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Well hi there y'all.

No; I’m not really that just, hey, y'all. My name is Kate. 'Lo. Lovely to meet ya.

Where to begin, where to begin...ah, first and foremost, I do plan to try and continue at least my Young Wizards fic, if you happen to be reading that. One day, I swear, I will pick up So You Want to be a Wizard and read it from cover to cover again, then proceed to do that with the rest of the series, and will hopefully be struck with bunches of inspiration somewhere or other in between. Or maybe in the dull, listless hours of the health classroom, something will strike me...however; I would like to continue it. So if you happen to be reading it, just bear with me a while longer.

My other Young Wizards fic, Idiots...well. I'm working on that. I'm just afraid the second chapter won't be as good as the first, so I'm being anal about it. Thus, the loooooooong wait between updating. Sorry...

As for the Tuck Everlasting fic...hmm, I've gotta reread that book as well. I might not continue it...but I might. Hmm. As soon as I'm finished with the book I'm reading now, I'll read Tuck Everlasting and see what I want to do with that fic that I have, and then I'll go back to YW and figure that one out. Of course, I've been swearing I'm gonna reread it for a while now. I'll try, I will!...but it prob'ly won't be anytime soon, sorry...

If you care about any other stories I might write, then you can read this paragraph, if not, I suggest you skip it. I have an L/J fic written (not long enough for a real chapter fic, honestly, it's only 20 pages altogether on MS Word, I'm just trying to figure out how to separate it), which might go up sometime soon. I donno. I also have a few ideas of my own for a few POTO retellings (donno if I'll ever do these, just letting you know) and a few other POTO stories, and one idea of my friend's that she let me use. I've also recently started a musicalverse Wicked fic, just Elphaba's diary, beginning the day after she and G(a)linda become roommates. I might put these up.I might not. Everything is quite wishy-washy, apparently, as of yet.

Now, if, for reasons unbeknownst to myself, you wish to know about me, here it goes.

To begin with. I'm obsessed with Broadway. I want to make it on Broadway. You and sing in the ensembles. A few leading or supporting roles wouldn't hurt, of course...but I'm perfectly fine with ensemble. Haha. If I even make that...-tear- lol. I love the music. More on that in a second. Right now, just so you know, I am a dancer. I take Irish dance, as you may have gathered from my pen-name, and ballet. I'm novice/prizewinner in Irish, and hope to move up to all prizewinner soon. -knock on wood- I'm intermediate-ish in ballet, and beginner in pointe. I'm over the box and everything...I'm not...well, off the box, I s'pose, but my skills are fairly basic. I always dread turns. And one class, my teacher made us try pirouettes en pointe. Yeesh. I mean, it was at the barre, not at the center, but...still. Scary. If you had any idea what I was just talking about. Next year I'm starting tap and jazz, because you need those if you want to dance on Broadway. And I love tap, I think it's really cool. And what I've seen of jazz is pretty awesome, but I haven't seen that much.

I take voice lessons from my choir director. I am a soprano, or so she says. And I finally think she must be right, because last week I was able to hit and sustain a high B without it sounding shriek-y. I mean, it didn't sound like Christine Daae or anything, but it sounded pretty okay. Except for I still like belting better. But I shouldn't be doing too much of that, because she hasn't taught me the correct style yet and I don't want to damage my voice. But I still catch myself belting. Grr. And I sang Goodnight My Someone from The Music Man a week ago. It sounded good! Hehe not to brag or anything. But it really did! I was shocked. It was so much fun. And next week, I think we might do I'll Know from Guys and Dolls. We normally spend between ten and twenty minutes on warming up, working on my range, arpegios, my technique, etc, then we do a song. I have a "musical theatre anthology for teens" book, and I bring that in. And we're starting to work on a solo for me for church. My first! I'm nervous and excited at once. Hehe sorry for babbling.

My favorite shows are Wicked, Phantom of the Opera, and Rent. I'm soooo uniqe, no? Ah well. I've seen Phantom of the Opera on Broadway, it was freaking AMAZING! And I've only ever seen the movie Rent. About a month before I got into it, it toured right by where I live, but I was still in my Phantom phase, "oh, no other musical could be as good as Phantom! Ew, who wants to listen to Rent?" Then I saw the movie shortly after and was quite depressed, because I realized what I'd missed. So I'm just waiting for a trip to New York so I can see it at the Nederlander, or for it to tour back. I've listened to the cd of Wicked, and read the libretto and book. But I've never seen the show. Until tonight. Yes that's right folks, today, 2/10/07, at 8:00, I am seeing Wicked in Baltimore! I can't WAIT! Lol I'll probably put up a reeeeeaaaaallly long review once I get back. I can't wait. !!!! lol sorry. And I like...well, mostly everything else. Except for Showboat. Sorry if you like that. But I like You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown; Chicago; Guys and Dolls; The Music Man; West Side Story (thus far the only movie/show I've cried out, and boy did I ever); Spamalot...well, any of them. I love them all!

That's about all I can think of and/or want to write right now...I'll prob'ly write more later. Eeee I get to see WICKED tonight!!!!! Aaaaahhhh! ...heehee...

--Member if the I Have Music In My Soul Club. If you have music in your soul, put this in your profile!-- (See chapter 24 of The Dare by WickedJelly, as she posted the original concept there. As far as I know.)

And that's it for now, except for some (in my opinion, at least) mildly amusing quotes.

"Ai a balrog with bad grammar! Fear me!" - My friend Collette and I, rather making fun of Book!Legolas in LOTR with the "ai a balrog" thing.

"That movie shouldn’t be called Flight of the Dragons. It should be called the shi--y board game!" - Michael from my eighth grade English class.

"He leadeth you by the still waters, and he pusheth you in." - Girl, 15, Charming but Insane

"People need to pay more atten- ooh shiny!" - My friend Collette.

"I love to learn!" - Hermione on Potter Puppet Pals, and my friend's friend Connor.

Michael: I see dead people. / Me: I don't...but I see you, which is probably scarier. (Michael: -glare-, Lauren: -snicker- Been dissed!..) - A Random Moment From The Lives of Me and My Cousins

"My name is ugga-blugga-blugga. You killed my father. Prepare to die." - My cousin Lauren and I, quoting The Princess Bride, and forgetting Inigo's name.

"Ugga blugga blugga!" - Another Random Moment From the Lives of Me and My Cousins

"Why can't a guy do that for me?" - Lauren when we were watching POTO, in the MOTN scene.

"I wonder why 'Hey Micky You're So Fine' hasn't been used in any jacked-up Disney advertisements." - me

"I think I'll become a recluse when I'm old enough." - me

"Maybe I'll haunt the local opera house." - me

"Evaporate, tall person!" - Sharpay, in High School Musical. The singing made me wince (bubblegum voices! Eek!), the choreography made me raise my eyebrows, and the lyrics and plot made me want to shove my head in a toilet. But anyway, that line is the story of my life. 5 feet tall. 5 feet...

"GO FOP!" - me when the person who played Raoul came for his curtain call when Lauren and I saw Phantom.

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