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As you can probably tell from my name, I love the stargate franchise. I remember when the series first started when I was a child. I watched every episode of SG1 and Atlantis. Admittedly, I was not the biggest fan of SGU (didn't care about the all).

One thing I liked about SG1 and SGA was the humor. While other sci-fi series use slapstick humor (which I don't find funny), SG1 and SGA had sarcasm and wit. I particularly liked the wit from O'Neill ("Hey look everybody, he's got COONS with him!") and Sheppard ("I'm sorry for shooting EVERYONE").

Please review my works and tell me what you think. Reviews are my motivation. Constructive criticism is always welcome. Tell me what I can do to make my stories better. Please be specific though. I can't replicate the good nor avoid the bad if I don't know what they are.

I've also created a trailer as well as a forum.

WHAT STORIES TO EXPECT FROM ME: I was sad to see the stargate franchise just end without a spinoff. To that end, I decided to make my own. This account is dedicated to this new spinoff. It will introduce new characters and a new setting. (It still qualifies as fanfiction because it uses the story of the stargate). The format of each story will be similar to the format of one stargate episode (a 45 min episode going down on paper). I do not know how good my "spinoff" is but I hope it does ok.

Pretense: The Alliance of Four Great Races once chose to try to explore the universe together and built the Millennium, a space station in NGC 300, as a monument to their new alliance. The SGC has launched a new expedition, a one way trip, to explore Millennium and this new galaxy.

NEW CHARACTERS: I know that just dropping a bucket load of original characters may be hard to like so my first episode had quite a few flashbacks of them interacting with the original stargate crew. However, the stories will focus on the new journeys through the stargate of these new characters. (Feel free to review what characters too).

The new Galaxy: NGC 300 (Caldwell 70) is over twice the distance from the Milky Way then Pegasus is. Out so far, everything is different. Races, technology, warfare, it's a new surprise at every turn.

The new gate: This new design was created at the apex of the Alliance of Four Great Races. This silver ring is much like the Milky Way with an inner ring that spins and milky white opal-shaped chevrons that would lock each chevron in place.

The new city: Millennium was once the capital of the Alliance. It is a stationary city in space the size of Beijing. No longer worried about planetary gravity, the city can take on its own ship. The central city is where the expedition is situated. Four arms, representing the four races, are built on the inside of four walls. To look out from the central tower would be looking down on one of the other cities.

General William Mercer (Expedition Leader)

Doctor Kara Osborn (Expedition Chief Medical Officer)

Soren Stavig (Close Quarters Combat Specialist/Alien)

Team: Wolf Pack

-Major Terra Annabelle Nova (Team Leader)

-Flight Lieutenant Charles James Martin (XO)

-Doctor Steven Chen (Technical Officer)

-Professor Corin Nevec (Research specialist/Cultural advisor/Alien)

Team: Dusk Riders

-Commander Christopher Umar (Team Leader)

-Major Jennifer Hailey (XO/ Technical Officer)

-Doctor Isaac McFree (Medical Officer)

-Doctor Michael Dannick (Research specialist/Cultural advisor)

NGC 300: Welcome to NGC 300. Unlike the Milky Way or Pegasus, there is no single overbearing galactic entity. The galaxy is filled with countless nations of various sizes and power as well as countless races. To this point, no single nation has been able to take over the galaxy the same way the Goa'uld or Wraith did. However, there are several galactic superpowers including the Ror'char and Quinterans. However, the galaxy is in a state of chaos. Numerous factions of space pirates infest the galaxy. While some of the more passive ones offer their services as a means to earn money and resources, others will raid colonies and planets, sometimes simply performing a hit-and-run attack as a display of power. This combined with harvests from the enigmatic aliens known as Harvesters, has dictated the development of every nation in the galaxy. Sections known as Null Zones are stretches of unclaimed space avoided by most because it is either usually competed for by multiple nations, patrolled by space pirates, hunting ground for the Harvesters, or home to any number of NGC 300's dangerous creatures. NGC 300 was once a hub of the Alliance of Four Great Races. Their technology is everywhere and is in high demand. Many races have been influenced in some way by the Alliance.


Human: The legacy of the Ancients, they choose to seed planets all across the universe with this new race in their image.

*Fierri: Nicknamed 'Sontarans' by Lieutenant Martin and 'Thumb-Heads' by Major Hailey due to their appearance, Fierri are short stocky aliens whose heads seem to be fused to their body. Despite their height, they are incredibly durable and strong. Their skin can be brown or a light brown, though it is unknown what other colors it can take on. They have no hair though they can grow beards and mustaches. The biggest religion on their planet had them worship the Asgard. Their race is incredibly adept at engineering, the people of Valken especially, and has been evolving their technology at a shocking rate.

*Sireen: When the Asgard were researching solutions to their degrading bodies, they considered engineering a body that lacked the deficiencies their current ones held based on the old genetic structure. However, the artificial bodies were incapable of housing the Asgard's advanced minds. When the Alliance chose to seed the galaxy with life, the Asgard chose to seed it with the life they had already created. Sireen males have rather dry gray skin and oily black eyes. Their faces are easily identified by its bony face. Females have much smoother brown skin and tentacle dreadlocks for hair. Skin colors come in various shades of gray and brown.

