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Author has written 11 stories for Legend of Zelda, Super Smash Brothers, and Tales of Symphonia.

Name: hell i aint tellin you age:14-16
Gender: Male
appearance: black messy hair, always wears a red hoody, wears the same kind of blue jeans all the time, black shoes, brown eyes, and wears a chain of paper clips around his neck. (dont ask)
attitude: calm most of the time, but pretty fierce when people piss me off
weapons: yeah right
hieght: 6,4

whoever reads this
action replay codes(they are sooooooo helpful)
Inuyasha (im addicted to it)
food (who doesnt?)
carnivores (we have pointy teeth for a reason)
whoever doesnt read this
yaoi(wut is wrong with these people!)
my sis
people who hate me
vegitarians (damn hippies)
the french
french e-mails that contain viruses
people who think they're "all that"

favorite games: Tales of Symphonia(seriously if you dont like this game youre a fruit!)
Resident Evil 4 (YOUR HEAD ASPLODE!)
Prince of Persia: the Two Thrones (Dark prince is a pimp
Soul calibur 2
Pokemon colesseum
Paper Mario 2
all Zelda games
Sonic Adventure 2: Battle

fav charecters Zelda
Link(who doesnt like the linkster?)
Tales of Symphonia
Lloyd(he has two blades and knows how to use them!)
KRATOS!(if you ever say: "DIE KRATOS DIE!" you're really saying: "DIE PIRO DIE!)
Genis(not my fav person to use but FUNNY AS HELL!)
Sheena(she's hot and tough.nuff said.)
Presea:that's one big axe! and she's about to swing it like a pro!)
Botta(he sacrificed himself so you could live, isnt that enough?)
Yuan(off and on bad guy but very cool overall)
Resident Evil 4
Leon (By the end of the game he has enough artillery to invade Spain)
Krauser (Been a long time, comrade!)
Wesker (He's Wesker, duh.
Sonic (who doesnt like him?
Shadow (world's ultimate life form, do i have to say more?)
Knuckles (i actually got a lot of ideas for Magnus' story from him)

least fav characters (seriously these guys are just waste of game space!) Tales of Symphonia
Raine(why the hell is she in this game?)
Legend of Zelda
Ruto (WTF!)
Resident Evil 4
Ashley (SHUT UP!)

fav pairings (hehe ) me/anyone(j/k ;D)
legend of zelda
Link/Zelda(pretty obvious)
Link/Malon(LINK'S A PIMP!)
tales of symphonia
Lloyd/Collete(i could only say "AWWW!")
Lloyd/Sheena(meh they make a pretty good couple)
Genis/Presea(three words: STUPID STUPID LLOYD!)
Sheena/Zelos(seems pretty obvious to me...)
Martel/Yuan(a pairing i support BIG TIME!)
Anna/Kratos(currently the subject of my fanfic "hope")

least fav pairings(dont hate me for some of these...)
legend of zelda
tales of symphonia
Lloyd/Kratos(even yaoi fans who have finished the game should know how wrong this is...)
Genis/Lloyd(seriously! why would Genis be in love with Lloyd!)
and of course the one couple i can't stand and want to burn in hell...
actually i can hear the flow of email coming in right now from angry KxR people. and frankly...i dont wanna hear it...oy...

favorite quotes:
"carl can we swim in your pool?"-meatwad

"fighting on the internet is like the special olympics, even if you do win, you're still retarded."-unknown

"no soup for you!"-soup nazi

"feel the pain...from these inferior beings...as you burn in hell!"-Kratos

"its the face that i hold inside, face that awakes everytime i close my eyes, face that watches everytime i lie, face that laughs everytime i fall. (and watches everything)-Linkin Park



"I have filled the corridor leading to the Mana cannon WITH SEA WATER-Rodyle (why is he so dramatic about it? it's just sea water!)

"hi, im the new electric car, i dont go very fast, and if you drive me people will think your gay."-electric car

"throw me a fricken bone!"-DR. Evil



"I always drink to prepare for a fight, tonight i am very prepared"
-soda popinski

"It's-a me! Mario!"-who do you think it is?

"No thanks BRO!" -Leon S. Kennedy

least favorite quotes:
"ERROR!"-action replay

"were sorry but you cannot upload a story for the following reasons..."-ff.net

"CREED ROX!"-random creed fan(WTF?)

"ANIMALS ARE PEOPLE TOO!"-vegitarian (ummm...no they arent dude)

"parle vu france?"-the french(i dont know how to and dont wanna know)

"it's spelled P-Y-R-O"-moron who cant pronounce my name

my own quotes:
"Now we're cookin with gas!"-excited me

"bite me"-me in a good mood

"Oh yay! lets go celebrate and eat ham sandwiches!"-sarcastic me

"You have ensued Armegeadon apon us all!"-me after finding out some1 made my sister angry

"Gamers are like mushrooms...were kept in the dark and fed bullshit."-me telling the truth

"you want some of this punk?"-me greating someone else

favorite conversations:

"That's it!"
"that's it?"
"yeah! that's the tune to funky town!"-towly and stan

"what's the matter? you look like you just saw a ghost."
"um...Lloyd...that's a really cliched line.
"...shut up genis!"-Lloyd and genis

"imagine inviting a girl you like up here! you could do a lot of stuff that you couldnt do normally"
"like, what, playing tag?"
"sigh you're a really boring guy Lloyd"-Lloyd and Zelos

