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Author has written 4 stories for Inuyasha, and Witch Hunter Robin.
T.v. Show host: Hello and welcome to, whos' the real lola! AND NOW FOR THE SHOW! *game show music starts* bababababa ba ba ba bababababa!
...ok. *points to screen with shadow of mystery lola #1*
This first lola says she loves quite walks on the beach along with lovely chats with the people inside her head. She also enjoys terriozing the child at the elememtry school by telling them alien abduction stories!
*music starts agian*
bababa ba ba bababa! ok.
*points to second screen with mystery lola #2*
This second lola likes to try to brush her hair in the morning, but says she ends up with broken brushes and clumps of knotted hair. AND thats not all, she also enjoys rambling on about strange topics like, why those stupid dictator parents of hers wont let her kill her sister.
*music starts*
bababab ba ba ba babababa! ok.
*points to screen with mystery lola #3*
And last but not least this third lola...
*smoke comes from behind third screen, lola kicks down screen and is holding a bazooka*
Lola #3: COME ON guys i've had enough, we're gonna miss our show!

Name: Lola...but to YOU, call me empress of the united states of america...thats right EMPRESS!

Location: Las vegas until...the sun blows up.

gender: female

hobbies and interests: lets see i like the animes~ witch hunter robin, inuyasha, trigun, cowboy bebop, ranma 1/2, Kenshin, vampire princess miyu, blood: the last vampire, vampire hunter D (sorry just thinking up all these vampire shows...), hellsing, grave of fire flies, evangelion, flcl, spirted away (now im thinking of movies...wait no insperation left.), sakura wars, yu yu hakasho, (oh its back!) perfect blue, plastic little, X ,lupin the third, G.T.O, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Dead Leaves.

Some manga that i like to read are~ alice 19th, x-day, fushigi yugi, ceres (btw i really like this author if ya didn't notice...), marmalade boy, boys over flowers, kare kano, rave master, Modle, Lament of the lamb, Kodacha,heck theres more but my brain won't let me burn more cells...

other hobbies: Painting, drawing, and i suppose living...

Favorite non-anime movie of all time would have to be labyrinth.

music: The voodoo glow skulls, Garbage, The distillers, The Vines, The Strokes, Reel Big Fish, Porcupine Tree, BiffNaked,ac/dc, Guns and Roses, David Bowie, Deff Tones, TheCranberries, Pink Floyd, Zombina and the Skeletons, Operation Ivy, and The Ramones.

*I intend to live forever-so far so good.
*If you lend some one 20$ and never see them again it was probably worth it...
* I find it hard to be religous when certain people are not incinerated by bolts of lighting.
* ^.^
- my face
* My sister was once bitten by a mouse. Magestic moose, magestic meese? (cowboy bebop)

...but wait theres more!! *silent*

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