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Name: Sophia _ friends call me Fi, Soph, Fia, coffee (i dunno why o_O) and my anime fan friends call me Neko-chan or ko-chan or nee-chan and stuff hahaha

Gender: Female

Age: 16 MUAHAHAHA! meh i feel the same as when i was 14 -.-

Hair: Brown :3 its messy and wavy and i loves its!

Eyes: Brown, yea boring i know T-T

Lives in: Mexico :D i like it here

Likes: Watching Anime, Drawing, reading, kick boxing, paying video games and beating up bro

Dislikes: tomatoes, spiders, rude people, cold days and furbies! they shall kill us all! they are back and they have mutaded!¬_¬ i saw one at wallmart and it was twice the size they were before im not kidding they are big bastards!

Favorite movies- um hmm... oceans 11&12, mulan, V for Vendetta, howls moving castle, and um i cant seem to remember hah!

Fav. Anime:-Naruto (WOOT!)
-Fullmetal alchemist
-Fruits Basket
-Full Metal Panic
-Azumanga Daioh
-Witch hunter robin
-Chrno Crusade
(In that order°w°)

Fav. Manga:-Naruto
-Full Metal Alchemist
-Death Note
-Chrno Crusade
-Aishiteruze Baby
-Gantz (its kinda hentai but it has such a good story O_O)
-Midori no Hibi
(in that order °w°)

Fav. Anime & manga pairings:

-Amon/Robin (witch hunter robin)
-Sakaki/Doujima (witch hunter robin)
-Kakashi/Sakura (naruto)
-Naruto/Hinata (Naruto)
-Shikamaru/Ino (naruto)
-Uryu/Orihime (bleach)
-Ichigo/Rukia (BLeach)
-Urahara/Yoruichi (Bleach)
-Urahara/Ururu (Bleach o_O yea i know im wierd)
-Edward/Winry (FMA)
-Roy/Riza (FMA)
-Sousuke/Kaname (FMP)
-Atsunobu/Ren (FMP)
-Kyo/Tohoru (fruits Basket)
-Hatsuharu/Kisa (fruits basket)
-Shigure/Mit-chan (fruits basket)
-Chrono/Rossete (chrno crusade)
-Sesshoumaru/Rin (inuyasha)
-Raito/Misa (deathnote)

Anime & Manga Pairings i HATE AHH!

-Sasuke/sakura (hesmean and evil-.- yea yea sasuke fans can shoot me)
-Sesshoumaru/kagome (WTH! this pairing is beyond strange they have never even spoken )
-Kikiyo/anybody(shes just plain evil and should die...again ¬_¬)
-Roy/Edward (Twich eww)
-Itachi/sasuke (not only incest beyond incest...YAOI major! x_x dies)
-Raito/L (...god)
-Rukia/Kon (AHAHAHAHA that isent even a pairing HES A STUFFED ANIMAL! well actually hes a candy o_o with a spirit inside...straaange)
-Tohoru/anybody besides kyo (i dont actually hate this but... kyo and tohru are made for each other)
-orihime/ichigo (ehh i dont hate this either but no they just dont mix)

ok to make things short...i dont like yaoi, but i have nothing against homosexual's or nothin like that but WHY MAKE STRAIGHT CHARACTERS INTO SOMETHING THEY ARE NOT! I dont like it so yea fangirls might wanna slap me right now -_- wut ever, i mean go ahead and make fics about the guys from gravitation they are gay go make yaoi for them, also michiru and haruka from sailor moon they are lesbians so go make yuri fics about them. AHH wth nobody is gonna listen to me T-T theres just too much yaoi and yuri on the net!

(and belieeeve me i have tried reading it its just imposible)

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