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Name: LaTrell

Japanese Name: Ratoreru

Gender: Male

Likes: Video games, reading/writing fanfiction, having time to myself for thoughts, playing trumpet, music, food

Dislikes: Bigoted/racist people, rapists, blind hatred of others, cruelty to animals and children, murderers, the death of loved ones, School

Personal Fight Music: Lose Yourself, Survival, & Till I Collapse: Eminem, Headstrong: Trapt, I Will Not Bow: Breaking Benjamin, White Knuckles: Five Finger Death Punch, Carry on: Avenged Sevenfold, The HERO!!: Jonathan Young (cover), Ready Steady, Go!: L'Arc-en-ciel, Goya No Machiawase: Hello Sleepwalkers, Spiral: KANA-BOON, God Mode: Son of Amon, Numb: Linkin Park

Personal Outro Music: Departure: Masatoshi Ono, Kyouran Hey Kids!!: The Oral Cigarettes, Unravel (Acoustic Version): TK From Ling Tosite Sigure, Seven Deadly Sins: Man With a Mission

Favorite Movies: Hancock, The Forbidden Kingdom, A Haunted House, Expendables, Red 1&2, Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, Man of Steel, the Star Wars films, Pain & Gain, Terminator series, Back to the Future series.

Favorite Anime: Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, Dragon Ball Super, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball, One Piece, Inuyasha, High School DxD, RWBY, ZatchBell, Noragami, Noragami Aragoto, Sword Art Online, Sword Art Online 2, Hunter X Hunter, Afro Samurai, Demon King Daimao, Blue Exorcist, K Project, The Irregular at Magic High School, Akame Ga Kill, Black Butler, Soul Eater, The Seven Deadly Sins, Durarara!!, One Punch Man, My Hero Academia

Favorite Video Games: Mortal Kombat series, Assassin creed series, Grand Theft Auto series, Call of Duty series, Minecraft, Injustice: Gods among us, Tekken series, Dragonball Xenoverse, Warframe, Destiny, Skate 3, Skyrim

Favorite Animated Shows: The Amazing World of Gumball, The Spectacular Spider-Man, Young Justice, Teen Titans, Xiaolin Showdown, Batman, Regular Show, Generator Rex, Justice League Unlimited, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Sym-bionic Titan, Secret Saturdays, Ben 10 series, Total Drama Island series, Samurai Jack, Codename: Kids Next Door, The Megas Gang

Favorite DC Characters: Batman, Deathstroke, Red Hood, Joker, Darkseid, Static, Supergirl, Wonder Women, Powergirl, Batgirl, Martian Manhunter

Favorite Marvel Characters: Spider-Man, Deadpool, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Mystique, Hulk, Thor, Taskmaster, Daredevil, Rouge, Venom, Carnage


Multiversers: What people call self-inserts, taken to an all new level. A Multiverser is a person from our own reality that ends up in another. With practice, they become forces to be reckoned with. Omniscient, Omnipresent, and Omnipotent, they exist throughout multiple realities with the power to do whatever they wish, only limited by their imagination. While they do posses the ability to die, it is only possible when they so choose. So they remain immortal. The only thing capable of "killing" a Multiverser, is another Multiverser of equal or exceeding power. To date, only these Multiversers exist:

Duncan Verser, the "Aspect of Chaos" and self-proclaimed ''King of the Multiversers." Duncan is known by many other titles throughout the Multiverse. A thrill-seeker at heart, he comes across as rather arrogant. However, he still strives to teach people to better themselves while increasing his own power, and retains enough of his quirks as a normal human being to keep himself relatively sane. Throughout his travels, he has done many horrible things in order to ensure peace, though he hopes his inevitable final act will be something truly good, not evil or morally gray. He is hoping to one day find someone to continue his legacy when he finally deems himself worthy of rest.

