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Author has written 19 stories for Fruits Basket, Final Fantasy: Unlimited, Black Cat, and D.Gray-Man.

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Demon nickname: Lece

Other nickname(s): Lece-sama, sugar hungry maniac, Self-proclaimed Yaoi Goddess

Age: 26 years old

Nature: Normally good until sugar gets involved

Enemy: Sugar...it's too tempting!

Yahoo IM ID: lece_yaoi_goddess, lece_sugargrl13, lecelamonalecelanetmarzakey (You can talk to me on any of those ID's, I don't mind at all)

NOTE: I am a college student so it may take a while for me to update on my stories when we are in session, I am apologizing a head of time for this because I know that it will happen. You can PM any time if you have questions, comments, or recommendations for me. Also at the very very very bottom of this page will be an update of what stories I am currently working on, finished, on hold or being rewritten, OR UP COMING NEW FICS! Thanks for reading, I love all my fans plus the feed back lets me know if you like my work so BE SAFE! Ja ne!

Favorite Anime/Manga/Video Game(s): Gundam Wing, Yu Yu Hakusho, YuGiOh, Final Fantasy: Unlimited, Chrono Crusade, Fruits Basket, Black Cat, Kingdom Hearts I&II, Naruto, King of Bandit: Jing, D. Gray-man, Claymore, Deathnote, Hikaru no Go, Antique Bakery, Zombie Powder, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Zombie Loan

Favorite Characters: Quatre Winner, Hiei, Yugi, Yami Yugi/Atemu, Makenshi, Chrono, Kyo Sohma, Train Heartnet, Axel, Roxas, Demyx, Kakashi, Iruka, Jing, Allen Walker, Lavi, Rhode Kamelot, Tyki Mikk, Claire, Light Yagami, Ryuk, L, Hikaru, Tachibana, Gamma Akutabi, Vincent Valentine, Reno, Chika

Favorite Yaoi pairings: Yugi/Yami Yugi; Train/Sven; Chrono/Aion; Axel/Roxas; Axel/Demyx; Kakashi/Iruka; Allen/Kanda; Allen/Lavi; Lavi/Allen/Kanda; Lavi/Tyki; Allen/Tyki many more yaoi pairings...


"You and I shouldn't be fighting each other!"
Quatre Raberba WinnerGundam Wing

"Wait a...oh shit."

"Mommy, mommy. I don't want cookies right now."
Mandy My friend

"I refuse to eat damn chicken! No one asking you to eat the...wait a fucking minute. Where the fuck am I?! This isn't KFC! Kagome!!"
Ravie My friend

"Poke it with a stick!"
Ravie My friend

"Kirby's here."
Ravie & Mandy my friends

ReiterMy friend

"Fish Rape!"
Me and Ravie

"Hey Shiki...I don't have a towel...can I use your turban?"
MeI was drunk and I was talking in my sleep...poor Ravie heard it

"Oh my anus!"
BrycDon't ask...

LeeWhile riding the Zip line...heh heh...he hates heights...

"Mommy's wearing her angry face."
Melissa My friend

"Stick your head between your knees and kiss your ass good-bye!"
My friends when I've had sugar

"That killer robot is really distracting!"
Transformers-The Movie

"Oh fuck me...fuck me sideways..."
Hannibal KingBlade Trinity

Reiter: I'm just so tried...
Lece: So...what were you doing last night?
Reiter: My nephew. He and my brother are in town you know.
Ravie: -blink blink- ...
Lece: Reiter...do you realize what you just said?
Reiter: -is asleep on the Walmart scanner-

"I'm gonna bitch slap you with a banana peel!"

RavieWhile we were on a ride that wasn't moving and...I was screaming and had ate sugar!

MeOn that ride with Ravie

"You are not the glue that holds this family together you are the rubber cement! They try to get away but they snap back. Then everybody's in a more crabby mood."

"I thought of this really cool game! Here I'll show you, you take this rock...and throw it straight up into the air and then try to -BOING-"
Reiter...rock is embedded into his forehead...

"I didn't do it! I was no where near the kitchen! I swear that I didn't catch the oven on fire!"
MeWhen I hear the fire trucks coming or going by

"I just got my wife a new car...a wisk broom...it's a compact."
Anatomy Lec ProfessorHe's great by the by

Lece: Poor Ravie...this is what she deals with every day...

Ravie in a Mental Hospital in a padded room with a straight jacket rocking back and forth.

Ravie: ...sugar...sugar...keep away from the sugar...NO LECE NO! NO SUGAR!

Yami: Yugi!! Take back over!! She is going to kill me!!

Yugi:(mindlink) Hell nooooooo!! Better you than me!! She was going to bug me than I changed Her mind!!

Lece pulls out her... pencil?

Yami: What! A pencil!

Lece: Now I can erase you and have Yugi all to myself!! NOT! Did you really think that I was going to Kill you?

Yami: Yes, you're scary when you've had sugar.

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O is for "Oh, yeah, baby...you're so hard!"
I is for insane, 'cause that's what we all are!

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Completed Works:

Fruits Basket


Black Cat

Regret (one shot)

Final Fantasy: Unlimited

Kaze's Greatest Fear (one shot)

Menstral Crux (one shot)

D. Gray-man

Trembling Heart (Yullen)

Pink (Yullen) (one shot)

Sleep Walker (Alvi) (one shot)

Sweet Revenge-sequel to Sleep Walker (Laven)(one shot)

Rite of Passage (one shot)

Usgai no Tenchi (Laven) (one shot)

Rhode's Birthday Wish (Multiple pairings) (one shot)

Rhode's Yaoi Surprise-sequel to Birthday Wish (Multiple pairings) (one shot)

Current works:

D. Gray-man

Children of Innocence-sequel to Trembling Heart

New Black Order

D. Gray-man BLOOPERS!

Rhode's Yaoi Spa-sequel to Yaoi Surprise

Lavi's Babysitting Advenuture-inbetween Trembling and Children (ON HOLD)

Black Cat

Black Catz (ON HOLD!!)

Fruits Basket

Children of the Zodiac (ON HOLD!!)


D. Gray-man

Surprised Swordsman-sequel to Sweet Revenge (one shot)

Black Cat

Regret (Saya Version) (one shot)

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