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Author has written 9 stories for Legend of Zelda, and Fullmetal Alchemist.

Ohayo! I'm Shiruba Neko, aka Ieva, Neko, or Shura. I write mainly Full Metal Alchemist stories (and most if not all are Scar-centric), although I do write other stuff.

My fandoms include (not in any particular order):
~Full Metal Alchemist
~Pirates of the Caribbean
~Legend of Zelda (especially Wind Waker)
~Lord of the Rings (books and movie)
~Rurouni Kenshin
~Fruits Basket
~Harry Potter
~Wolf's Rain
~Vampire Game

Beware the slowness of my writing! If I suddenly stop updating anything for an extended period of time (meaning over 2 weeks), feel free to poke me and remind me that there are people waiting on me. By the way, look at my muses, Scar and Envy! The lazy muses I had before quit on me; these two are so much better. So everyone say hi!
Scar: Hey.
Envy: Yo.
They're such great muses that they get their own story! Entitled "Muses O' Doom", it details their adventures as my muses. Much fun for all. Oh, and I am now in possession of a cageful of Spoats (spider-goat chimeras), which are incredibly loyal and will attack flamers, rabid Hughes fangirls after Envy's blood, and those who call Scar-san evil for me. Haha!

Fun Quotes

~We are not affected by the twilight zone because we ARE the twilight zone. ~me ~Oh no! Captain Stagflation and the Recession Fish! It's an economists worst nightmare! ~me
~Oh, lookit me, I'm the Riddler, and my special power is that I make up stupid riddles that give away our plans! ~Brownie Child ~WTF? He just turned into a -bleep-ing chimera! With a bed! ~me
~Squeal like a broken dolphin. ~me
~Scar is a sexy hobo. ~I don't remember
~Congratulations. Your little brother has graduated from hiding cats in his armor to hiding Ishbalan serial murderers. ~snide voice in Ed's mind
~Brownie Child: No, really, I'm dead serious!
Jabberwocket: No, I'm dead Sirius! (explanation: her Harry Potter persona-whatsit is Sirius Black)
~Stop blowing holes in my ship! ~Jack Sparrow
~So, what, Scar is afraid of small pandas? ~me
~Gluttony is like a giant puppy. That eats people. ~me
~Lucius' sparkly magic, WHEEEE! ~me
~Kuro is a girly man, hahahahaha! ~me
~Well, Europe is a very complicated place... ~Jabberwocket
~Guns are for sissies. ~me
~If you don't think Jesus is an alien, then Scientology is not for you! ~Jabberwocket
~Fetch me the beverage of my chosing. ~Nat
~Fair is foul and foul is fair, hover through fog and filthy air... ~The Witches from Macbeth
~Make your choice, adventurous Stranger, strike the bell and bide the danger, or wonder 'till it drives you mad, what would have followed if you had... ~The Magician's Nephew (the book)
~Whale eggs! ~Monica
~Watch out for that tofu heart! ~Shelby
~Rule Number One is to not give Elizabeth the room key. ~Kelly
~Palm Tree Head and the rest of the Freak Patrol ~Anasazi Darkmoon
~Well, YOU'RE so gullible that you come from Lior! ~me
~Scar, you look like a drowned rat. Hehehe-- OW! THAT'S MY GOOD ARM! ~Ed
~Wow, your god is mean. ~Al
~Even when one is in pain, they may sleep. But one who causes others pain can never sleep. ~Scar
~Excuse me, are you the imprint of a departed soul? ~Ron
~Curse your Homunculosity, Envy! ~me
~I don't LIKE flying! ~Scar
~Flee like you mean it! ~me
~I think like Ed. I look like Ed. I act like Ed half the time. So why the hell does everyone call me Scar? ~me
~Scar is armed and dangerous. ~me
~I'm going to fail! P-H-A-L-E, that's how bad I'm going to fail! ~Jabberwocket
~You poor thing. You're a sin against nature and your body is in so much pain. Oh merciful God who shapes us all, please return these scarred souls to your unending womb... ~Scar
~You are human. ~Scar (to Alphonse)
~Yo, Hagane no Chibi-san! ~Envy
~Poor Scar. Getting sick, being stuffed in a suit of armor, hallucinating, nearly drowning, being kidnapped, being called a rat...He's a busy guy, isn't he? ~BHS
~Pretend...pretend that I'm Brigadier General Gran who now owns your soul. ~Ed
~Scar is like a stray cat that everyone secretly wants to take home and feed. ~me
~He may have a scary face, but he's a nice person, isn't he. ~Mei Chan (about Scar)
~ZOMG! Scar's dub voice actor guy was the animal truck man from that movie! ~me
~Welcome to the Department of Redundancy Dept. welcomes you! ~me
~Dammit, I lost the Game! ~me and most of my friends
~Ah, Lord of the Rings impressions with Oberon... ~me
~Lord what fools these mortals be! ~Puck (Midsummer Night's Dream)
~How low am I, you...painted maypole! Well? How low am I? I am not so low that my nails cannot reach into thine eyes! ~Hermia (Midsummer Night's Dream)
~And we're painting the stage green because...? ~me
~Hohenheim is an acid spitting leaf monster. ~me
~It's not just any demon, it's a SHINY demon! ~me
~My foot is now a harpsichord. ~Jabberwocket
~Whether the weather be cold; or whether the weather be hot; whatever the weather; we're in this together; whether we like it or not. ~A pre-performance warmup exercise for (theater) actors
~There's corn in my brownie! ~me
~My tea tastes like fish. ~Jabberwocket
~Dear God, it's like playing an extremely creepy version of "Where's Waldo"! ~me
~I'm gonna kill you! In the face! ...With a spoon! ~Jabberwocket
~And don't forget the fearsome Alchemist Killer, Melvin! ~Anasazidarkmoon
~We are pretty little Hamgoon! Every day so lovely and happy day! ~Korean notebook
~Ten fingers are better, you nine-fingered bastard! ~Jabberwocket
~Tucker definitely needs a warning label! It should read "Warning: Insane Sasquatch Bastard imminent. Avoid at all costs. If it gets in eyes, flush immediately with warm water." ~Anasazidarkmoon
~Only you, Kadesky. Only you. ~Jabberwocket

