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Author has written 9 stories for Inuyasha, Wallflower, Death Note, and Lion King.

Since this is my profile page, I'm afraid I ramble on and on about stuff I like. A lot.

My name is Faye-Faye, I'm a college graduate and currently 23. I'm 5'3" and love skulls, so I wear them on jewelry and shirts a lot. I practically live in black clothes, but I love to look at colors and like to think I have a bit of an eye for design. I live within the southern parts of USA (Georgia, to be more precise). October is my favorite month out of the year, as it's the best time for television and you'll always have the excitement of looking forward to Halloween. Then it becomes November, and my birthday soon follows. And then another month after that, it's Christmas time!

I'm a BIG horror buff. Out of years of thinking and debating my favorite, Ghostface takes my number 1 slot for "hero of horror". Don't worry, Jason Voorhees is number 2. I love all kinds of horror movies, even a few of the new remakes (I really didn't care for Halloween remakes, though. Don't say I don't have some taste.). I dislike Uwe Ball movies, as well as the Saw series (with exception of 1 and 2, which are decent stories). I am really getting into J-horror manga as of late and I have always like the Ringu and Ju-On movie series. If you want something legitimately scary to watch, watch the Tales of Terror from Tokyo series on YouTube. They are short, and no matter what time of day I watch them in, I always end up thinking about them when I am trying to sleep! It's hard to sleep well after watching those!

Aside from being a horror fan, I'm also a big anime fan. Since being introduced to the Death Note series in high school, I own tons of stuff on it. Manga, spin off books, the films, and even tea cups! Of course, out of all my DN goods, my little Ryuk plush is my favorite.

I recently got into One Piece and am almost done watching the anime (that which is released so far, anyway), and I am loving every minute of it. For those curious about it, don't be daunted by the number of episodes, it is suuuperrr worth it! I'm also a big fan of The Wallflower and Skip-Beat!, the latter I deem to be the best shoujo manga ever; Skip Beat! is the first manga in a very long while to make me loathe (yes, loathe) an antagonistic character as well as make me adore the protagonists to incredible extents. Skip Beat! is just about perfect, with it's brilliant characters, comedy, drama, overall story and art, and it's still on-going. IF YOU READ NO OTHER SHOUJO MANGA IN YOUR LIFE, READ SKIP BEAT!

Okay, okay, so now you know that I'm a big horror fan and an otaku. Would it surprise you to know I love comedy? (It shouldn't, I just said I read OP and SB!, which have great amounts of comedy in them!) I mean, sure, who doesn't love a laugh now and again, but I laugh ALL THE TIME. I have had people stare at me for laughing so hard at something. I try to incorporate humor into nearly all my stories, but sometimes that can be quite the challege. My funny bone has grown a lot, thanks to years of watching Mystery Science Theater 3000 and The Simpsons.

>Don't watch Mystery Science Theater? Want to know the best MST3K episode ever? S09E910 The Final Sacrifice, which originally aired 7/25/98. It's so good that even after years of not watching it, I can recite nearly any joke from it and end up in a giggle fit. Waaatch iiit!

Speaking of things no one usually sees, I am quite possibly the biggest Mars Attacks! fan of all time. If I see ANYTHING with MA! on it, I buy it. No joke. I own even more stuff than my DN collection! Not just the movie, but the art book, the soundtrack, a movie poster, the action figures, the movie card series, nearly all of the card collection in a beautiful little red MA! card box (I also have all 20 of the new ones, as well as the 3D reproductions, too!), the entire comic series PLUS the ongoing new series (which is FANTASTIC, go read it!), the two novels... Hell, I even went so far as to buy the Martian Flag pin! I wear it on a jacket whenever possible! There's just something about those little green guys in particular that makes my heart pound like crazy and gives me a strange feeling of pride...

Music wise, I have such an expansive taste that it would be a waste to really go into it, aside from saying that I have a weakness for 80's pop. So in a few names: Oingo Boingo (and anything by Danny Elfman), They Might Be Giants, Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13, The Misfits...gah, who am I kidding, Oingo Boingo is my hands-down favorite thing to listen to!