Michael Verser, the "Aspect of Victory", one of the first three Multiversers, and Duncan's protege. Michael is unique compared to other Multiversers after Duncan, as he is still receiving training from Duncan after going into his first world (believing its more fun to learn as he goes along). Another thing that makes him different from other Multiversers is that he still retains most of his sanity (possibly due to not experiencing eternity like other Multiversers), and as such is still the same as he was when he was human (though is starting to become a bit more and more like his mentor). He tends to put the safety of others before himself, and possesses a strong moral code.

Adam Verser, the "Aspect of Time," and one of Michael's closest friends. He also goes by the name of "Timeshifter," or "the Timeshifter of the Multiverse," due to him possessing the suit from the Timeshift video game, allowing him to freeze time for a moment. Not much else is known about him at the moment, other than his apparent sense of honor and willingness to protect the innocent and the weak. He likes to train by beating up copies of the villain Agent Smith. He goes by the alias "Shadow" when assisting others, as he helps them from behind the scenes.

LaTrell Verser, the "Aspect of Power," is a young Multiverser who- like many others- gave his life to save someone. He was recruited by Michael to become a Multiverser. He also claims the role of "The God of the Multiverse." He is loyal, dependable, caring, adaptable, and responsive. Once his mind is set on something, there is no stopping him. He depends on his powers and weapons to help in most situations. He is good friends with Duncan (the King of the Multiverse), but has a fierce rivalry and strives to be better then the king.

Prime Death, the "Aspect of Death'' of the Multiverse and the closest Multiverser to The End. His real name long forgotten, he grew up with difficulty expressing emotions, thus he took refuge in literature. He grew up seeing much death, both in real life and in fiction. This led him to question what Death was, exactly, up until he died. Duncan brought him to the Multiverse, where he wanted to understand everything about death itself. By the end, he became the embodiment of Death for all things in the Multiverse. His first act was to kill his past self before he was born, thus negating his old existence and cementing his new one as the Aspect of Death. His new goal now is to keep the balance between Life and Death, while teaching others to enjoy their lives until their inevitable end.

Alexis Verser, the first female Verser and the "Aspect of Knowledge", Sexy Lexi (as she likes to call herself) is the team's mental powerhouse- as well as the biggest cum dumpster you can find (she has strict standards though). The only Verser besides Prime to not take on another person's role in another universe, as she refuses to live vicariously, she instead creates new identities from scratch to each world she goes to or just says "fuck it" and teleports there. Nerdy, a bit excitable, and a freak in bed, this slut will definitely charm (or blow, depending on if you're a hot single male who's sexually attracted to women) her way into your heart. Slept with LaTrell and he is currently part of her harem, while Michael is on the verge of getting into her bed.

Zack Verser is one of the newest Multiversers and the "Aspect of Dreams." He is unique from the other Multiversers in that he was unaware of his true nature until fairly recently. Zack is a big dreamer, both in his human life and in his Multiverser one. His main goal is to have peace in the Multiverse, an ideal that has become one of his most defining traits. Despite his want for peace, he acknowledges that peace is not always an option. Zack openly admits that he is no hero, by any stretch of the imagination. He is also one of the few Multiversers who does not incarnate himself as heroes and other characters, believing it to be stealing the accomplishments of those heroes and characters from them. He is also slightly self derogatory, constantly doubting himself. In spite of this, he will not hesitate to do what he believes is right.(Created by ZenithBloodedge)

Kay Verser, the "Aspect of Desire," and one of the three youngest Multiversers. Recruited by Michael and studying under him, Kay is a free spirited person that does what he wants, often blurring the line between hero and villain. After meeting Iussum for the first time, he took the words 'Sometimes it takes a monster to fight a monster' to heart. Willing to do what it takes to defeat his enemies, this has earned him the title of "Devil of the Multiverse." Though his heart shows itself when he is with those he calls family and friends, which he shows with an honest smile.(Created by Fanboy of the Multiverse)

Dexter Verser, the "Aspect of the Psyche." He has a fascination with the inner-workings of the mind that it borders on obsessive at times, but otherwise he is a fairly chill guy. He is a firm believer in the phrase "We all go a little mad sometimes," and as such believes that while there is a "breaking point" in every person, there must also be a "fixing point." Whether or not he tries to find it, however, depends on how generally evil/dangerous the person in question is, and he has no qualms about killing if he thinks it is necessary.(Created by Anime PJ)


The Antiverser: nearly nothing is known about this mysterious entity, other than that he holds an intense hatred for Duncan and that he is the natural enemy of Multiversers. He stands against everything Duncan stands for, and has but one goal: to destroy everything in existence, so that nothing can ever come back from the ruins. He is also suggested to work for an entity as old as the Multiverse itself, though the identity of this entity is currently unknown.

