Byakugan – it's simply a hideous dojutsu – those bulging veins look disturbing to say the least. That being said; I'm perfectly fine to see Naruto without any ocular powers, either. The addition is not compulsory. It's only an idea.

5. Naruto engaged in a war at a young age? Pretty sweet deal. Go ahead and make it happen. Since I could care less for canon, I enjoy the thought of reading stories where the blond ninja travels outside Konohagakure and does something new for a change. Naruto could very well travel to Kirigakure and help the rebels end the war against Yagura, or something similar to that effect. I like the thought of such a story.

6. A new summoning contract? Quite an interesting topic. It's common to see how in tune Naruto is with the toads – not a lot of authors deviate from that course of action. During his travels across the Elemental Nations, the blond shinobi stumbles upon a mystery contract. Whether it is the contract for the Dragons, Tigers, Phoenixes, or whatever. Just the thought of a new contract is good enough in my books.

7. Time travel? Right on, you've piqued my interest. Naruto could travel back to his childhood days after winning the 4th Ninja War – he could rewrite history with the change made to his character. He could travel back to the time of Konohagakure's co-founders, Hashirama Senju and Madara Uchiha, in order to rewrite the past completely. That being said; the blond shinobi could very well be sent into the future as well. All in all, time travel for the win.

8. Naruto with a harem? Sounds good to me. Now before you whine, I'm equally fine to see a single pairing Naruto story as well. Anything that revolves around the aspect of romantics is something I'll enjoy reading. What's the point of a girl being that close to Naruto if she hates his guts? I will say that fluff intrigues me – I do like to bask in the romantic flow every so often. As far as the harem goes, please don't go overboard to the point of including twenty girls. Five or six women should be more than enough – anything more, then the character development becomes quite hard to illustrate. Nowadays; I don't see a lot of well-done Naruto/harem stories but then again, one can only hope.

9. Yaoi/Yuri? No offense to people that are engaged in same-sex relationships, but I'd rather subject myself to the terrifying idea of reading a canon Naruto story than to read anything that entails same-sex romance. I am a male, yes. Am I aware that many males are downright crazy about girl-on-girl action? Yes I am aware of that and no, I don't follow that example in any shape or form. In real life; I have no problems with the scenario – I have many friends that are involved in such relationships. That being said; although I accept that they're engaged in that way and talk to them almost daily, I don't willingly ask them about their bedroom escapades – acceptance can only go so far. Likewise; on FanFiction, I choose to ignore such matters without so much as a second thought. If I do unfortunately stumble upon such a narration, I'm out of there faster than Goku can utilize his Instant Transmission. Futanari? Please. Keep that trash out of my sight.

10. This point is similar to the one listed above, but I wanted to write it out anyway. When I read that Naruto has a harem and the women are on each other like vultures rather than being with Naruto himself, I close the browser with outrage plastered across my face. What was the fundamental idea behind the harem in the first place? Was it not because the women agreed to share, solely based on the fact that they love Naruto? Then why illustrate that the moment Naruto steps out of his house, his women jump each other like no tomorrow? Like I said in the above point, I despise the thought of a yuri narration – a harem in which the women are hormonal like lustful demons is no better. This is not my scene and it will never be my scene. My illustration of a harem will never include girl-on-girl action – not even a threesome/orgy. Even if I get a bombardment of pleads, I will not change my mind no matter what anyone says. That is final.

Egyptian God Phoenix's "Top 3 Pairings"

1. Naruto x Kushina Uzumaki: Some may be horrified – some may even go as far as to say I'm sick in the head. Believe it or not, you're on a website that revolves around fanfiction – this is not real life. Even in recent times; royal families engage in inter-house relationships so they can keep the bloodline pure and untainted. Do the Uchiha not marry into their clan? Is it not the same case for the Hyuuga clan? Quite frankly; your negative opinion directed towards my all-time favorite pairing means less to me than the dirt beneath my feet. In my honest opinion, Kushina is the hottest female character of the series and I'll be damned if I see anyone other than Naruto get paired up with her. Do I care if Naruto and Kushina are related? No, I do not. Naruto could be a Senju or an Uchiha – he could even have a different birthmother for all I care. What I do care for is the pairing itself. Let's put it like this: if Kushina is alive and Naruto isn't paired up with her, I've already lost interest in the story. Pardon me if you feel that this is wrong or whatnot, but that's just the way it is.

