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Hey everybody!

Okies, hereare the stats:

name: Scarlett

bday: January 8, 1990

hail from: Germany, but I am an American citizen who has lived in Florida for most of her life (unfortunately)

live with: my mom, grandmother, aunt, lil sis

pets: three cats (Diamond, Midnight, Apollo)

one Siberian husky (Aragon)

interesting things bout me: -During 8th grade, my mom got a job w/ DODDS and we moved to ANKARA, TURKEY for 10 months

-I play the flute and the piccolo

-Even though I have lived in the south for almost my entire life, I DO NOT like fried chicken, grits, gumbo,

jambalaya, crawfish,or catfish

-I LOVE Mexican food

-Grade-wise, I'm better in English, but interest-wise, I'm more fond of science


-I have been a band gal since the 3rd grade and I am proud of it

-I am a Republican, but am pro-choice and pro-stem cell research

-I belong to the Protestant faith, but do not wholly support organized religion

-I am straight, but I am for gay marriage; to me, as long as you are good people, I don't care which way

you swing

-I am a trekkie, mostly I watch VOYAGER, but sometimes watch ENTERPRISE; I love STAR WARS,


languages: unfortunately, I'm only fluent in one language: English; but I dabble in Turkish, German, and Spanish. Out of those three, I am most fluent in Turkish

hobbies: reading

writing (when I have the time)

going to movies all the time (especially premieres)

riding my bike


coming up with stories but not writing them down


trying on clothes in stores just for the heck of it

listening to different kinds of music


fav music: Josh Groban

Il Divo

The Click Five

Clay Aiken

Simple Plan

Good Charolette


fav movies: (I have WAY too many fav movies to possibly name them all, but I'll name a few of my all-time fav's)


Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Les Miserables (musical and movie)

Batman Begins

Lost in Space

(like i said, i'm keeping this short)

fav tv shows: SUPERNATURAL








personal preferences:

coke over pepsi

regular over diet

tea over soda

Quizno's over any other fast food

cats over dogs

snow over beaches

ocean over lake

rain over shine

dry over humid

fall over summer

chocolate over vanilla

fav pairings:



harry/hermione or hermione/ron (I still can't decide which one i like better!)

jack/kate (LOST)

claire/charlie (LOST)

mimi/roger (RENT)

maureen/joanne (RENT)

collins/angel (RENT)

cosette/marius (LES MIS)

charlie/amita (NUMBERS)

places I've always wanted to go:



New Zealand

New York





I mainly write adventure/romance, but I try real hard not to be TOO sappy, but i am a chick, and i get carried away deal with it. I am not a huge fan of 'gay' pairings, but you know, whatever floats your boat works too I guess.

I believe in celebrating women's natural beauty, and I believe that every woman is beautiful and has something wonderful to offer the world. Did you know that Marylin Monroe was a size 14? Why should we as women feel guilty of our natural beauty and compare ourselves to AIRBRUSHED MODELS WHO STARVE THEMSELVES!

Well, that's about all there is to tell about me...remember, when you review, you make me happy!



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