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Author has written 11 stories for Fairy Tales, Pride and Prejudice, Johnny Tremain, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Downton Abbey.

Tarlea is a hopeless romantic who enjoys a good movie, and a good book.

She hopes that you enjoy her work. Feedback is encouraged!

Characters she likes to write about: Andith (Anthony Strallan and Edith Crawley), James Norrington, Estrella, Willabeth (or both of them separately) and characters that don't get much attention (like Murtogg and Mullroy).

"Let your dreams devour your life, not your life devour your dreams."--Antoine de St. Exupery

Her author influences include (from an early age) Karen Cushman and Sid Fleischman and (more recently), Elizabeth Aston, Georgette Heyer, and Bernard Cornwell (read the Richard Sharpe series! AND REDCOAT!).

Her favorite books include (in no particular order): anything Jane Austen, Harry Potter, Elizabeth Aston's Darcy Series (Mr. Darcy's Daughters, etc.), The Richard Sharpe Series (Sharpe's Tiger, Sharpe's Rifles, etc.), Redcoat, Shakespeare (esp Hamlet, Measure for Measure and A Comedy of Errors), The Crown of Eden, Tea and Sympathy by Robert Anderson (play), Lillian Hellman plays.

She has too many favorite movies or music to list here. She loves period/historic films (think Masterpiece Theatre) or classic musicals especially, but really anything that feeds her romantic literary nature. Her primary preferred music is showtunes, and she enjoys almost everything else in the audio-void. She loves theatre, history, classic movies, and the list goes on.

This lady also loves almost anything from the 1940's which includes Classic Radio Shows. Her favorite shows include: The Jack Benny Show, The Burns and Allen Show, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, and The Shadow.

Her favorite comedian is Eddie Izzard and she loves British comedy (think BBCA). Also Black Adder, Coupling, That Mitchell and Webb Look, etc.

"For 'tis a question left us yet to prove,

Whether love lead fortune, or else fortune love."--Hamlet, Act III, Scene II

"All stage plays are sucked out of the Devills teates to nourish us in ydolatry heathenrie and sinne."--Phillip Stubbes, 1583 (I most emphatically disagree!)

CHAOS IN THE RIGGING Table of Contents

Ch. 1: Chaos In the Rigging

The night before her intended wedding to William Turner, Elizabeth and her lady’s maid Estrella share a girly and sisterly moment.

Ch. 2: Once Upon A Dream

James Norrington

gives heed to his passions in a steamy dream. A smidge of smut-fic, not my specialty.

Ch. 3: The Man They Called Captain

Somewhere in Tortuga, a man who thought he had fallen out of the world’s concern is not as alone as he thinks.

Ch. 4: A Man and An Iron Mask

In the midst of their engagement, Will and Elizabeth share a special moment in the garden. Willabeth fluff.

Ch. 6: Birds In the Baggywrinkle

A young Elizabeth overhears something her virgin ears should not.

Ch. 7: For Love of A Goddess

"For inside the chest there were no precious metals or jewels, no money and no rum, but to Davy Jones, it was all that mattered in the world."

Ch. 8: Of Wick and Wax

On a rainy afternoon, young Elizabeth and Estrella attempt to determine who their husband will be.

Ch. 9: Priorities: being A Brief Interlude regarding the Uncertainties of A Woman’s Heart

Imprisoned in the brig of the Flying Dutchman, Elizabeth examines her options.

Ch. 10: Discord

Having survived the hurricane, James Norrington arrives in Tortuga.

Ch. 11: A Lover’s Fee

Pintel, Ragetti, Murtogg

and Mullroy need a love potion, and there’s only one person to go to. Problem is, she requires payment…

Ch. 12: Children of the Gods

"Tenoch had been chosen to make the medallions that would bear the curse, one for each child the gods had lost."

Ch. 13: Dark Servant


visits The Faithful Bride.

Ch. 14: Pinky and the Pirate

Even at seventeen, Jack Sparrow knew how to get what he wanted.

Ch. 15: Foolish Hearts

The night after the attempted hanging of Jack Sparrow, two men contemplate the woman they have loved for years.

Ch. 16: A Book By Its Cover

The origin of the Pirata Codex.

Ch. 17: Juste

At the hands of pirates, the Marquise de Jumeaville gets what she deserves.

Ch. 18: The Lovesong of Weatherby Swann

Young Weatherby Swann meets the woman of his dreams.

Ch. 19: A Beautiful Reflection

Bootstrap Bill Turner

receives some unexpected news.

Ch. 20: A Question of Taste

Lord Beckett is not fashion forward.

Ch. 21: Old Friends

After years, James and Elizabeth are still on opposite sides, this time the topic is American Independence. In honor of the 4th of July.

Ch. 22: A Lover’s Fee: Road to Brazil

Their last attempt having failed, our intrepid quartet tries again to attain their love potion.

Ch. 23: Carnal Directions

Elizabeth Swann

is sorely tempted.

Ch. 24: Anything But Love


has finally gotten over Elizabeth, but now his heart is touched by another.

Ch. 25: Birthday Boots

Bootstrap ponders the son he left behind.

Ch. 26: In Which Master Ragetti Has A Secret

Ragetti has excellent taste in literature.

Ch. 27: Like Father, Like Son

Will and his father examine some unresolved emotions and discuss fatherhood on the eve of William III's birth.

Ch. 28: A Lover's Fee: Road to Riches

After their failed visit to Tia Dalma's, Murtogg, Mullroy, Pintel and Ragetti seek to unload themselves of one very anxious clown. A link story between A Lover's Fee and Road to Brazil.

Ch. 29: Pacta Sunt Servanda

Barbossa needs a witness, and Leslie the Clown is just the man to do it.

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