2. Naruto x Mikoto Uchiha: Is this my second-most favorite pairing, solely to formulate a low-blow to the piece of trash known as Sasuke? No, it is not. I actually adore Mikoto. She not only has luscious black hair and tantalizing onyx eyes, but she also has a gorgeous figure and her kind-hearted personality makes everything worthwhile. Next to Kushina, I find Mikoto to be the most beautiful female in the series. I do sympathize with her though – I bet she cries endlessly in the afterlife, knowing she gave birth to a piece of trash like Sasuke. A scenario can appear where Naruto saves the blackette during the Uchiha massacre – the relationship could begin blossoming over time. Naruto could even travel back in time to the point where Mikoto is younger and get into a relationship with her. Fugaku can be tossed off a cliff for all I care. Therefore; I am all up for this pairing. To finalize: if Mikoto is alive and Naruto isn't paired up with her, I've already lost interest in the story.

3. Naruto x Female Kyuubi: If Kyuubi has been illustrated as a female in a story and has been paired with anyone other than Naruto, I get pissed off pretty darn fast. Those two not getting paired together is like me willingly accepting Naruto not getting paired with Kushina or Mikoto. Let me ask you something. Just how in the blue hell can someone else other than Naruto be considered to be a possible candidate for her? She has felt Naruto's pain since day one and she knows everything about him. There is no man alive that's worthy enough to be with that hot vixen, and said hot vixen only needs Naruto to be content. No thanks to the people who differ on the ideology and choose to create a scenario where those two are not paired up – I am simply not reading it.

Egyptian God Phoenix's "Highly Liked Pairings"

Naruto x Ayame Ichiraku: Although this has seen to be a brother/sister scenario in the series, that doesn't mean you can't incorporate the pairing within the confines of a fanfiction narration. Truth be told; I find Ayame to be a rather decent character and she's always cared for Naruto, even when no one else bothered to be there for him. I just don't get why canon Naruto continuously fawned over his beloved Sakura-chan when he had a shoulder to cry on this entire time. If you can somehow bring those two together, that's excellent. With that; the blond shinobi will have not only a woman who cares deeply for him, but he'll also have himself a sexy ramen chef. Stamp of approval from me.

Naruto x Erza Scarlet: This is a Naruto/Fairy Tail crossover pairing. Erza has the looks of Kushina and she's pretty darn sweet if I do say so myself. With her luscious red hair and her formidable magical prowess, she proves to be an excellent female character to pair up with the blond shinobi. Some may say this is an overused pairing, but I beg to differ. I'm a little biased when it comes to Jellal Fernandes – I'm not even going to deny that. In a crossover; I'd appreciate Jellal dying in the first chapter he's introduced in – similar to what I did in Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze: The Afterlife. To make a long story short: I find Naruto/Erza to be a great pairing. Stamp of approval from me.

Naruto x Female Goddess: This pairing is indeed a rare species – not many opt to give it a chance, but it's a sight to behold if it's well-written. Some may say Kami that is not even a goddess – there is no such thing in the Shinto Religion – but is this not a fanfiction universe? You can do whatever you darn well please. If not; go ahead and pair Naruto with either Shinigami, Amaterasu, or Tsukuyomi – or better yet, pair him up with all three. That works, eh? A goddess is sick and tired of Naruto's treatment and decides to do something about it. She heads on over to Konohagakure and raises all sorts of hell. At the end of the day, the lucky blond shinobi scores himself a divine deity – not too shabby if I do say so myself. Those that have given this a shot, I thank you for your valiant efforts.

