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Author has written 2 stories for Naruto, and Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

haio, this is OC-United. I'm finally going active again so welcome to my revamp

first of all I will be retiring A new generation , and I will begin updating Half-Blood of darkness more often. I also hope to come up with a new fanfic soon still undecided.

now here are some of the other places you can find me on: Deaduleas-Oc-united , youtube deadluleas

alittle about me: im me , im weird . all the things that have happened to me have made me. good and bad scaring and uplifting ... people may say im broken and need to be fixed . they dont just say this to me but people like me . and this is what i say to them i dont need to be fixed there nothing wrong my scars and pains are part of me you cant change it its not wrong or broken so dont try to fix it . cause if you do then thats how people break. well now that mini rant is over . im a teen i have my quirks and things that i dont like about myself.. okay alot of things ... it takes a diffent kind of person to understand so i try to be that for other people. for most people try shoving being normal on them. i dont really call people friends most of the time cause i dont open up to them so if i open up to you, you can count on one or two things . youre my friend or i like you . i am also honest to people i trust . I hate falling for my friends cause it always suck, but whenever i do fall for someone it is usually a friend. and that enough haha

now for some game stuffs


1. Real name? Daniel

2. Nick names? dead, deaduleas, Oc

3. Eye color? greyish blue green

4. Zodiac sign? virgo

5. Male or female? male
6. Slut? nope quite the opposite i cant find anyone
7. Smart? when im not being lazy

8. Hair color? darkest brown

9. Long or short? short

10. Sweats or Jeans? Jeans, always

11. Phone or Camera? phone
12. Drink or Smoke? Neither

13. Righty or lefty? Right handed!

FIRSTS: 1. First best friend?

2. First crush? alexis frost

3. First pet? dog

4. First big vacation? cruise

CURRENTLY: 1. Eating? nope

2. Drinking? nope

3. I'm about to: draw

4. Listening to? what ever pandora puts on to any of my stations

5. Plans for today? Eat check on my work schedule sleep, talk to a friend

WHICH IS BETTER WITH THE OPPOSITE SEX? 1. Shorter or taller? Taller or shorter as long they are not at head level
2. Romantic or spontaneous? id say both, but hey i dont exactly like "liking people"
3. Sensitive or loud? sensitive and shy
4. Hook-up or relationship? neither, unless i cant help it

HAVE YOU EVER: 1. Drank bubbles? idk if i did

2. Lost glasses/contacts? yes

3. Ran away from home? nope

4. Broken someone's heart? atleast twice maybe more

been arrested? nope

DO YOU BELIEVE IN: 1. Miracles? Yes.
2. Yourself? sometimes
3. Heaven? definitly

4. Santa Claus? nope
4. Love? once in a blue moon currently yes
5. Do you like someone? yes... no im not telling

6. Do you believe in God? Yes

7. Answered the truth on all questions? the question is would you believe me if i say yes

daily things:

major emotion:dark and brooding

song of the day:light lights up the light , death note (https:///scores/view/c764566ace9c1a70a734c99a525748506549116e) cheak my score here

quote of the day: some times you're just too focused on seeing all the shit you miss the diamonds

activity of the day: music and quiting things

songs ive written: Last night, fabled out cast on painted black track no. 1

.Tonight is my last fight, a struggle I can't comprehend .

Trying to help you held out your hand. I was to blind to what I was trying to find , but now I understand but I can't stand I my own again.

This is the last night ! Without you i have lost my heart ,Now I'm standing here and I can't restart! I have lost my will to fight, good or bad this ends tonight! How did I get here ! Through the agony and the fear! I had no one by my side the night I died!

Tomorrow when you wake , you will see my mistake. I left here without you , there's nothing you can do. All you will see is what's left behind , too bad nothings left to find. You were the only one that cared now here you are unprepared

This is the last night! Without you i have lost my heart ,Now I'm standing here and I can't restart! I have lost my will to fight, good or bad this ends tonight. AHHHhh how did I get here ... though the agony and the fear!. I had no one by my side the night i died!

Lost and found my voice rings trough the crowd. You rush to find me , but It's not what you want to see . My body falling from the balcony a shadow of what I used to be . Hurry this is your one chance to save me !

This is the last night ! Without you i have lost my heart ,Now I'm standing here and I can't restart! I have lost my will to fight, good or bad this ends tonight! now the night is past,and it is over at last hahaha ah...

Painted black, fabled out cast on painted black track no. 2

This all started when, all the pieces fell in . Part by part, day by day I started to see what was happening to me. I may not know what im saying, but I know my heart is fading. In this gloomy hole where i do belong. I see myself falling , I know I will be drowning in the darkness before too long . This world has made me now you get to see it destroy me.

As … my life is painted black by all that’s been done. I never wanted to go this way, but if i must this is what i say. as my soul goes to the abyss, one last time ill raise my fist. Black you may have painted me , but it’s not over wait and see. Even as you send me to darkness ill show you that a care less as I spit in your face for what you have become, a disgrace. I hope you wake blind , with all of this guilt on your mind. so you will never forget when…. You painted me black , tore out my heart and never gave it back. even from here i see the soul that you sold and my heart you now hold.

Now all i see are the lies spread out for me , what happened to my life . why did you replace it with this strife. Am I wrong to try , should i just die. Despite all you done i still want you. these feelings i had did not go. all those lies you told and how you made this life go cold . I still want you, oh , but what can I do, cause hate you too

For you painted me black for the whole world to see, needless to say ill make you pay. Is this the person you wanted me to be . All i see it the darkness inside , the more look the more i find. you lied when you said this was love , if it was why did you send a vulture not a dove. your words ripped out my insides. I stood as you painted me black tears falling from my eyes. seeing you laughing as you turned your back again. so with this last light … I’ll make it so inside yourself you will fight. never to love again for destroying what could have been. till you destroy yourself tonight

Is it still too late to escape this fate. no! and I dont think i would go. if there was chance if i gave it a second glance to start all over. so ill stay under this cover till some girl blows it all over . someone new someone better than you , someone to wipe away all the lies you’ve cast. someone to save me at last

When she sees me painted black, holds on to me tight. while you fight to send her away but she keeps coming back. For she see through the dye and past your lies .and comes to end your hold and to keep my heart from finally going cold. even though she tries to wash it away , this black shall stay . It has made me it has broke me but with her onward i will go.

deadly poison fabled out cast on painted black track no. 3

just to be left alone a slave to the pain inside ,isnt it about time i died. Never knew it would last this long thought itd be all over. God knows how hard you and i tried. Now we know it was all in vain as i fall over and over again. Grab a knife and stike it against the skin and count slowly to ten as the poison spreads in the world fades black again I cant stop shaking my body wont stop aching and i just cant wait for the END.

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half-blood of darkness
this poor child will never know his mother nor his father to a point ... his mother died and his father is a god . living in a home far away from where he is born his choices as he grows will decided which way he will sway
Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rated: T - English - Tragedy/Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 833 - Published: 10/24/2014
A new generation
A few generations after Naruto, Saskue, and Sakura their great grand children meet in the academy. Uzumaki and Uchila are now both establish clans in kohona though they have been fueding ever since they have been established in the Uchila's case re-established. come and enjoy my first fan fic it will be multiple chapters long and will last untill i run out of ideas for it.
Naruto - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 3 - Words: 2,197 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 3/13/2014 - Published: 3/5/2014 - OC