-Peaceful Vengeance: a dai-katana with a built in pistol in the handle, this blade is able to cut through anything. It is also capable of generating electricity, and is laced with "Negatium," an artificial element that is poisonous to Multiversers.

Lucifer: once a Multiverser, this mysterious man has become disillusioned by his former life and now seeks to bring the Multiverse down, along with all who follow it. Unlike his leader, Lucifer tries to make sure there are no innocents caught in the crossfire, and is an extremely honorable person. He also possesses immense strength, as he is able to wield a sword twice as big as him with ease.

-Masamune: based off of Sephiroth's sword of the same name from Final Fantasy VII, it is a Zanbatou blade thin as a katana, yet is twice Lucifer's height. It is also laced with Negatium, meant to combat Multiversers.

Erebus: a mirror version of LaTrell and the self-titled God of Darkness, he was created by The Antiverser to destroy the self-titled God of the Multiverse. Erebus makes the perfect solider, as he stays loyal to his master/creator. With his God Mode acquired from battle, he increases his powers by tenfold only by draining his energy.

-Ford and Tina: replicas of LaTrell's Mustang and Sally, though more deadlier due to the bullets being infused with Negatium.

The Agent: once the older sister of Adam Verser, the Agent was tortured and turned into a living weapon by The Antiverser for one purpose: to kill her brother. She possesses a great hatred for her brother (a result of her conditioning), and takes great pleasure in seeing him suffer

-Undying Storm: a black shotgun with red skulls on the sides and a detachable cutlass built into it. It is made of pure Negatium and shoots Negatium bullets. As the Agent states, "it won't stop until you're dead."

Killer Prime: the Antiverser counterpart to Prime Death, Killer is the embodiment of those who take pleasure in killing others. He is prideful, pretentious, and sees the dead as losers who lost all value once they died. His goal is to either convince Prime to join the Antiversers or, failing at that, kill and absorb him in order to become the Amalgaverser, in order to rule over all creation. Being Prime's counterpart, he possesses the same powers as Prime.

-Punishment: Killer's personal weapon, a pitch black sword made from the glee murderers feel when killing their victims. Killer laces it with Negatium, in order to stand a better chance at defeating Prime.

Ezran: the Antiverser who is Alexis' counterpart, Ezran is completely devoted to knowledge and is willing to kill to get it. He was born to a poor family in the rural South in the early 1900s. His mother died giving birth to him, and he was forced to live with his father, whom he resembled and even shared a name with, though it is unknown at the time what it is. His father, a devout Christian, would regularly beat him for small or imagined slights, but the reason he was beaten most was because of his love of knowledge. His old man thought that any book that isn't the Bible or some other holy text was blasphemy, and regularly burned his son's books. Ezran, when he was older, decided to kill his father, but when he did his father shot him. The End saw this and took advantage of his love for knowledge, promising him treasure troves of it if he worked for him. So he did, and he changed his appearance and name to distance himself from the man he was once forced to call Father.

-Lana: Ezran's personal weapon. It's a rapier forged from the blood of hellhounds named Lana (it's his mother's name.) Laced with Negatium.

Iussum, Kay’s Antiverser counterpart. Was a former soldier that died because her former squadmates didn't follow orders and was twisted by The End into her Antiverser self. This led to her believing that order is needed in all things, so much so that she believes that stripping people of their free will to make them obedient dolls is for their best interests. After her first encounter with Kay, she sees him as a disappointment of a multiverser and will not take him seriously.
-Law: A white VHS 2 Assault rifle with a grenade launcher that Iussum used when she was human. It has since been modified to fight Multiversers by firing Negatium rounds.

