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Author has written 1 story for Strike Witches, and Azur Lane/碧蓝航线.

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Strike Witches

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Brave Witches

Girls und Panzer

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Call Of Duty Classic, 1, 2 and 3 Modren Warfares, Black Ops 1, 2 and 3, Advanced Warfare and Infinite Warfare

Crysis 1, 2 and 3

Killzone 1, 2 and 3

Resistance: Fall of the man

Resistance 2

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Have to have my permission to borrow the OC.

Neuroi Girls OC from Strike Witches:

Name: Relius Abernathy

Age: 20 to 21 Years Old

Core Type: Wing Variable Type Neuroi Core

Original Of Birth: Angeloid-Neuroi Hybird (The body of Angeloid and body of Neuroi Girl)

Heights: 5ft. 4 inches (162cm)

Weight: Never Ask A Women Her Weight

Hair: White

Eye Colors: Blue (Angel Form) and Red (Battle Mode)

Skin: Fair Complexion

Body Shape: Athletics (with E-Cup)

Neuroi Classification: Alpha Queen (Class 12), Wave Hunter (Class 10)

Affiliation: Blue Neuroi

Speed In The Air: Mach 12

Motto By The Humans: Is That An Angel?

Attitudes and Ocean Depths: more and under than 80,000ft (due to her being half Angeloid, she can survive outer space breathing for about 460 hours and can walk the ocean floor for 720 hours due to her wings absorbed water to make her too heavyweight and is the deepest Angeloid-Neuori Hybrid to ever walk the ocean floor than any submarines of today)

Notice Appearances: Relius have a pair white of wings attached on her back. She can shrink them so she can put on her clothes, Also she is a Blue Neuori Queen as she have blue-small tiled hexagons all over her body. Like her wings her hair was white but with blue highlight. It appeared in the front she have a short hair, but her back her hair is actually reaching unit to her leg as they were tied up as two phonytails. She was wearing just white astral dress and not armor, and she appeared to be older little past teenage ages.

Battle Transformation Mode: As a guest of wind surrounding her before she glowed while transforming. Her while wings spared while her body change its appearance, while being in a dress to be in a battle armor with the same small blue tiled-hexagons. Unlike most Neuori, she wears white Neuori shell armor instead of black one. Her cleavages were somehow exposed from this armor for some reason. Her nose and mouth is covered by mask, but she can slide it off if she wants to show her face.

Hobbies: She usually like rubbing on a smooth surfaces of spherical or almost spherical objects like balls or watermelon for some reason, it soothes her.

Weapon(S): Angelus (It's sword that usually glows yellow when used. She can shoot off beam projectiles and can pretty much cut with it too.), Aegis Energy Shield: Gives Reluis a 360 degree protection and is immune to any attack including Rezppen spells, Artemis Missile System: An all range attack missile (when Reluis is at disadvantage) and they come out of her wings, Special Weapon: Apllon Bow (she can use to summone magic portal for bow and arrow), can destroy an entire nation with one drop of arrow and can use the Aegis as a blast route (Reluis never use it against civilian targets, only military targets).

Ability(S): Desecration Wave (Using a single beam coming from Angelus, the beam can have its size and width depending on a target area, and is adjusted it during her attack to compensate for time and usage of ability from the beginning where a charge usually made, and she can use it to destroy the Red Neuori Hives and Warlocks.)

base on: Ikaros from Sora No Otoshimono and sharing with StrikerStanding692


Name: Vera Neckiton

Neuroi Name: Jynetta

Core Type: Elite Type Neuroi Core

Birthday: June 22 (according to Earth-Time) (apparently to be 17 or 18 Years Old)

Original Of Birth: Organic Neuroi Girl (Body of Neuroi Girl and Have a organs like a humans)

Heights: 5ft. 4 inches (162 cm)

Hair Colors: Brown (can choose to make her hair match on her emotions.)

Eye Colors: Olive Green (Human Form), Blue (Neuroi Form)

Skin: Fair complexion (Can turn pale if she is on her Neuroi Form)

Body Shape: Lean (with abs visible) (Size D-Cup)

Classification Neuroi: Wave Hunter (Class 8)

Nationality: American/Libertion-Style Neuroi

Affiliation: Blue Neuroi Queen's Elite Guard or Elite 1st Blue Neuroi Space Commandos (with rank of Major or lower)

Weapons: Wrath Tentacles, Frost-Sword Retarynax

Abilities: Wrath (Using the Ruler's Wrath, she can make 8 tentacles come out of her back. With her red eyes and red Retarynax, she can attack and defend herself at almost all sides. Her attack and defensive speed can increased as well.)

Base on: Ren from DearS and sharing with StrikerStanding692


Ace Combat OC:

Name: Lex Phantom

Sex: Male

Eye Colors: Silvers

Hair Color: Blond Hair (just like Elia Illmatar Juutilainen's hair color from Strike Witches)

Hairstyles: Pixie

Age: 20 Years Old (22 Ace Combat Infinity)

Rank: Major

National: USA

Languages: English, Germany, Japanese

Date Of Birth: March 11, 20XX (same as Minna Dietlinde Wilcke's Birthday from Strike Witches)

Heights: 5ft, 9in

Weight: 175lbs

Body Mass: Well Toned (not too muscle, just well built)

Blood Types: O Positive

Genetic Types: Genetic Engineering Human

Military Branch: 118th Tactical Fighter Command of the USS Enterprises of 5th United Nations Coalition Force Fleet

Plane: F-35B/C Lighting II, F-22A Raptor, H-8 Global Defender (Independent Day: Resurgence Hybird Plane) and SATO-11 Jackal (Infinite Warfare Multi-Role Plane)

Weapons: M9 Beretta

Genetic Engineering Human Abilities:

Enhanced Strength (Can lift up to 2,000lbs)

Enhanced Eye Sight (Due to his Silver eyes)

Enhanced Immune System (does not get sick to any diseases)

Enhanced Advance Healing Abilities (Heal faster than average humans)

Enhanced Memory (Start to remembered since Lex was 3 Years Old and easily pass schools and colleges Exams)

Enhanced Hearings (Can hear though low volumes)

Rapid Information Processing Abilities (Can learn faster than average humans)

SEED Mode (Dramatic Boost his Enhanced Abilities I listened)

Base on: Kira Yamato from Gundam Seed and Seed Destiny

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Crossover - Doom & RWBY - Rated: M - English - Sci-Fi/Adventure - Chapters: 37 - Words: 360,592 - Reviews: 2583 - Favs: 3,214 - Follows: 3,595 - Updated: 12/18/2021 - Published: 2/9/2017 - Doomguy, Ozpin, Team RWBY, Team JNPR
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