I don't read often, but when I do, it's something fun. Harry Potter, Star Wars (I've got a huge collection of the novels, but have barely made a dent in them; sometimes they're difficult to get all the way through), and the Friday The 13th novels are the main ones. I'm currently making my way through On Wings of Evil and A Ghost in the Machine. I vowed to myself to read Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and Pride & Prejudice & Zombies. I'm also a big mystery fan. I love Poirot, Sherlock Holmes and Midsomer Murders. In TV-land, I recently got into Death In Paradise, too - why are British mysteries so much more fun to watch and read about?

I dream of getting a novel published one day. Occasionally I'll have a flash of inspiration, but it's harder than it looks. Fanfiction seems to be my forte, as it makes a lot more plot bunnies.

My Favorite Pairings/Ships:

Cad Bane/Ahsoka Tano - They're a newer addition. My first Clone Wars episode featured Bane, and when I saw him and Ahsoka fight, I was suddenly very aware of a tension there. And then... viola! This pairing became my Clone Wars OTP. She's kinda young, you say? Well yeah, that's the downside, but hey, fast forward a few years and this pairing is ready for launch.

Ryuk/Sayu - A crack Death Note pairing, I know... But very fun. >:) I really like the idea of these two together. I'm also open to Ryuk/Misa, but that's practically non-existent... Fans, Y U NO make more Ryuk/Sayu fics?

Naraku/Kagome - I was aaaaalllll about these two when I first got into InuYasha so long ago. They're still my OTP for the series, but my love of that show dwindled long ago, so it's been a while since I've read anything in that category. As you can tell from my terribly-written stories, though, I'm a big fan. Maybe one day I'll write more of these two... What really drew me to it was the idea of Kagome getting fed up with InuYasha's never-ending love-sickness for Kikyo and switching sides somehow. This pairing can be quite dark and lustful. I dig that.

Alucard/Seras - I don't know a single person who watched/read Hellsing that didn't like it. But I do know people who don't really like this pairing. I think it's a nice Master/Servant pairing, a kind I usually don't dig. Due to Seras genuine compassion for her master and her naivety (which can lead to hilarious situations and/or sexy-times), I really like this couple.

Greivous/Shaak Ti - I like this pairing, but I really haven't scratched the surface of why. I guess it's because of that deleted scene from Episode III when the good General was stroking Shaak Ti's head so gently. It dissolved me into a fit of rather girlish giggles, and thus these two were added to my list of 'ships.

Sunako Nakahara/[insert famous horror icon here] - Yeah... I'm a big fan of The Wallflower, but I can't stand Kyohei. At all. What would make me happiest in that manga's story line is if Sunako never got with anybody in the end. No matter what, I just can't see her with Kyo. I feel they have sort of sibling-rivalry friendship. However, I do LOVE the thought of pairing up Sunako with somebody from a horror movie series. Face it, she'd be all over that like Nutella on a bagel. In particular, I like pairing her up with Ghostface from Scream, due to their mutual obsessive love of horror movies and the potential she has to become a real serial killer, which I'm sure he could teach her. I also like putting her with Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th), just because she has a massive crush on him. Eventually I'll get more of my GF/Sunako fic done. Yes, I do mean I am actually working on it, even after six years.

Sunako Nakahara/Captain Wing - Say, remember the Wallflower episode "Pirates of the Tres Bien"? The one where Sunako was possessed by a Skeleton!Pirate who wanted to come back to life by killing Kyohei? All I could think of "why the hell didn't she stay with Wing?"! She could've gotten her skeleton crew and kill Kyohei - a double win. Still trying to plan this story. Hurm...

Shenzi/Banzai - Yeah, I don't know why I never talked about this before I uploaded my TLK story. I've supported this pairing since I saw the movie when it was first released. That means that since I was four freakin' years old, I was convinced that these two were totally an item. I still consider them to be my hands-down all-time-favorite OTP. They just get along so well and clearly have in-jokes with one another and I love how they clearly know each other and oh gods these two are so cute! The more I slow down and re-watch their individual reactions to one another in their scenes the cuter they get. (>w

Enjoy reading my stories! R&R please!

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