Chalice, the Antiverser counterpart to Dexter. She is unique among the Antiversers, as unlike the others, she does not wish to harm her Multiverser counterpart. She is actually in love with him to the point of obsession and instead wishes to destroy everything/everyone he loves so that there is less to distract him from her. She implies that they've met before, but Dex doesn't yet recognize her.
-Love's Shackles: A pair of long chains forged from Negatium with blades on the end and tiny blades on the inside and outside of each chain link.


Physical Appearance (Male Form):aTrell's Civilian outfit is a black Marilyn Monroe queen of spades shirt with white cargo shorts and black and white Chuck Taylor's converse with black Hipster Horned Rim Sunglasses.

Multiverser: LaTrell's Multiverser outfit is a replica of Edward Kenways Pirate Captain outfit but instead of black with red trimming it is blue with sliver trimming with black cargo pants with a utility belt to hold it up and steel sliver combat boots. Under the hoodie, he wears a light weight armor, the same kind Deathstroke uses for his armor. His dual dao swords stay to his side and his katana strapped to his back. His side arms are two on his chest plate and two more on the side of his waist.


Multiverser Powers:

  • Aspect: Being the Aspect of power. LaTrell (in terms of raw strength) is the second most powerful there is to the Multiverser. He can hold his own against Duncan and Prime Death or Michael, Alexis, and Adam
  • Omnipotence: Like all Multiversers, he is all-powerful and is capable of creating anything and everything. He is well gifted in this area but has a way to go.
  • Omnipresence: Has the ability to be anywhere and everywhere at once. This is the ability that Multiversers use in order to exist throughout the Multiverse. He has not yet reached to the point of his training to obtain this skill.
  • Omniscience: The ability to know everything. He doesn't even know how to wield it. At all.
  • Immortality: Like all Multiversers, he is incapable of dying. However, he can only truly die if he allows himself to die, or if he is killed by an equally or more powerful Multiverser.
  • Titan (Destiny) Powers: Traveling with Adam and Michael into the world of Destiny. As the class fits his personality he has chosen the Titan class. That comes with many perks such as:

  • Striker"At close quarters a fist is better than any gun." A good heavy combat class for crowd control, with a heavy emphasis on armor and Arc Light attacks.
  • SuperFist of Havoc: One of the powers of the Titans is an Arc Light area-of-effect ground punch.
  • Grenades—Flashbang Grenade, Pulse Grenade and Lightning Grenade
  • Melee—Storm Fist: A powerful melee attack which utilizes arc light to annihilate enemies
  • Defender"The wall against which the Darkness breaks." A defensive class for shielding allies.
  • SuperWard of Dawn: The Titan casts a small bubble shield of Void Light around itself and allies. Guardians who enter the shield receive a temporary boost to defense or offense when they wander back outside of it.
  • Grenades—Magnetic Grenade, Spike Grenade and Suppressor Grenade.
  • Melee—Disintegrate: Another powerful melee attack, which upon killing an enemy, creates a Force Barrier around you, absorbing incoming damage.
  • Sunbreaker"Forge the fury of undying suns." A unique, artillery-like class that rains down Solar hammers on your foes.
  • SuperHammer of Sol: Summon a flaming hammer and wreak destruction down upon your enemies, whether up close and personal or at a distance.
  • Grenades—Thermite Grenade, Fusion Grenade, Incendiary Grenade.
  • Melee—Sunstrike: Ignite your enemies with a heavy solar strike.
  • Sentinel"Valiant heart, unwavering resolve." An offensive subclass that grants a Void shield, which can be thrown at enemies, or used to smash them with Void energy.
  • SuperSentinel Shield: Summon a glowing shield and use it to destroy your enemies however you choose.
  • Grenades—Magnetic Grenade, Voidwall Grenade, Suppressor Grenade.
  • Melee—Void Fist: Disintegrate enemies with a Void-charged punch.
  • Base Powers:

    Enhanced Senses: He is able to better perceive what is happening around him, especially through battle.