Naruto x Female Haku: No. I cannot bring myself to believe that Haku was actually a male. I simply don't have it in me to side with Kishimoto, who somehow manages to believe that the black-haired ninja is not a kunoichi, but a shinobi. I don't accept that in any shape or form. Haku connected flawlessly with Naruto as both of them have felt mutual pain – they work perfectly together. No one suits her better than Naruto and if I see that happening, well there is an abundance of other narrations I can try out. My stories will always portray Haku as a female and it will remain that way for all-times, thank you very much.

Naruto x Fuka: To be perfectly honest; this pairing has been left out and deserves to be given a little more spotlight in this website. I guess it's because the red-haired kunoichi is a filler character in the series that no one really attempts to write the pairing. Fuka by definition is a vixen – I believe that Naruto can flow perfectly with her. I understand that not many authors have tried this pairing; however, those that have are on my good side already. Stamp of approval from me.

Naruto x Honoka: This is a pretty rare pairing – I know that. But it does have its moments and I do like the idea behind it. Honoka – like the other filler characters haven't been given much importance whatsoever. From what I've seen so far; I believe the red-haired kunoichi is an Uzumaki, and that alone makes me want to see the romance blossom between her and Naruto. Stamp of approval.

Naruto x Hotaru: Wow; talk about an impressive blonde and a rare pairing off the bat. Along with the other favored pairings of mine, this one also has my interest piqued. I don't really care if Hotaru is a filler character because Naruto and the blonde-haired kunoichi can work wonderfully in my opinion. There are a multiplicity of ways you can get them together – the result is a stamp of approval.

Naruto x Kaguya Otsutsuki: Although this is the most recent addition to my collection, I'm highly intrigued by the pairing already. Kaguya is somewhat of a bland character – that doesn't mean you can't find a way around it. There are numerous ways to show how the progenitor of chakra turned dark – blame it on the Shinju tree for all I care. Hagoromo may have given half of his powers to Naruto, but that just doesn't cut it. Before Naruto and that piece of trash Sasuke seal away Kaguya, you can have the blond shinobi made a sudden halt. Try and meander a way to allow Naruto and Kaguya to bond with one another – maybe have a dimension portal open up. With the Rabbit Goddess there to spice things up, the blond shinobi will have a lot of fun indeed. Stamp of approval from me.

Naruto x Konan: The former Akatsuki operative believed in Naruto; however, her death at the hands of Obito proved to be a sad part in the canon universe. You can have that Naruto stopped the piece of trash Uchiha from killing Konan, and thus allowing him and the blue-haired kunoichi a chance to bond at long last. Not many go for this pairing, but I do have to admit – it's a stamp of approval from me.

Naruto x Koyuki Kazahana: When the two of them connected, I felt a special bond there – too bad it wasn't expressed or developed in any shape or form. You can have that once Koyuki becomes the Daimyo for Spring Country, she pleads for Naruto to see her again – maybe even have the two of them form some sort of political bond. Hey. If the blond shinobi becomes Hokage, there could very well be a political marriage that can form from that. Yes; an ingenious plot. Stamp of approval.

Naruto x Mei Terumi: According to canon; the female Mizukage was shown to be: flirty, gorgeous, and to top it all off, the leader of Kirigakure. What more of a reason do you need to pair her up with the blond shinobi? Picture this. Naruto as Hokage paired up with the Mizukage. Hmmm… quite the interesting scenario indeed. If you don't want to take that route, you can even change canon completely by having Naruto going to Kirigakure and helping Mei win the war. At the end of the day; the auburn-haired kunoichi will bond with the blond shinobi. Stamp of approval from me.

Naruto x Mirajane Strauss: This is another Naruto/Fairy Tail crossover pairing, and it works phenomenally. Mirajane led a troubled life in the past – being called demon by her fellow villagers and getting insulted as a child – that is too harsh. Likewise; Naruto led a troubled life in his childhood. Some may say he didn't get beat as a child – I say he did. There's no way Naruto could've ever grown to be so damn stupid if he didn't have people beating him to an inch of his life – let's just say I don't follow canon. Therefore; Naruto and Mirajane are brought together and in that single flash, they get paired together. Stamp of approval from me.

