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OCTOBER 9, 2006

Okay, so, it's been quite some time since I was actually ON I apologize to all of my loyal readers (all of whom have probably abandoned me by now). But I am BACK! And with vigor! (Whatever that means!) So here's an update on the progress of my fics:

The New Girl: Finshed. I promise you. All of you. It is finished. I will not so much as edit this fic. It is done.
Sorcha: Finished-ish. I say ish because while it is a completed fanfic, I have been in the process of rewriting it for quite some time and will soon remove the old Sorcha and begin posting chapters to the new and WAY IMPROVED version.
To Be Unknown: In-progress. I haven't updated in awhile, yes, but I will soon, so... just bear with me, guys.
Well, What Do You Know: In-progress. It's been a long time since I updated this fic as well, but I will soon, trust me. Ideas are coming out of my nose for this one, so... yeah.
The War Between the Houses: In-progress. I am still very much in love with this fic, but I have always had trouble trying to write it, so while I will update it as soon as possible... don't count on any massive floods of new chapters for this one. Sorry, guys.

Also, I'm working on a few other fics, but I won't be posting them for some time because I'm going very slowly and I kind of want them finished before I post them, so that I can "edit" them and make sure they don't suck. So, yay, that'll help me avoid all this "rewriting" junk a bit.

Okay, here is my "vent" on Original Characters:
They should be supported. Original characters are only a few steps away from original fiction alltogether, so you should ENCOURAGE them, and not be afraid to actually use them in your fics!
I have to admit, some Original Characters tend to get a bit annoying and such, but in my opinion, I would much rather read a fic with an Original Character than one where the Canon Characters are so Out-Of-Character it makes you want to scream your head off until you can't scream any longer.
But that's just my opinion... lol.
( The only thing that I kept from my old profile is this li'l paragraph about OCs. lol.)

Thanks to everyone who's reviewed on my fics! Sorry about all my stupid writer's block-i-ness and crap-o-la, though, peoples. I love y'all for sticking with me! hugs and kisses all around

To my loyal THE NEW GIRL, TO BE UNKNOWN, and SORCHA fans:
. I apologize for the wait, again, and assure you that updates for To Be Unknown will be coming soon.
. The "horrible ending" as many of you call it of The New Girl will be resolved in The Finale (the new name of IADOHYFB, for those of you who have been with me since Day 1 (or so)).
. Sorcha is rewritten and the new version will be posted soon.
. The Finale (formerly known as It All Depends On How You Fly the Broom) is in-progress but will not be posted at all until I have posted all of To Be Unknown and Sorcha. So it will take some time but I can assure you that I do have some chapters written on my computer, so it is merely a matter of posting them.

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