    Ki Energy: He is able to use Ki energy from Dragon Ball Z universe to shoot balls of energy of charge them up to make them into a beam or a massive ball.

    Nen: It is a technique that allows a living being to use and manipulate their own life energy

    Eagle Vision: A skill he picked up from the Assassins, He can spot out Enemies, and certain targets he is looking for, also able to focus on his surroundings and create opportunities to sneak in highly guarded places. Along with his enhanced senses he gives Deadshot a run for his money.

    Four elements: Power to bend water, earth, fire, and air to his pleasing.

    Regeneration: He can heal from any wound inflicted to him, though the ability takes longer to use depending on the severity of the wound.

    Taskmaster effect: Ability to copy anybody fighting moves he pleases.

    Thu'um: The Thu'um, also referred to as Storm Voice or simply the Voice, is a form of magic that most Nords and some others possess which utilizes the dragon language to form dragon shouts of immense power. The word itself directly translates to the word "shout" in the Dragon language. Most shouts are made up of three words of power.

    Fallout 4 Perk: With his time spent in the Fallout universe, his gained the perk chart of powers added to his abilities

    Spell casting: Not as your normal magician, LaTrell uses the magic form the Syfy show, The Magicians, And doing a vary of hand moving (tutting) to cast spells.


    Double Death: 2 PC Large Full Tang 26" Ninja Samurai Twin Tanto Blade Sword Machete Katana great for speed attacks and can be combined together to make one sword, Made of a metal that can cut through anything and everything the person holding it wants and acts as a shield.

    Shadow Saber: A katana with the head of a wolf as the hilt. This blade is made as a back up so ever Double Death is broken. This sword contains large amounts of Multiverser energy, Ki energy, and Nen making that blade a dangerous weapon.

    The R.I.P: The R.I.P (Rest In Pieces) is an assault rifle (R101-C) from the game series Titanfall but modified to the max have better accuracy and no mag as the gun has unlimited ammo for the bullets being made from concentrated Multiverse energy.

    Mustang & Sally: Two pistols (Glock 21R) that pack a punch of a shotgun and has unlimited ammo as the ammo is formed from concentrated multiverse energy.

    Rose & Violet: Another set of two pistols (454 magnum revolver) with 30mm grenade launcher. Also with unlimited ammo and much dangerous due to ammo being made of concentrated multiverse energy. Also shoots different ammo types (Incendiary, Freeze, Armor-Piercing, Flare, Stun)

    Utility belt: Holds daggers, smoke bombs, snacks, shurikens, combat knife, and all the other stuff batman has in his belt.

    Locus: A replica of the deadly sniper from Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, this sniper has been amped up to the max in firing power and accuracy. The bullets like the rest are made by LaTrell himself of Multiverser energy giving them the rightful title of "ones" for always being one shot/one kill. He designed the sniper to have a set of two scopes. One for up close and personal and the second for farther distances.

    Ace: A replica of a pistol from Destiny. This weapon isn’t called the Ace of Spades just because it has the design of the Ace of Spades in its body. It is also a very unique gun with the power of Iron man's unibeam but it's very overpowered relying on its six shots before it is useless for the duration of a week

    Yaka Arrow: The Yaka Arrow is a whistle-controlled arrow made from Yaka that uses technology native to the Centaurian people.

    Misc. Items:

    Star Destroyer: LaTrell's personal Multiverse-travelling starship/mobile base of operations, it is a Star Destroyer from the Star Wars saga . It is two times the size of the original ship so is more heavily armed with weapons and vehicles, and is capable of housing a veritable army within itself.The ships is capable of traveling at 99% light speed, which is a lot faster than the traditional light speed.

    Kappa A.I/"Vanessa": Rather than just being a sexy figure and apart of LaTrell's Harem, Vanessa represents intelligence. When activated an automatic scan of the area is started and given in a series of bullet points to show LaTrell what he needs to watch out for. This combination of power and intelligence is a deadly combo when battle mode is activated. This shows the attacking opponents weak points and calculates when and where they will attack.

