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Hello, well first I've been an XCOM player for years and my fanfics are my way of adding more to the X-COM universe. English is not my first language since I am from Portugal and I also never really had time to properly edit my stories, so I'll apologize for any language mistakes/bad grammar.

My fanfics are based on the XCOM universe (from Enemy Unknown to the cancelled Genesis), where aliens and UFOs exist and mankind has been at war with them since 1999. My long-term plan was to have a complete series of novels, each based on an existing or cancelled XCOM game.

The first story is XCOM: The Unknown Menace, based upon the game UFO: Enemy Unknown. It is finished and it tells the story of the First Alien War, significantly expanded from the game since it mixes the military aspects with world politics and hidden conspiracies in a massive space opera. Originally it was supposed to be a single novel but as I was finishing it I decided the story wasn't finished yet and I'd have to follow suit. It is followed by the short story XCOM: Eulogy, which is the tale of a post-war XCOM mission to the former battlefield of Cydonia on Mars.

Finally there's XCOM: Abyssal, which is unfinished yet and is set on the game Terror From The Deep, regarding the Second Alien War on the 2040's. I started writing Abyssal right after I finished the Unknown Menace but I've suspended the project again for a number of reasons, the biggest being that I'm not satisfied with the story and some of the irrealistic elements of underwater fighting in TFTD. Which pretty much killed the project and the rest of the planned novels. Destined Alliance is a short story set at the beginning of the cancelled game XCOM: Alliance. No idea when I'll ever be able to finish that one or the ones who dealt with Apocalypse and the cancelled Genesis.

Skip to 2012 and Firaxis/2K are releasing in October their remake of the first game, as XCOM: Enemy Unknown, which further questions the whole project, but we're having a new XCOM game coming out, so interesting times are ahead. :)

What are my main influences on my writing? Well, I'll give a list of what I enjoy reading, not only on sci-fi: the Classical Battletech novels; the Aliens books; Robert Henlein, Phillip K. Dick and Isaac Asimov; Frank Herbert's Dune series. Finally I used to read a lot of Tom Clancy's earlier novels (Hunt For Red October, Red Storm Rising, etc.) and other military fiction.

Some X-COM related links:

http://www.ufopaedia.org - A collection of information for all the games. I'm a regular contributor there.

http://area51.xcomufo.com/index.html - My terrain mods for UFO. Not updated in ages.

Also, I've created a forum at the X-COM site of this site where you can discuss my stories. Just look for the links :)

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