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Author has written 3 stories for Yu Yu Hakusho, and Supernatural.

okay, i'm on a lot of sites, fictionzone, lunaescence, fanfiction, mediaminer, animespiral, and even n-fiction, i gave up on a couple of the sites already. with mostly anime related stories.

Since i've been watching Supernatural, i've starting typing tv-show type fan fictions, and i'm loving it.

Stories on here:

A Life Of A Rose: KH2: BEEN DELETED. I haven't been around to update and since i got my first flame, and she said no one wants to see Sora in love with an OC of my selection, so if you see Lunamaria on here go ahead and thank her for its deletion. i know i'm thanking her for my first flame. because i know people other then her like the story.

The Blind Psychic: YYH: BEEN DELETED. I haven't been able to have my muse come back from the Bahama's and that was a dead story to begin with.

Siblings Lost Then Found: YYH: BEEN DELETED. Um...yeah, it just sucked. That needs no more of

Of Which The Past Haunts- is About a Dean and Sam getting tricked into staying at a haunted house, along with six other people, Twins David and Dan, brother sister Stephan and Jackie, and brother sister Sarah and Dick. Sarah and Dick's mom died the same way as the Winchesters, and Sarah hunts demons. Stephen is a so-called demon hunter(nice little cover up though from the truth) Mother also died same way. David and Dan are just draged into it, they were adopted and the adopted parents made them take Demonology classes(didn't believe till then) cause a demon kill their kids. and its a Dean/OC(Sarah) romance.

Boogy Problems- Sarah has issues with the past big time in this one. nightmares are causing her to sleep very little, and somehow Sam is also seeing her nightmares. Anyway she called Dean and Sam cause she needs help on a boogeyman case she's been on for three months. they stay at Sarah's friend Clare's (who has two kids, a four year old and an almost six month old) and they also have help from two teen twins, Tom and Keith. they go to a haunted house in Altoona, Pennsylvania looking for the boogeyman and the missing kids(4 missing kids 1's dead) . but will Sarah's past fear with the dark catch up with her, and make her fall victim as well, heh i don't even know yet but it sounds good to me. Still Dean/Sarah

A Love Story For Kuwabara?-Yes a love story for Kuwabara from Yu Yu Hakusho. Kuwabara is the most Bashed person in fanfictions so i wanted to give him a chance. Kioka, ever since her love died a100 years ago she closed herself off from any if not all emotions, and worked with Koenma. yes she is Human but when you are in Spirit World age don't work like that. so Koenma sends her to train Kuwabara to fight girls(cat demons), and expect her not to let any emotions loose(contract to work for Koenma). to Kioka's dismay, she does fall in love with him and takes a potion to freeze her heart once more but Kurama's accidentally counter acted it. leaveing Kioka to get her memories wiped.

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