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Finally found some time to write a more descriptive profile page, so here we go!

I'm a college dropout that works fulltime at Outback Steakhouse. Love the company and I intend to own one, if not multiple stores, in the coming years. I know just about everything I can right now when it comes the job, the only things I don't know are things I'm not old enough to; such as bartending and being a manager, which requires you to be 21. I'm almost there though, so it won't be long now till I know them. I just hope I make it back from Vegas after my 21st XD.

Most of the music I listen to in general is rap and hip-hop. I grew up around predominantly black kids so it was hard not to (I'm a white boi). I don't know what it is about it but there are so many things I love about the genres. Some of my favorite artists are Eminem (of course), Kid Cudi, Lupe Fiasco, J. Cole (Friends call me Cole World because my name is actually Cole), Kendrick Lamar (One of my all time favorites), Big Sean, B.o.B, Chief Keef (When I'm feeling Ghetto) Tech N9ne, Kevin Gates, and especially Logic (definitely look into him, kind of underrated). I'm sure I missed a few but whatever.

I do also listen to rock and other music close to that from time to time. I even enjoy indie. When I write, I really only listen to what I'm in the mood for. Like if I'm writing a battle scene I will listen to Fall Out Boys, Disturbed, System of the Down, Three Days Grace, and other stuff like that. Or I'll listen to some fast and hyped up rap like Twista, Tech N9ne, Busta Rhymes, or Yelawolf. When I'm writing about a loving scene or romance I listen to some soft rap. I also listen to things like Bad Boy by Cascada and Everything You Want by Vertical Horizon if the mood requires it (I have no idea what that genre is called). Again, it's just whatever I'm writing about and feeling. Oh, and I also listen to Blink 182. I don't know what it is, but I love that band.

If anyone was wondering why I don't have any favorite stories or favorite authors, it's because I don't really spend much time on my laptop. The times I am on, I spend writing my stories (although only one has been posted, I have ideas for others I work on), or either replying to PM's or Reviews. That's why you should also not get upset if I don't reply to you within a day or two. There have been whole weeks I don't get on my laptop.

And also pertaining to why I don't have favorite stories and authors, I have a fanfiction app on my droid which allows me to read everything I want. I have like over two hundred read stories on the thing so don't think I am not reading some of the awesome stories that are on this site. There are also tons of amazing authors on this site, such as Denim88, Paradox Jast, Grey Goose 74, Kenichi618, kyokasuigetsutotsuka (hope I spelled that right), lord of the land of fire, pudgypudge, demonicnargles, and Dragon6

However, the best story I have ever read is called Naruto: Hands of Destiny by Terra of Genesis, which, by far, blows any other story out of the park (except for one other one I'm about to tell you about). It had everything and pulled you in so much emotionally. The crazy thing about the story was that it was written in like 2006 so there was so much that had not yet been explained in the manga. It is definitely worth the read, but go at it with a open mind as not much had been learned back then.

The only other story I can say came close to that one, and probably would have succeeded it had the author not put it on hiatus like four years ago is Medicinal Lullaby by Shivakashi. It is very emotionally attaching and draws you in very easily. A great read, the only unfortunate thing being it was left off. However, I would still tell anyone to read it, because it is purely amazing. I'm not giving a description for either one because I want you guys to go and read them, so get to it.

Anyway, back on track. So the first anime I ever watched was Tenchi Muyo, and I had no idea what it was about because I just caught it on Toonami one night, but I knew I liked it. After that I began watching Dragon Ball Z and that's where my love for cartoons/anime started. Eventually Naruto came on Toonami and I was instantly in love with the anime.

I became so obsessed with the series that I went online and started looking for anything Naruto related, which is where I eventually found the English-subbed Naruto anime that went way beyond where the American version did. Needless to say I was enthralled and went on a Naruto binge. Later on I discovered the manga and my love for the adult comics sprouted. However, as some may know, my love for the Naruto series has pretty much gone done hill since the horrific Kage Summit Arc. Liked the characters and their personalites, but aside from that the manga has just been going down hill fast since then, which culminated into the pile of horse manure we call a ending to Naruto.

I digress. Naruto is still my favorite series to write fanfiction for. There are just so many ideas and crossovers that can be made with the story. It's like the Harry Potter of Manga.