Naruto x Mito Uzumaki: Hashirama Senju – Konohagakure's tree-hugger and the fool that thought distributing the bijuu to the other nations was a good idea. Anyway; this has nothing to do with the pairing scenario. What I want to see is a Naruto/Mito scene – quite interesting to say the least. Here's a scenario: Hashirama and Mito are getting married… just then, Naruto appears through a portal or just appears in the nick of time. Naruto destroys Hashirama for his stupidity and Mito – who by the way never even cared for the damn tree-hugger – tags along with Naruto. If not; you can very well have Naruto and Mito know each other from childhood and the two get paired later on. All in all; it's a pretty interesting scene and makes for one hell of a story if done well. Stamp of approval from me.

Naruto x Pakura: Why wouldn't I like scorch beauty? In canon; she was killed off because of the orders she had to undertake whilst serving under her home village, Sunagakure. You, have the ability to change that. You can have that Naruto accidentally stumbled into Pakura as a child – the other villagers that ambushed Pakura decided to cut their losses and take their leave. That being said; Jiraiya can even help Pakura – the kunoichi in question asks for her to be situated in Konohagakure – this hasn't been done before so this is an original creation of mine. Feel free to take it if you wish – I doubt I'll get the time to make it happen. Also; you can have that Pakura was never ambushed in the first place – she then leaves Sunagakure on her own. The answer? A stamp of approval from me.

Naruto x Sara: The Queen of Roran was inspired by Naruto in the series and I felt there was a connection there between the two of them. With Sara's long red hair, her soft-spoken character, and her overall kind-hearted personality – she's the perfect match for the blond shinobi. Heck; I even think the Queen fell in love with Naruto during the last scene. What does Naruto have to look forward to for his return? His beloved Sakura-chan? Please. Whether Naruto remains stranded in the past or you make Sara go screw it and tag along with him into the future – both methods work. There aren't many that bothered to give this a try but to those that have, it's a stamp of approval from me.

Naruto x Shion: To start things off; the Priestess told Naruto that she wanted him to impregnate her and because the blond was his canon-self, he remained dense to the words being shared. This is even after the three-year training trip – this is what makes me rather agitated. I'll say it again: the canon version of Naruto makes me want to grit my teeth and let out a growl. Shion is a decent character and her reputation as a Priestess can easily blend with Naruto's prowess – granted the blond shinobi has been written to be a shinobi – not an orange-clad circus freak. After the scenario passes, Shion asks Naruto to stay with her for a while – the blond ninja could even visit after the war. Whatever you choose, it'll be a good one because at the end of it all, it's a stamp of approval from me.

Naruto x Shizuka: When you talk about the kunoichi from the Nadeshiko Village, you talk about a black-haired woman with voluptuous curves and sparkling green eyes. She's powerful, she's gifted, and to top it all off, she's gorgeous. Basically Naruto had a fiancé but he chose to throw her away like garbage… and for what? A flat-chested howler monkey – who by the way, got together with the piece of trash known as Sasuke. What this means is that I hate canon Naruto. For wasting a girl like Shizuka for trash like Sakura Haruno, he deserves a virtual beheading. Then again; I am quite biased when it comes to canon Naruto… so eh, whatever. This pairing is a definite stamp of approval from me.

Naruto x Shizune: Although in canon; the apprentice of Tsunade Senju was portrayed to be a sister-figure in the eyes of Naruto. That doesn't mean you have to follow canon – what's the point of reading up a fanfiction if you can basically watch the same thing in the anime? I believe that if it is written well, this pairing can work nicely. Shizune is a soft-spoken individual who has a good mindset. Like Ayame, Shizune has shown to display a genuine amount of affection towards Naruto – your job is to change that from sisterly affection to actual attraction. When Naruto returns the affection and gets paired with her, he gets himself a sexy nurse. What more does he possibly need to be content? Nothing. All in all; this is a great pairing and deserves a stamp of approval from me.

