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Hi, King RTS here, I really don't like to talk about myself much, so no long-drawn out "biography" of myself... but if you wish to know something of me, ask it in a review or e-mail (prefferably E-mail), or even IM me at MSN/Windows Live (see e-mail addy below)).

If you have questions/comments, feel free to drop me a line at:

Also, I'll be eventually have more stuff up here (website further on in this paragraph I mean) as well (mainly whatever art I do). I'll inform of any updates or whatever here or on a new chapter of a current story.


January 24, 2011 - It has been an incredibly long time since I've last ventured online here. Having gotten incredibly busy with real life stuff, my motivation levels are very low. At this present time I'm not sure when or if there'll be any updates to any story. I do hope and desire to update some, but do have a lot going on so it'll be difficult to get back into the swing of things so to speak. Some of my much older stories I doubt will be continued due to losing all but what's already posted to a hard-drive failure. The only exceptions may be "The Jewel of Four Souls", "Ready Into Now", and possibly "Never Meant to Be" (If I can find where it's located or not). These three would be the only ones I could continue on a bit easier, but again no promises or anything right now. ..."April Fools Day Disaster" might also have a small chance despite losing all my previously written stuff. I have to try and recall where I wanted to take the story in the first place anyways. It's been 5+ years after all.

Will there be any new stuff? That I am also unsure of right now. As I do have a lot of other non-writting projects in the works as well as a very busy real life stuff, chances are very low. Plus I'm working hard on a specific storyline for a side project that I deeply desire to get working. Though that'll be a long time off if able to get it workable.

In any case keep reading and enjoying what I do have up thus far and keep reviewing and giving motivation. Perhaps someday a new update will come. And with all reviewers, I do try and make a note to check out some of your stories as well if you have any.

Completed Stories:

Hey Arnold: "A Lone Stormy Night" ...Rated: PG (K+) ...Length: 1 Chapter

Hey Arnold: "A Lone Stormy Night II" ...Rated PG (K+) ...Length: 1 Chapter

Hey Arnold: "A Lone Stormy Night III" ...Rated PG-13 (T) for "implied" sexual situations ...Length: 1 Chapter

Hey Arnold: "The Deep Dark Secret" (NOT Posted Here) ...Rated PG (K+) ...Length: 50+ Chapters (Script Format, but well written for the most part in that format according to over 260+ People) (Possibly lost for good)

In Progress:

InuYasha: "The Jewel of Four Souls" ...Rated T ...14 Chapters (Temp Hold)

InuYasha: "Ready Into Now" ...Rated: T, ...Not Posted Here! Can currently only be found at my Deviant Art profile page: (On Temp Hold)

Hey Arnold: "April Fool's Day Disaster" ...Rated K+ (On Hold...May be Discontinued due to story loss)

Hey Arnold: "Never Meant to Be" ...Rated PG-13 (T) for language, some fighting, suggested sexual situations (On Hold...may possibly be resumed in the future)

Future Stories: ...Just cause they're announced doesn't mean they'll be written. If interested in one or more, tell me!

Hey Arnold: "The Great War" ...Rated: Strong T for some language, fights, sword fights, blood/serious injuries, Medieval-style warfare (in Modern times), and anything else that happens to happen. ...Summary: Arnold, 17, is slowly losing hope of his parents safety. But his hope is renewed after Phoebe reminds them of a poetry contest. Taking up the chance, Arnold tries his best to win the contest's category prize. A trip for 3 to San Lorenzo. Unfortunetly, Arnold doesn't win, but the prize was given to him by the mysterious winner. Extremely happy, Arnold takes Phoebe and Gerald along for the trip. However, Gerald ends up sick, and Helga takes his place. This is only the very beginning of their wild, epic tale in the jungles of South America...let's just say... It's War! ...Themes: Action/Adventure/Drama/Romance/Suspence/Semi-Mystery ...Setting: Mostly in the Jungles of South America ...Time Period: Modern day (90's) ...Status: On Hold. ...Estimated Releace Date: Unknown ...Estimated Length: Long ...Already Established Couples: Gerald/Phoebe ...Major (Original)Character Rolls: Arnold, Helga, Phoebe, La Sombra, Gerald (possibly), others N/A

(Series): "(Title)" ...Rated: N/A ...Themes: N/A ...Summary: N/A ...Settings: N/A ...Time Period: Modern ...Status:N/A ...Estimated Releace Date: N/A ...Estimated Length: N/A ...Already Established Couples: None ...(Original) Chatacters Featured: N/A

Possible Series Stories: Hey Arnold!, InuYasha, Ah! My Goddess, Blood, Chobits, Love Hina, Sailor Moon, Strawberry Panic, Tenchi (Any Arc), and possibly a few others not listed.

More to come? Dunno, we'll see...

I am so random aren't I? lol

King RTS-I'm the King of My World!

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