*Antenok:What happens when you mix a Triceratops with a Rhinoceros, these giant four-eyed humanoid beasts are the galaxy's powerhouses with a hide so thick some weapons actually have trouble penetrating it. Skin color includes black, brown, and dark red. Before the Antenok developed technology, the males were hunters relying on stealth and agility to take down the absurdly dangerous prey of their planet. However, the females were left back to defend the children. Unable to rely on stealth, female antenok grew to rely on brute strength. Even now this evolution can be seen. While male antenok are considered terrifyingly huge and strong, the females are towering brutes with nearly unrivaled strength.

*Icthyan: These fish people can't escape their aquatic heritage. Their bodies may be humanoid but their skin is scaly. They have up to three spiny fins growing at the top of their head. They have no visible ears though there are fins where the ears would be. Their fingers and toes are all webbed and their eyes are glossed over. Skin colors include blue, purple, gray and green. While they still prefer aquatic environments, icthyans are amphibious and can comfortably live on land as well. Their ships are often filled with salt water instead of air.

*Narkoss: There are the fish people then there are the bug people. Narkoss are humanoid but they have very clear insect traits such as a carapace and compound eyes. Their antennae are actually a patch of hair on their chin. Unlike most races, it is the male that takes maternity leave. After the female lays the eggs, the male will attach them to his back to provide direct nourishment until they hatch. A female Narkoss will lay roughly 100 eggs however on average only 5 will hatch. Strangely, this is not considered a loss to them unless less than 2 hatch.

*Makhai: Former rulers of NGC 300, the Makhai were a race of crustaceans. These massive humanoids were covered in a tough shell that could stop most weapons fire. To any outsider, the Makhai were barbarians whose culture revolved around destruction. However, Makhai were not immoral rather that their sense of morality is different than other species. Most would consider it evil to conquer a neighboring nation for resources. The Makhai see it was wrong not to do it and deny your own nation a chance to advance and prosper.

*Silerens/Nox: Long before the formation of the Alliance, a tribal race known as the Silerens were the dominant force of their galaxy. Each Sileren nation had no qualms with declaring war at a moment's notice, unleashing mass destruction with a combination of their technology and seemingly supernatural powers. At some point of time, The Great War started, a war so devastating the Silerens wiped themselves into extinction and rendered most of their home galaxy uninhabitable from the collateral. However, at the height of the war, a soldier named Nox grew sick of the senseless violence and death he saw. He deserted his post and embarked on a pilgrimage to search for answers. No one knew where he went but when he returned, he proposed a system of peace. Those who had also grown sick of the war joined him, hiding away as the Silerens wipe themselves out. When Nox finally passed away, those who followed his teachings renamed their race Nox in honor of him, swearing never to return to the path of violence that ravaged their galaxy.

*Silerens/Aurox: Few know the history of the Nox and even fewer know that he did not make the pilgrimage alone. He was accompanied by his brother, Aurox. They witnessed and experienced the same things. However, while Nox wished to forsake any concept of violence, Aurox felt that violence was still necessary, that it was not the violence but how it was used. Like his brother, Aurox gathered followers, vowing to use violence as a force for good, defending the Nox from the Silerens. When the Great War was over, Aurox was banished. However, he and his followers vowed to continue their quest to protect and defend the weak and innocent. The Aurox have all but vanished from the galaxy, but their scripts, technology, and teachings can still be found in a few remote locations.

Flora and Fauna: While most animals on each planet are completely different, some can be found rather consistently on others. Being this far out from the Milky Way, the Tau'ri have come across some truly alien life forms.

*Krenshaw: This black lobster-like creature is not found on many planets. These dump truck-sized creatures are excellent swimmers that prefer to hunt rather than scavenge, using an extra pair of smaller claws on limbs growing from its mouth. Fortunately, the krenshaw are rather reclusive despite being carnivorous. They tend to avoid other creatures out of disinterest. However, they are extremely protective of their young and will turn hostile if anything threatens it.

*Tyrant: This beast did not earn its name for nothing. These monsters are apex predators without equal. Coincidentally, their bodies, legs, and tails are very similar to the Tyrannosaurus of Earth. However, similarities end there. Its neck and its three jaws are also much longer. But its main weapon are a pair of massive insectoid forearms used to batter prey. These limbs are so large the actually serve as forelegs to keep it stable when walking and are so strong there are reports of the Tyrant leaping and lunging seemingly impossible distances for its size. Sizes vary; the jungle tyrants are reported to be the size of houses but there have been sightings of ones the size of skyscrapers.

*Koruga: These strange scaly cougar-like mammalian creatures are pack-based predators. They are native to many planets, usually hunting in the warmer regions. With their powerful legs and razor sharp barb-like claws, korugas can even scale vertical surfaces. Despite being mammals, korugas were covered in black or gray scales instead of hair with the exception of its small mane on its spine. These creatures are voracious carnivores and a pack of them can tear a corpse apart in a minute, using their claws and massive tusks to tear chunks out of their prey. However, they also possess very strong familial structures. Befriending one will befriend the whole pack.

*Vormian: Pests of the galaxy, vormians have been described as beakless furbies by Charles Martin, can eat almost anything and asexually reproduce at absurd rates. Their only limiting factor is the fact almost everything in the galaxy kills it on sight not just for food but just to get rid of it.

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