    Black Death: Black Death is LaTrell's personal dragon and one of his closet friends. Black Death is from a race of dragons that he created that are so rare that only Black Death is the last of his kind. He has 10 foot long wings and a strangely short neck compared to other dragons. His scales are naturally black but can adapt to its environment when hunting prey or feeling threaten. His arms and legs are about half the size of his wings. His tail is 15 feet long with his tail as comes to a point. He is able to match the speed of a Night Fury. This is a loyal heart warming dragon that is protective over his rider. It is also dangerous and smart. A deadly combination.

    Assault Titan: A Titan produced by Hammond Robotics codenamed XT-5412. It has a balance of mobility and armor, It stands at 288 feet tall being recreated by LaTrell himself as he would like to be on even playing fields against Adam's and Michael robot. It carries an XO-16 Chaingun. With a shield that catches enemies bullets and rockets and shoots them back at them.


    God Mode: Only uses it as a last resort when he is facing a really strong opponent. Longer he stays in it, the more he loses his sanity. The form appearance is similar to Naruto Six Paths form but a blue and sliver color.

    Devil Mode: The mode is similar to God Mode, but yet stronger as he basically puts a middle finger to what's right in it's face and do whatever he sees fit as he become a beast. This form appearance to Devil Jin from Tekken. A dark purple aura surrounds him.

    Avatar state: He is able to go into the Avatar state and use his bending ten times stronger then a fully peaked Avatar. Being a spilt avatar, he does not have the traditional light blue eyes instead they glow a menacing red color in times of anger but a light red when he is clam.

    Dragon Mode: With the simple words or the thought of it Vul-Thur-Yol' LaTrell can turn himself or various parts of his body into the dragon from Skyrim Vul-Thur-Yol

    Training Methods:

  • Working out in intense gravity. Dodges lazer shooting bots. Always going higher then the last time he left off.
  • A shooting range where he can have a non moving target, to an all out simulation of a battle field.
  • A training dummy named Mokujin that can and will fight back.
  • Meditation to be able to keep his emotion in check during battle.
  • He does all this in a hyperbolic time chamber so one days of training equals one year of training
  • Subconscious Roommates: Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Afro Samurai, Danny Fenton, Deadpool RedBox (The evil subconscious but it is very quiet until in god mode or is very pissed off), Tatsumi, Roy Mustang, Ban, Spawn, Black Dynamite, Quentin Coldwater, Saitama/ One Punch Man, Logan/ Wolverine, Samurai Jack, Frank Castle (The Punisher)


    Kronos, God of the Multiverse, superhero, Shield Agent, Daredevil, Ghost Hunter, The Split Avatar, Assassin, Pirate, Mortal Kombat Champion, Z-Warrior, Agent of Providence, Justice League member, Gladiator, Teen Titan, Dragon Rider, SAO Survivor, Pro Hunter, The Number One (Afro Samurai), Night Raid member, Dovahkiin, Dragonborn, Magician


    Avatar: The Multiverser story: I once was a human, another meat bag but not anymore! I'm an all powerful being of immense power! Basically I'm a God but ten times more awesome. What happens when I jump into the ancient world of bending? Look out guys cause a new Multiverser is coming your way and I'm dying for some action!

    Multiverse Kombat: Hot ninja chicks, beating the toughest Mortal Kombat characters, Dubstep, fighting Shao Khan, PARTIES! Well sounds like me, Michael, and Adam have a lot of work to do if we want to survive and be title greatest warriors to ever live.

    Me VS. Me?: So I'm out looking for something for Michael but instead and I go through a portal that leads me to this place full of mirrors and I just stepped out of one instead this isn't me, it has more of a dark energy feeling and has glowing red eyes. So I have to beat myself if I want to make it out alive. Just great.