Naruto x Tsunami: This pairing is extremely rare – no one really bothers to give it a chance. Here's a scenario: when Naruto saves everyone in Wave Country, the townspeople gave their hero a feast to remember. The blond shinobi reflects on his treatment in Konohagakure and wonders why he spared them a glance when he has a populace that adores him. You can have that when Tsunami overviewed how her son Inari started worshipping Naruto, she felt an even greater attraction blossoming towards the blond ninja. Maybe during the three-year training trip, Naruto visited the townsfolk at Wave and reunited with Tsunami who readily clings onto him like a lifeline. The two of them engage in a relationship and that brings forth a rather interesting narration. Stamp of approval from me.

Naruto x Ultear Milkovich: This is another Naruto/Fairy Tail crossover pairing. There are actually a multiplicity of methods you can utilize to make this happen – that is, without portraying Ultear to be a conniving, scheming, and a manipulative skank. Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze: The Afterlife – my narration, is a clear example of this scenario. You can have that Ultear was misguided and she learned the errors of her ways after meeting up with Naruto. If you plan it out just right, you can easily transform the former dark mage's character. Another way is to keep Ultear as a dark mage and Naruto could be a dark mage himself – the attraction won't be too romantic but it'll work nonetheless. That being said; I'd rather see Ultear as a changed character – that is just my own opinion. At the end of the day, the pairing is a fantastic idea and deserves a stamp of approval from me.

Naruto x Yugao Uzuki: The female ANBU operative is a kind-hearted character and she deserves to have more of the spotlight than most of the other kunoichi in canon. You can portray that Yugao was Naruto's secret guardian and the blond shinobi somehow found out about that – the two of them can then reminisce of the past and learn more about one another. You can take another road by getting together with her after saving Konohagakure from Nagato's attack. Yugao is strong in her own right and is considered to be an impressive Kenjutsu user. Maybe even allowing the kunoichi a chance to tag along with Naruto on the three-year training trip. Yes. It's a stamp of approval from me.

Naruto x Yugito Nii: Not much has been said about the Two-Tails jinchuriki – you can only assume that she wasn't treated kindly due to her burden. Naruto is a perfect character for her because the two of them have felt similar pain and endured a lot since they both house tailed beasts. You can alter the blonde kunoichi's age to the point she's the same age as Naruto. You can also have Naruto older than the rest of the new generation ninja and thus, he's the same age as Yugito. On the three-year training trip, the duo met one another somewhere and hit it off. All in all; it's a stamp of approval from me.

Any pairing that hasn't been included in this section means I that either dislike it or I tolerate it to some degree. The pairings listed above are my highly liked pairings and no, I haven't missed out on any one of them – or at least… I don't think I did.

Egyptian God Phoenix's "Hated Pairings"

Naruto x Hinata Hyuuga: Let me start off by saying that I don't hate the female Hyuuga. Why do I hate the pairing? I consider this to be the most overrated pairing of all-time. Wherever you look; there's a Naruto/Hinata pairing – whether it's an anime narration or it's a crossover. I've actually seen a story where Naruto was a Kumogakure shinobi and he gets paired with Hinata. I mean… what in the blue hell? Although I don't hate her as a character, I've come to loathe her bland traits. She's a dedicated stalker – that much is obvious. She watched Naruto in his childhood from the sidelines and used that to further her emotional stability. When the blond shinobi returned from the training trip, she displayed her impressive conversationalist traits by stuttering and fainting. From the very start, she's used Naruto to build her own confidence. She sees him as a pillar of strength in order to make herself feel good and that's about it. She has purple hair, she is shy, and she has a hime-cut – is that the only reason why you bother with the pairing? My goodness. What character range.

