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It has been a long time since I have logged into my fanfiction account and because of the length of time between then and now, I have decided to leave that account and all of it's writings in the past and have a new start with this account. The reason for leaving the other account in the past is because of the unfinished stories and the writing style I once used; it would simply not fit with how I now write and what I now wish to create. Sure, I may pick up topics from the past but for the most part, this is indeed a brand new start. I enjoyed writing the old stories and thus is the reason why I have not deleted that old account, the stories can still be accessed and I will simply keep them there as a reminder and for a bit of a trip down the ol' memory lane.

I will also be making a strong attempt to finish the writings I put on here and not leave them dangling like I used to on the old account; I would go months without updating any and start endless others; I do not wish to do that this time, no. Far from it. I will be much neater, much more organised, and my writings will have covers this time around. It truly is a fresh start for me and my online writings. Also, for the most part, any OC's used in writings on here will more than likely be muses I use on one of my few Roleplay Blogs on Tumblr. Thus, they will be somewhat well developed and not something that is thought up briefly.

I will be writing a range of different things within a range of different subject matters; From Jak and Daxter to The Evil Within and The Darkness, from Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club to Sleepy Hollow, Uta no Prince Sama and Thunderbirds. Whatever comes to mind, I will more than likely write up, edit and publish for all to see. Don't expect things very often, as for updates, chapters and whatnot, but I shall be around from time to time.

For those that would like to recap on my old writing style and perhaps compare how I have improved over the last number of years by all means search the user name MiniMinchin, for that is what my old account is under, though I highly recommend that you remain here and perhaps enjoy more of my newer scribblings.


I am currently working on a plan for an Evil Within fic set within a slightly alternate universe where Ruvik did not kill his parents. The fic itself will revolve around simple happenings within the Victoriano Mansion as well as other well-off families coming in. I hope to bring you the first chapter rather soon.


Lead by the Moon, Taught by the Stars
"A job's not worth doing unless you do it right." To be part of a crime family, no matter the position, is a great responsibility and those whom fight to protect it are often the ones that are forgotten in the rain of bullet fire. Here, we follow those at the lower end of the totem pole, as events unfurl beneath the Don's feet. [One-shot, drabble.]
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