    Multiverser Creed: We may dress as the Assassins but we are not part of their creed, we take what we want as the Templars but we are not apart of them ether. We are our own creed and we do as we please but we do what's good for the people of France and everything in our power to stop this revolution.

    Dragon Ball Z: Multiverser edition: This is a dream come true! Me and Michael are going to be diving into the my favorite anime series of all time. But wait, something is wrong. The bad guys are stronger than they should be! Its a good thing the Z fighters have two Multiversers on their side and ready to kick some ass!

    Multiverser Ga Kill: A world with a corrupt government and deadly people killing the weak for their own desire. Night Raid, a group of assassins who kill the evil for the revolution. I have no reason to hold back anymore.

    The Seven Days of a Multiverser: When I am not kicking ass all across the multiverse or helping my other Multiverser do it, I live a "simple" life. The best I can since I live with over forty chicks and most of them or like all of them have super power!?! Let's see how this works out.

    Noragami Multiverse: In a world full of phantoms, we're just two stray gods trying to make a name for ourselves by doing all types of work for only five yen. -Sigh- I don't know why I still hang around this jersey wearing god. But we have to start somewhere right?


    Multiverser Stories:

    Generator Rex Multiversers!: A massive explosion released high concentrations of nanites into the atmosphere, infecting almost every living thing on Earth. The nanites active randomly turning people into E.V.Os (Exponentially Variegated Organism). Now it is up to Michael, Rex, and me to cure the people of their bad nanites and save the world! Yep just your average day.


    Multiverser x Hunter: (Hunter x Hunter fic)

    Multiverse Eater: (Soul Eater fic)

    Phone Calls of the Multiverser: (One shots)

    The Multiverser Alchemist: (Fullmetal Alchemist fic)

    My Multiverser Academia: (Boku no Hero Academia/My Hero Academia)

    Tokyo Ghoul: Multiverser Edition: (Tokyo Ghoul obviously)

    Lone Wanderer: (Fallout 4 fic)

    The Dawn of a New Era: Thousands and thousands of years has passed. The Multiversers we had grown to know have all stepped down and with these mighty champions in retirement, it seems the time for a new beginning to stop this threat, are these six up to the challenge?

    The 100 (The 100 fic)

    DEATH BATTLE!!!: (A Death Battle one shot)


    (Original Characters)

    Jasmine (Avatar: The Multiverser story):

    Akemi (Avatar: The Multiverser story):

    Vanessa (Artificial Intelligence fragment):

    Amy (Ultimate Spider-Man):

    Adéle (Multiverser Creed):

    Android #21/Veronica (Dragon Ball Z):

    Hizikia (Dragon Ball Z):

    Amanda (Generator Rex):

    Maria Cobham (Multiverse Black Flag):

    Ase (How to Train your Dragon with a Multiverser):

    Brittney McMahon/Power-X (Teen Titans Multiverse Adventure):

    Dove (Teen Titans Multiverse Adventure)

    Morgan Moore (Justice League Multiversers):

    Ava ( Star Wars)

    Recorder (Skyrim Mod):

    Avatar: The last Airbender: Ty Lee, Kyoshi Warriors, Suki

    The Ultimate Spider-Man: Ava Alaya/White Tiger, Gwen Stacey, Mary Jane

    Danny Phantom: Paulina, Jazz Fenton, Valerie,

    Justice League: Supergirl, Wondergirl, Batgirl, Stargirl, Fire

    Mortal Kombat: Kitana

    DC Universe: Harley Quinn (Batman: Arkham City), Bette Kane (Young Multiverser), Asami "Sam" Koizumi (Young Multiverser), Phantom Girl, Terra/Tara Markov (Young Multiverser), Holly Granger