"mmmm...more free samples..." "dad you ate all the free samples! now you're eating men's slacks!"
pulls zipper out of his mouth "still good"-homer and bart

"dont worry about what happened...time heals all things...except these crazy eyes." "yeah well thanks for the encouragement"
"...i wasn't talking to you deeds i was talking to that squirril over there."
"oh." looks over to where crazy-eyes is pointing and sees a yak-mr.deeds and crazy-eyes

"now stan! dont fly to close to the sun or your wings will melt and you'll crash into the ocean!"

under his breath "butters goddamnit..."-butters and stan

"did you see my attack!"
"oh yeah baby, i was watching all right!"
"for some reason i dont think that's what you were focusing on"-sheena and zelos

"now does anyone know the way home?"
"I do"
homer shoots him
"anybody else?"
someone else raises their hand
homer shoots him
"anybody else?...come on be honest"
someone raises their hand
homer shoots him-homer and clones

My own conversations:

"let's see...you have no zelda games, no zelda shirts or any merchandise of that sort and you cant even beat the Deku Tree in ocarina of time."
"...shut up brian!"-me and my pal brian

"is there anything puffier than a cloud?"
"...cotton candy"
"is there anything puffier than that?"
"...more cotton candy."
"mmmm...cotton candy...(drools)"-me and my pal brian

"satan! is that you?
"no! its-a me! Mario! for every person you kill a magical coin will pop out!"-Brian and mario (satan)

"yeah...you're right."
"thank you."
"im still keeping it in my bio!"
"grrr...oh well lets go out and have ham sandwhiches!"
"you also stole that from me"
Piro chases yap13 around for 1 hour-me and yap13

favorite bands:
Linkin Park
Kid rock
Limp Biskit
story of the year
3 days grace
3 doors down
shinedown(is that their name?)
Alter bridge (yes i know they are creed with a new lead singer)

least favorite bands:
matchbox 20


I am working on many stories. here is a list of them.

Civil War
category: Tales of Symphonia (what else?)
Rating: T for violence and swearing
type: angst, tragedy
song-fic based on the hardships of war
Due date: Soon

TheFifth Seraphim
category: Tales of Symphonia
Rating: T for swearing and stealing and stuff
type: Action/Adventure
They vowed to never let anyone become what they had become, looks like the vow is broken.
Due date: after The Assassin's Ring ch. 4 is up.

3rd chapter up!

Getting Away With Murder ch. 2
Due date: Definately sometime soon.

When Worlds Collide ch. 3
Due date: GAH! Almost there!

The Assassin's Ring ch. 4
Due date: i like this story so it wont be far off

Hope ch. 2
Due date: Probably gonna discontinue it. If you object, you know how to contact me.

Tales of SymPHONYa ch. 2
Due date: i dunno, i'm actually just thinking of skipping a bunch of stuff in the game and go on to the parts that should be funny. oh and here's the list of character ideas for this
Kratos: speaks in poetry
Sheena: Ghetto/Gangsta
Zelos: Gay (this one came to mind first lol)
Presea: deaf
Regal: drama queen (not gay, just too overdramatic like he sometimes is in the game)
Yuan: wigger (wannabee nigger for the people who dont understand)
Mithos: incredibly bad at hiding his identity
Yggdrassil: same as Mithos
Dirk: incredibly Irish (wierd...today is st patty's day)
Magnus: lawyer
Kvar: so increddibly british
Rodyle: gullible
Forcystus: dork
elves: immature and stupid


Writing spur is back after a year. Not much more to say.

Me and my pals at school are currently working on the project of a webcomic. I'll post the link to it when it's done.

words of wisdom-
Games let us live in another world. We meet heroes, villians, and friends. We become a part of another place and time. We live epics and inspire legends. And then, the story ends, and the world we knew disappears with it. But some stories shouldn't end. Fan Fiction is dedicated to that idea. Within your words, the stories can continue, and the worlds can thrive. Your imagination is the only thing they need.


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Masked Dreams of an Evil Past by The Karlminion reviews
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fka Truths that lie in shadows Cipher's been down for a year, but they have plans to recover and rebuild. All they need is the ultimate database of Shadow Pokemon research, hidden in the last place anyone would suspect.....
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Kratos reveals who really killed Anna. ONESHOT
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Farewell my shadow, you who stand at the end of the path I chose not to follow... But is that statement really true? Ch. 4 now up! Tubular!
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Lloyd's a pyro, Raine's addicted to trash, Collete needs some Ritlin, Genis is an idiot, and Kratos is a voodoo...WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE? ch. 4 up!
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what really happened after Kratos saves Anna. rating due to sexual situations in later chapters (not too much but some) language and violence
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A single ring can change the way someone thinks about you forever (MartelYuan my first romance fic)
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sorry guys! i had to delete it and edit a few things!(thanx Zelda master for pointing that out!) anyway, zelos' thoughts before his betrayel and make sure to hit me over the head when i wake up.
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if you are a marth, roy, or link fangirl, move on. if you like vengeful murdering please R&R.
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Your inner demons can help you or hinder you. this is a story based around this subject. (one-shot with a sequal)
Legend of Zelda - Rated: K+ - English - Drama/Suspense - Chapters: 1 - Words: 618 - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 1 - Published: 6/9/2004 - Complete
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