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AHHH! Invasion, what is this people actually stopping to read a profile? What alternate universe is this?

NAME: Katrina, I know I know, don’t crack on my name and its meaning if I haven’t heard enough of it already. I am not the cause for the natural disaster either. Why is it every time someone’s see my name, they pronounce it KATARINA, well not anymore they all call me Killer Katrina, with this evil music, its just so damn annoying.

AGE: 17, less than a year away from possessing the worldly knowledge one suddenly gains at the age of 18.

PLACE OF LIVING: With my parents currently, in Hurricane Central, I live in SW Florida, if you don’t believe me, and think I am lying just look at my e-mail address, and if you know what a “train” is not the choo choo kind but the other kind, well it’s a nickname I got from a friend because I am stupid, that’s part of my e-mail address.

DESCRIPTION: I am short, only 5’2 and I like being short because I never have a problem finding guys taller than me to date. I have auburn hair and its got a red tint to it, shoulder length and naturally curly. I have very dark brown eyes, and there not big eyes either, there somewhat tiny. I am a pearly snow white, I don’t believe in scorching your skin to get a tan, and then years later having skin cancer. You will also realize that most if not all my characters are this color as well. I have a Coca-Cole shape figure, we won’t go into detail there, but sadly I was once a ballerina. Also I have very tiny feet, there only size 3, I feel you all need to know this. Because I always shop in the little kid section, and finding shoes has to be the biggest pain in the ass, especially black non-slip shoes for work, I only found black dressy shoes, so I bust my ass a lot at work. Heels are even harder to find.


I have tiny feet, I am very depressed by this, they’re Chinese size people!

I am from New York, a Yankee, I curse a lot, and it comes through in my writing, I don’t mean to offend anyone. But its just a casual thing in my house.

I am dyslexic I can’t tell my left from my right, unless I wear a ring on my right hand finger, which makes me one of the worse directions givers in the world. I also confuse my ei’s and ie’s a lot I almost failed a quarter of 2nd grade because of this.

I have a car and can drive, a great privilege bestowed upon those who reach the golden age of 16.

I have a job and this I am not so thrilled about it, I am like the all purpose-employee there, I usually am just a floater, I go where I am needed. I work at a movie theatres, and I am the youngest supervisor they’ve ever had. I work concession, usher, box, projection, cash handler, and administration; and I am the only supervisor that can do all these fields, and for this I get paid just below what a manager does, and since I have waivers I am there all the time. In all realness its just like every other teen job, the hours suck, the pay sucks, the work sucks, the only reason to stay there we have some slightly unique people working there, its always interesting to hear about there days with there shrinks- all the more reason to stay.

I am a vegetarian, its my own belief, I really hate it when people try to offer me meat, it was only funny about the first 5000 times. I have been a vegetarian since I was 12, that’s five years people, so stop trying to shove bacon onto my plate!

I am a perfectionist, not so much at writing but at everything else. I do have OCD, obsessive compulsive disorder, but it’s a minor case not as bad as it could be, that’s why I basically run concession, I am concession queen and all its glory, I have a way for everything. My doctor is also trying to prove I have ADD or ADHD, because I live in my own little world, and I like it, I am adding a Jacuzzi.

I am grammatically challenged, I never actually let the stuff sink in, and I know a lot of what I write is prone to this, but I don’t have spell check, so unless you want to be an editor, well sorry it’ll just have to stay the way it is.

I have a phobia of frogs and hedgehogs, leave it alone, don’t crack on me.

I go off topic often, my mind wanders, and I have a unique perception on the world, and I have been told this by many people. I also procrastinate, so either I won’t update due to overwhelming of work, homework, or I am just lazy, but if I get reviews I will more or less update quicker. I don’t know why I wander, I am very unfocused person, I like to jump from ideas, which might explain why I haven’t finished the other three stories I am writing.

REVIEW POLICY: Lets us clarify the use of this website, you post something on here to be read and viewed, and then in return people tell you what you think of it, these are called reviews. I like reviews, I like constructive criticism, and compliments, if you want to flame my stories, stop reading it. I don’t understand people who read a story they didn’t like. I would love it if everyone who read my stories left a review, its impossible I know, but more reviews prompt me to update since they all are sent directly to my e-mail.


LOTR series, Harry Potter series, the Trilogy of C. Paolini (Eragon and the Eldest), The Bartimeaus Trilogy, Swords for Hire, the Da Vinci Code, The Historian, Pride and Prejudice, Wuthering Heights, Chronicles of Narnia, The Spiderwicke Chronicles, and Shadowmancer. Also any book by Anne Rice.


Anchorman, Napolean Dynamite, Dodgeball, Eurotrip, Uptown Girls, Just Married, Hitch, and any move with Cedric the Entertainer in it, Lord of the Rings, Queen of the Damned, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Harry Potter, Wedding Crashers, Pirates of the Caribbean (there is a god and he likes sequels), Constantine, Just Like Heaven, Encino Man, Finding Nemo, the American Pies, and 40 year old Virgin, and Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride.

Any movie with Orlando Bloom in it, he is after all my muse.

I don’t like scary movies if you couldn’t tell.

TV SERIES YOU SHOULD WATCH: Okay consider my father dear is an ex- drill sergeant from the air force academy, and we only allowed to watch five hours of tv a week. So here you go, the Buffy Series love every character, LOST this new show frustrates me beyond belief buts is absolutely delish, Angel from what I’ve seen I love Lorne, and Family Guy yah that show kicks ass.


“I hate the common man he possesses no logic” ME

“Why spiders? Why couldn't it be "follow the butterflies"? -Ron, Harry Potter

“Plus Beer makes people smarter. Think about it...Bud wiser.” My friend Omar

"Great Odins beard!"~The Anchorman

“I gotta stick my jewels in a thermos during winter, its get all shriveled up and….” Jamaal my best friend.

“God created man first. But, as any good student knows, you always have to make a rough draft before the final copy.” ME because I have to use this line when any of my girls gets dumped.

“ But why is the rum gone!” Jack- Pirates of the Carribean.

"The difference between fiction and reality? Fiction has to make sense." - Tom Clancy

"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former."- Albert Einstein

“I hate people, they make me pro-nuclear” -Unknown

“Why do people point to their wrist when they ask what time it is, but they don't point to their crotch when they ask where the bathroom is?” Me again, unique tinker, erm thinker that I am.

“You cannot be human!”


“Because you have no stupidity!” -unknown

“When I was young movies only cost .55 cents” old lady

“when you were young your tits were perky, and people actually cared when you spoke, but now your old and senile, so no one gives a damn.” -Rhori great friend at work.

“Why are we making all the life saving technologies, why are we trying to keep the old people alive, they‘re so god damn annoying!” -Me!

“Yeah exactly, how are we suppose to get anything out of their death, if they won’t die, they’re becoming like cockroaches.” My older sister- Erika.

“Death to the free-loaders”

“Did you mean Mexicans?” -Carlos Mencia, from mind of Mencia.

“White people are becoming a minority.” Gvmnt teacher.

“Oh that’s kick ass, we can get our own white people words, and our own white people songs, scholarships, schools, and special groups, and preserving the white ways, the possibilities are endless!”-Me

“Kabungas”-Encino Man

Okay so that’s enough of that, brave souls venture forth in my world.

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