Like I said before: I don't hate Hinata as a character. You can make that Naruto comes to see her as a sister-figure and the female Hyuuga can agree with that. I don't mind seeing her in a narration – just as long as she's not paired with Naruto – when I see the pairing in effect, consider my bags packed and my browser closed. I realize that there are a lot of people that support this pairing and are addicted to seeing it on a regular basis. But I am not one of them and quite honestly, I will never become one of them – I just don't see it. Sorry if this upsets any of you, but I simply cannot bring myself to even look at any Naruto/Hinata pairing with a shred of seriousness. Stamp of rejection.

Naruto x Sakura Haruno: I hate this pairing not only because I find it atrocious, but also because I despise the pink-haired howler monkey. What is the attraction? Sakura is a die-hard fangirl and has done nothing except fawn dreamily over the piece of trash Sasuke. At the epilogue, she went along with the avenger trash. Sakura has bashed the blond shinobi's skull more times than I can count and in return, I'll have her bashed. I don't even deny that I'm biased – I hate Sakura. She's a useless, pathetic, and overall stupid character. She wanted to leave with Sasuke in the series – without even thinking about her friends or family for that matter. Then in Shippuden, she showed how greatly she matured. Really? In the war; all of those fangirl traits came rushing back. Great character development! I highly enjoy the fact that you've outgrown your crush, Haruno-san!

I'm sorry but I endorse Sakura bashing. Even Naruto and the pinkette becoming friends tends to annoy me greatly. Want me to pair her up with the blond shinobi? I'd rather take a Chidori to the chest, thank you very much. My beloved Sasuke-kun! That's about the greatest character trait Sakura Haruno has at her disposal – it's very impressive to say the least. During the war; she didn't bother giving Naruto an honorific while she easily continued to provide the piece of trash Uchiha with one throughout. All in all; screech away, you pink menace! Stamp of rejection from me.

Sasuke x Any female: I'll start off by saying that I'm quite biased when it comes to the avenger trash. I say no to a narration with Sasuke getting paired. I'm not saying you should pair him up with another man – though that's a more realistic way of going about it. You could very well pair Sasuke with Sakura which I consider to be a same-sex relationship. Do I care if people get antsy over me showing my biased view on the trash? No, absolutely not. I'll be content once I've belittled Sasuke in each and every one of my narrations. You may say that I've felt this way forever – I'd like to comment that it's not the case. At the start of the series, I came to enjoy Sasuke's character; however, that stopped the moment he willingly chose to defect Konohagakure so he could get rammed in the rear by the pedophile known as Orochimaru. I can understand that he wanted to become stronger – I don't blame him for that. Then again; he could've gotten stronger in Konohagakure as well. When Itachi became an ANBU captain at the age of 13, did he not learn everything he knew within the confines of the village? I'll admit – I even forgave Sasuke for leaving the village. When the trash fought against Itachi, I thought that he'd finally learn the error of his ways and return home.

But what did our avenger do after beating Itachi? He wanted to kill every man, woman, and child in Konohagakure, all because of what the village elders did. He wanted to perform a genocide and wipe the village off the map. Bravo, you piece of filth – way to spit on your brother's grave. When Sasuke appeared on the battlefield during the war, he rose with the declaration to become Hokage. Really? Sasuke has always been a loose thread and a ticking time bomb – his personality is absolute garbage. At least Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z progressed towards being a good character and showed his character development. So revolution, eh? I could rant on for endless pages regarding how I truly felt about that scenario, but I'm not going to even bother with it any longer. I loathed the piece of trash prior to this revelation, and now it's downright hate. In conclusion, Sasuke can burn in a hole for all I care.

Eh, that's about it for now.

If you have any narrations that you find interesting and align with my thought process, please forward it to be via PM. I was an avid reader at one time – that is before I became an author. Ever since I made the transition, I barely had time on my hands. That being said; if I ever do get time to read, I'll be searching for something that can pique my interest. If you require help with anything, send me a message and I'll try my best to help out. As a first-time author, I've done quite a lot of reading and this website helped me gather some ideas over the passage of time. Therefore; feel free to contact me at any time.

Thanks for glancing at my profile. Later! :)

– Egyptian God Phoenix

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