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Author has written 6 stories for Fantastic 4, Warriors, Fantastic Four, and Dave's World.

Markie, I've moved on from our spats in the past. I suggest you do the same, and find something to do that doesn't involve bashing me.

My name is Tricia, and I enjoy reviewing fanfics. I also like writing poetry and stories. Most are inspired by the Fantastic Four, but two of my works have been inspired by other things. One is a poem based on Erin Hunter's original Warriors series, the other is a oneshot expanding on a Dave's World episode.

Yea, added a Dave's World section! I moved Kenny's Surprise over there.

I know people are reading my work, 'cause I check my stats a lot. Would be nice if I could get some feedback again, whether in the form of a review or a PM.

I'm nitpicky in my reviews a lot of the time. I like to fix grammar and spelling errors, due to my English Major background. I'm working on also discussing story content while reviewing, not just fix errors. That's not always easy though.

Have any of you heard of free verse poetry? I prefer this style, 'cause I don't have to worry about rhyme, meter, or any other poem rules. Thoughts about Tigerstar and I'm still me are both free verse poems. (I suppose I'm still me could also be considered a very short monologue.)

Yea, I'm finally done reading the Power of Three Series! Please don't give me spoilers about the Warrior cats. Thanks.

My review style may not be to everyone's liking, but I don't like being told I shouldn't use it. (Reminds me too much of when people would say I had no business reviewing, back in the days when I didn't have anything published over here.)

I wasn't sure what genre A Return to Yancy Street should go in. Decided on family, since people do consider pets to be part of their families. I supplied a link to Shane's story (see below), in case anyone wanted to read what inspired me to write mine. (He did write sequels, but unfortunately they've all dissapeared from the internet.)

Awhile back, one of my friends wrote a story about Ben Grimm and a dog named Griswald. Please visit the following link to read it:

He later let me write a new story about Ben's dog. I've been re-typing the chapters on Word, then posting them in this website. (It was orignally written before the movie got green-lit. That's why I placed A Return to Yancy Street in the Fantastic Four comics section.)

Hmmm, I thought more people would enjoy reading my tale about Ben and Griswald. I had fun writing it awhile back, and polished up my work a little when posting it here.

My Johnny Storm-centric one-shot is complete! It's about a certain NASA incident, but told through Johnny's POV. Does it match any with Ben's POV (which was mentioned in the film)? You'll have to read to find out!

I read a Warriors Story once, where Bluestar wondered why Firestar seemed sad when Tigerstar died. I wish I had bookmarked that story, 'cause it served as inspiration for my Warrors poem. It has info. nuggets from the first 6 books.

I took two Poetry classes at the UW, and the 2005 FF film served as inspiration in both classes. However, since this site doesn't accept poems about real people, I wasn't able to post my monologue. Ben Grimm's Change is a Long Line poem. My original draft had multiple stanzas. My teacher disapproved of me using a movie as a poetry topic, and all she could suggest for a revision (some of my fellow students also suggested this) was to put the lines into a single block format. (I loved it when a fellow FF fan student recognized the scenes I described; The FF logos drawn on the rough drafts gave those students away.)

I've heard that summary writing isn't an easy process. That may be true, but it woud be nice if more people would attempt to write one, instead of only complaining that they're "terrible at writing summaries".

Check this out...

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Amzanig huh? Yaeh and I awlyas thought slpeling

was ipmorantt! tahts so cool!

If you could read that put it in your profile!

(I still consider spelling an important thing, but was surprised that I could read the above passage. I found it in XxGoddess AthenaxX's profile.)

- I have a one-time gift. A beautiful gift that many people are ridiculed for in this day and age. A precious gift that many people throw away. It's called "virginity", and I plan to not waste it on some jerk of a boyfriend who's just gonna dump me later. I choose to be faithful to my future husband, the man who will love me for the rest of my life, and to wait for the wedding day!! If you have chosen to save your one-time gift and are PROUD of your purity, paste this into your profile.

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Interplanet Janet by Screaming Dean reviews
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Kenny's Christmas Surprise reviews
When Kenny Beckett notices that Shel's lacking Christmas spirit, will he able to do anything to help? If so, Kenny may discover a side to himself that he didn't know about. Please R&R
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