Scar Song Collection
Well, I've discovered several songs that I believe fit Scar (FMA) very nicely, and I felt like posting them up. If you know any good ones that aren't on the list, I'd be happy if you'd drop me an e-mail and tell me about them. :3

~Boulevard of Broken Dreams (Green Day) ~Red Right Hand (not sure)
~Recognize (Flaw)
~Payback (Flaw)
~Only the Strong (Flaw)
~Best I Am (Flaw) NOTE: This one is for his friendship with Al
~Behind Blue Eyes (The Who)
~Nemo (Nightwish)
~Pieces (Sum 41)
~Walking on a Thin Line (Huey Lewis & The News)
~Sad but True (Metallica) NOTE: this is his right arm talking; it's kinda creepy.
~Somewhere I Belong (Linkin Park)
~Crawling (Linkin Park)
~I'm Alive (Disturbed)
~My End Has Come (Ben Moody)

Story Status:

Stories In Progress:

Time Slip: This story is kinda like a present for Scar-san, so me and Envy are the ones working on it (occasionally Scar-san will step in to help a bit). Why is it a present? Because it involves Scar-san getting the chance to see his (entirely sane) niisan again (the thought of this makes me so happy that I want to cry with joy). It's a mini-fic, so will probably be about four chapters long, depending on how much I want to have happen. ON HIATUS (because I can't think of what to happen next, but I am planning on completing this)
Brothers: Been planning this one for a while; it's the sequel to Illness, and it's gonna be a whole lot longer, with longer chapters too. NOTE: I am having some serious writer's block and general apathy with this story, as can probably be seen by the fact that I have not updated it in forever. It is not dead, I will get back to it eventually.
Beauty and the Beast: Although this is technically a collection of oneshots, a lot of them are going to be connected enough that it could be considered something 'in progress'. Also seeing as how it was originally intended as a challenge spanning 30 themes (for the 30 underscore nights community on LJ if anyone was curious), I guess that could count for something that could be completed. There will probably be stuff not from the challenge though, since I really like this pairing. Also apologies for the corny title, it's just the first thing I think of when I think of this pairing.

Stories which will no longer be updated:

Muses O' Doom: Due to various circumstances, most notable of which that this story has actually turned into an RP with two of my friends and their characters and thus there is now far too much to explain and too many characters and yeah. If anyone is absolutely desperate to read more of the adventures of my muses and I, feel free to PM me and I can see about sending you the original chat RP document and possibly the link to the written RP on LJ. I may actually one day finish that Halloween chapter and post it, but other than that no more.
The First Wings:
It may or may not have been obvious that I will never update this again. In fact I will probably eventually delete it.

Completed Stories:

Grudging Respect: Well, after a long, hard haul, my first FMA story has finally been completed. (looking back, it is not as good as I thought it was, I may one day edit it but probably will never get around to it, also I'm 99.9 sure there isn't gonna be a sequel)
Illness: It took nearly all summer, but it's over. It was really fun to write, and I'll miss it. Ah, well, that's what sequels are for! (See: Brothers)

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