My favorite pairings for the Naruto manga are NaruSaku (because it always made the most sense to me), and just about any other pairing with Naruto in it. As long as the other person is a woman. NaruHarems are not bad. If I feel like reading smut I will do so, but if your trying to make a NaruHarem with a actual story to it, please make the Harem somewhat believable (as believable as harems can get). The only pairings I don't care for are NaruHina, and Sakura with anyone but Naruto. Sakura with anyone but Naruto just feels weird to me as I don't see her ending up with anyone other than Naruto, which should have happened. I also saw her ending up with Sasuke of course, but I hate that mother fucker with a passion (doesn't mean I can't change his character in my stories though). NaruHina I don't care for because I just never liked Hinata's character. Although, If the story is done right I can tolerate NaruHina.

The story Shadows of Konoha by Amora Journeys is probably my third favorite story behind HoD and ML, and its NaruHina. However, that's just a subservient plot to the rest of what's going on. It is a great read and is completed. NaruSaku fans may find it a struggle to read because they will despise Hinata's character and be frustrated because for a time Sakura is with (*Spoiler Alert: Kiba). But it is still really good. However, also be warned that if you think MY story is realistic, you will crap your pants when you see how realistic Amora's story is.

I honestly had mind to go to such depths with A Leaf Amongst the Fire, but I did not want my story to be as dark. Not knocking Shadows of Konoha in anyway, it just stays true to what a Shinobi and humans really are, and that's what makes it so great.

I have a multitude of story ideas for Naruto, but I only have three I'm currently working on. One of them have already been published, while the other two are still being shaped. I don't have any intention of publishing the others until I finish A Leaf Amongst the Fire because I don't want to commit to anything else.

I also enjoy the Oreimo anime, but I like the fanfictions for the series more so. Empty Places by Miracles79, The Sibling Complication by Eliya Shirwood, and Shadow Rider by Iceflare177 are all pretty good stories. I have a Oreimo story in mind, but like I just said, I have no intention of publishing anything else until I finish with ALATF.

Dance in the Vampire Bund is another manga I really enjoy, just wish it would update more often. I have not really found any fanfictions for this story whatsoever, which really annoys me. I do have a story idea for this manga as well.

Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple was by far my favorite manga for awhile after the occurrences in the Naruto series post Kage Summit Arc. However, my hopes for Kenichi died as quick as the manga's abrupt ending. At least, it felt abrupt to me. Shit came out of nowhere and really annoyed me. I had just gotten my best friend to read it when it ended and he started to like it even more than Naruto, and he was a die-hard Naruto fan. Shit had me more upset than the Kekkaishi ending, and I enjoyed Kekkaishi more than Naruto too for a time. Anyway, I digress. I never cared much for Miu, and really enjoyed the Student-Sensei relationship Kenichi and Shigure had, so that's why the fanfiction I'm concocting will be KenShi. I have barely found any Kenichi fanfictions, and the couple that I did were not that great. If anyone found a fanfiction they enjoyed, shot me a PM so I can check it out.

Lastly, Bleach has really fallen off for me. I pretty much quit after the final Aizen arc. I do thoroughly enjoy the fanfictions though, and the Naruto crossovers. I'm also a Hitsugaya fan-boy, so if you like him as much as me I would strongly suggest reading Frozen Sky by Jedi Boadicea. It's unfortunately incomplete, but very well written and a good read if you want to get in-depth with Toshiro's growth through Soul Society. Another good read is Uninvited Guests by Moczo. That fanfiction is funny as all hell. I could not even breath at times I was laughing so hard. Some awesome Naruto-Bleach crossovers can be found on Denim88's profile page, especially his story Cracked Mask.

If you have any questions about my story or in general, or just want to talk about anime/manga stuff just send me PM or Review. Anyway, thanks for reading! Cheers!

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As he lies at the feet of a god, Naruto begins to accept the fate that was foretold. However, Kyuubi will have none of that. Kyuubi gives up everything so Naruto can finally have the power to change the world. "Become the Greatest That Ever Was, Uzumaki Naruto." Hokage Naruto. Strong Naruto. Eventual God-like Naruto. NaruSaku.
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