    Marvel Universe: Rouge (X-Men),

    SSX: Kaori Nishidake, Elise Riggs, Alexis Moreau

    Assassins Creed IV: Rhona Dinsmore

    Sword Art Online: Lisbeth/Shinozaki Rika, Sakuya, Alicia Rue

    Noragami: Bishamon/Vaisravana

    Heaven's Lost Property: Ikaros, Nymph, Astrea, Sohara Mitsu

    Akame Ga Kill: Akame, Chelsea, Leone, Mein, Sheele, Esdeath

    Tokyo Ghoul: Rize Kamishiro, Touka Kirishima

    Fullmetal Alchemist: Riza Hawkeye

    Seven Deadly Sins: Jericho, Elaine

    Naruto: Kurotsuchi, Kin Tsuchi, Tenten

    My Hero Academia: Momo Yaoyorozu, Nemuri Kayama, Tooru Hagakure

    Skyrim: Serena, Lydia, Alea The Huntress, Astrid

    The 100: Clarke Griffin, Octavia Blake, Raven Reyes

    Psychology Evaluation on Multiversers (cont.)

    Subject: LaTrell Verser


    After finding a predecessor's notes on a certain Michael Verser another of his kind- named LaTrell Verser- came to me with the intent of forming his own psychological profile. This report details what had transpired during our time interviews together.

    At the start of our interview It has seem that LaTrell has quite the personalty. He has a enormous ego which is a main threat in his battle as he sees that everyone is weaker then him who doesn't rank in power as he does. He has confirmed that he hates being weak because all of his life he was picked on for being him and he couldn't do nothing about. He hates being beaten in battle and feeling to weak to protect his friends, and loved ones.

    Once on the topic of his old family he quickly try to change the subject. I had let it slide for the once but I think the patient has a rough family or he doesn't like to talk about his past. He stated that he misses his own family but he has a new family, the Versers, reason to be why he changed his last name to Verser, He feels right at home even if he doesn't speak or hear from his new family as often.

    I caught him mumbling lyrics to a song he later explained to me had sentimental value to him, he said it reminded him of a loved one he left behind. I felt sympathy for him since becoming one of these Multiversers has token away a past life and history. The patient is talkative and tries to avoid talking about his feelings or what is on his mind but in due time he talked. He missed the one called Vanessa and says he often thinks of her. He also states that he made an Artificial Intelligence fragment of her into his ship so that they'll be together.

    He says he spends his time wondering the Multiverse and being sexually active with many of his girlfriends. I suspect due that he has been exposed with God like powers he has gone insane and his sanity is only hanging by a thread. He was given many titles; Hero, Multiverser, Savior, etc. He goes on and on of his accomplishments and saying its only the beginning.

    Yes it is confirmed that he does indeed have a massive ego. I asked if he had to killed anyone and regretted and then he went simply silent. He told me that he was force to and swears that he'll hunt down [INFORMATION REDACTED] and have his revenge for having him kill [INFORMATION REDACTED].

    He says that he went toe toe with himself in some evil mirror dimension and nearly lost his life but in the end our hero won.

    He told me that he never wanted kids since he is cursed with the gift of immortality but one day one of his wives gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and once he got to pick her up and stare her into her beautiful blue eyes. He says and I quote "You are the love of my life. Everything I have... everything I am. Is yours forever." Which was follow by him giving her a kiss on the forehead.

    Throughout his Journeys he has shown great improvement on his powers and his mental state but he stills knows how to have fun. Yet he shows much of Duncan Verser in him and at the mention of his name LaTrell smirks and balls his fist. I was informed that he has a fierce rivalry with him and is determined to be better then him.

    I have come to conclusion that LaTrell is a God. He makes difficult decision for the best of him and the people he cares for. He admits some failures but is determined to get stronger and fight them to his last breath as he quote "With every battle, he gets stronger." He keeps some what sanity even though it might slip from his grasps sooner or later. He won't give up on his friends and will risk his life to protect his loved ones and family. A threat to most of his enemy and a force to be reckoned with. If with more years of training he'll might be a threat to the Multiverser and the Multiverse itself so Its a great idea to keep him sane and calm.

    As agreed, I will be having my memories of the interviews erased by LaTrell afterwards. If anyone finds these files, please continue with the work that has been started, and gather more information based on these Multiversers to see if they can be reintegrated into society. And if so, that they find some level of peace, one that so few are able to find.


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