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Author has written 6 stories for Roswell.

I am new at writing fanfic so please be patient with me. I started out slow with a one partered Life Goes On. The truth is The Letter was also supose to be a one parter but i had people e-mailing me asking me to continue so i did.

My stories-

Life goes on-Max has left earth to go to Antar leaving not only Liz but his unborn daughter. This story is a one parter. It reflects on Liz's feelings after Max leaves. Dreamer.

Characters- Max, Liz, Maria, and Max and Liz's daughter.

CharactersI own- Max and Liz's daughter.

The Letter- After grad Maria and Liz left Roswell cutting all ties to the aliens they once considered family. Seven years later Max and Tess are divorced but are living together for the sake of their son Zan. Liz is also married. Maria is married and has 2 kids but holds a secret. Isabel can not let go of Alex but when she finds love again... Michael is pining over Maria. What happens when these five people are forced to come together once more to unlock another mystery? Dreamer, Candy.

Characters- Maria, Michael, Max, Liz, Isabel, Nate, Andrew, Anea, and Brian.

Characters I own- Nate, Andrew, Anea, and Brian.

Where is My Home- When returning home becomes an option for Michael will he go?

Characters- Michael, Maria and the rest of the group

Characters I own- None

Confused Love- Tess moves to town turning Max's world upside down.

characters- Max,Tess, Liz and the rest of the group

characters i won- none

Deadly Love-Michael and Maria are best friends who are both looking for the one. What happends when Michael's one wants Maria dead?

Characters-The whole gang

charcters i own-none

She's No You-Michael thinks about all the women in his life and how he only wants one.

charatcers- Michael...the ladies of roswell.

Candy Moments

The Letter

Maria- What happened?

She knew she shouldn’t ask, but she had to know.

Michael- What?

Maria- I mean what happened to us? What went wrong?

Michael- I don’t know. It just wasn’t meant to be.

Maria felt like someone had just ripped her heart out and stomped on it.

Maria- I better go, its getting late.

As for Maria and Michael. Right after Andrew and Maria’s divorce was final Michael and Maria got married and now have been married 4 years. Shortly after the wedding Michael adopted Brian and Anea. After six months of being married Maria found out she was pregnant. Now Michael and Maria are both 29 years old. Brian is now six years old and Anea is 4. The baby turned out to be babies…twins…a boy and a girl who are now 3 years old. Their names are Mariah and Xavier.

Where is my home?

Michael- We found away to go home.

Maria- You mean home as in up there home?

Michael- Yes.

Maria- Are you going?

Dreamer Moments

The Letter

Max- Pretty good. I have a good life with my son but something has always been missing.

Liz- What?

Max- You.

Liz’s POV

Looking back on my life I realize there’s nothing I would do over. Everything I did added up to where I am now and now I am happy. I am 29 years old. Max and I have been married for 3 years and we share custody of Zan with Tess. Like every typical six year old Zan wanted to be a big brother so right after our honeymoon we tried to have a baby. Two years of marriage when Zan was 9 we found out I was pregnant. Now I have a beautiful 4 month old baby girl, Jenna.

Confused Love

“I am being reasonable…I don’t want to loose you ok.”

“Liz…baby….you will never loose me…I love you.”

Liz looks up at me and I can tell she’s about to cry. I pull her to me and wrap my arms around her. I can feel her tears wetting my shirt.

“I love you too Max”

Rebel Moments

Confused Love

“Tess….would you like to do something tonight?”

She looks at me strangely.

“You mean like a date?” Tess asks.

“Not a date….more like ‘getting to know each other ‘ thing.”

Her brows knit together in confusion but she nods none the less.

“Sure…..here’s my address.”

She digs in her purse and pulls out a piece of paper and a pen and writes down her address.

Handing me the paper she says “Its almost time for 6th period to start…I better go.”

“Yeah me too…see you tonight.”

StarGazer Moments

coming soon

CliffHanger Moments

coming soon

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