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Author has written 2 stories for Inuyasha, and Final Fantasy VII.

Forewarning: I am a working citizen, so my writing comes second at the moment. I do apologize to all my fans for being gone so long. Blame life if you want to. I'm still writing though, so keep checking in on me.

What's my name: Jade the Inujin is all you need to know
How old am I: 21, I disbelieve it.
What gender am I: Jury's still out on that
Where am I: Well... I’m not sure really, but my best guess is on some planet… But in my head, I'm in feudal Japan!
What do I like to do: Read, write, draw - very poorly might, I add - sing, act, talk to my fiancé, listen to Japanese music, oogle, play RPGs, LARP, ect.
What makes me tick: People who hate anime/manga and fanfiction, stupid "scary" movies, people that always complain about their love lives, people that make my anime husband look like a gay sex slave (Sesshoumaru), people that drool over my woman (SayaYuma), people that put down manga/anime because they don't like the art, people that are ignorant by choice, jerk-off lawyers, and the list goes on and on...
What scares the crap out of me: ... wouldn't you like to know.
Top Bishonen are: This is their order: 1)Sesshoumaru(Inuyasha), 2)Sha Gojyo(Saiyuki), 3)Konrart(Kyo Kara Maoh), 4)Kaoru Niikura(Dir-en-grey's lead guitarist), 5-7)Vincent Valentine(FF7), Tuomas Holopainen(Nightwish’s keyboardist), and Yoshiki Hayashi(X-Japan's drummer). There are others, but those were the ones that pop up when I think bishi.
My Bishoujo: (There really is no order... yet) Melfina(Outlaw Star), Kaname Chidori(Full Metal Panic), Noriko Tachiki(From Far Away), Kagura(Inuyasha), Chiroro-sensei(Psychic Academy), Souma(RG Veda), Kendapa(RG Veda) Ito Miura(W Juliet), Riza Hawkeye(Full Metal Achemist), Raquel(Scrapped Princess), Kaoru(Juvenile Orion), Integra Hellsing(Hellsing), Lisa(Final Fantasy Unlimited), Lucrecia Noin(Gundam Wing), Orihime Inoue (Bleach)... and many others.
Do I game: I have my PS2 hooked up at last! I found my PC version of Final Fantasy Seven! I bought FFXII a few months back, but I'm still in the middle of it right because of life’s drama. I have The Legend of Dragoon, The Secret of the Cursed Mask - Inuyasha RPG - and Feudal Fairytale; that's the Inuyasha fighter fyi that I own as well. (I rock with Sess and Kagura!) I have Tekkan 5 because five is the only one that matters, but I can’t wait to see the 6th one this fall. I own the Eragon RPG, which my fiancé plays with me! I got a freebee from my neighbor a while back called Rebel Raiders: Operation Nighthawk, but I’m willing to part with it. I don't know if anyone remembers this game, but I also have Gundam Battle Assault 2.
My fav books:

Narnia series

Inheretence series

Wicked and Son of a Witch (Wicked sequel)

A Taste of Crimson

A Taste of Darkness

No Rest for the Wicked (Haha! Sebastian can't handle a hard-on!)

And manga (duh!)
Anime I watch:

Azu Manga Daio (how can you turn it down? HOW!?)

Big O (It's a classic! Long live humanXandroid!)

Black Blood Brothers (It's the teen-aged, emo Alucard... enough said)

Bleach (The quincy needs to die… enough said)

Burst Angel (Jo and Meg are HOTT... together!)

Chrono Crusade (Aion should be the main character DAMN IT!)

DN Angel (Krad is beast!)


Final Fantasy Unlimited (Lisa is... yeah)

FLCL (...don't ask)

Fruits Basket (I like most pairings... YOU KEEP TRYING WITH TORI, AYA!)

Full Metal Alchemist (its angsty but y'all know I love that stuff)

Full Metal Panic (Rock on Sousuke)

Gravitation (Yeah for homosexuals!)

Gundam Wing (love the plot)

Hellgirl (I love the katana boy!)

Hellsing (crazy...cool... vampires...)



Kiddy Grade (I hate Eclaire, but I love Armburst…)

Kyou Kara Mao (he got swirlied into demon world... hehe)

Loveless (see Gravitation)

Mythical Detective Loki Ragnorok (Norse gods rock!)

Naruto (ninjas rock)

Nedesco (hehehe... its cute)

One Piece (Pirates are awesome... Zolo or Sanji? ACE!!)

Outlaw Star (Melfina... she melts me)

Pretear (its a kinky Captain Planet so watch it)

Princess Tutu (I respect dancers, damn it!)

Rayearth: Legendary Magic Knights (I'm addicted to it)

Rurouni Kenshin (go ansty little ppl)

Saiyuki (the guys kick ass and I love Gojyo's angst)

Samurai Champloo (Go, Jin go!)

Scapped Princess (The brother is a housewife!)

Shaman King (ghosts are cool)

Slayers (... what can I say)

Sorcerer Hunters (Because they're named after foods... HA! XD)

Spiral (Go KanonexEyes!)

Tactics (Haruka needs to bang Kan-kun XP)

Those Who Hunt Elves(... must I comment?)

Trigun (AWESOME)

Trinty Blood (For the first time, I don’t hate the Vatican)

Yami no Matsuei (Descendants of Darkness for those who don't know its real name)

Yu-Gi-Oh (It's because I watch the Abridged Series... Look it up!)

Yu Yu Hakusho (It's not just for Yoko either)

and it's still growing…
Fav games (and i do have some):

DDR (Who doesn't? If you don't I'll beat you to a pulp)

Feudal Fairytale (Sess tells Kagura "I Love You", ha ha ha)

FF7(nah really)

FF8 (gawd dammed boss fight!)

FF9 (Kuja is Sephiroth spliced with David Bowie… HA!)

FF12 (BalthierXFran is all I'm going to say...)

Inuyasha RPG (SHUT UP! I like it)

Karaoke Revolution (I like Diamonds! XD)

Kingdom Hearts I & II (Riku will always be cooler than Sora)

Legend of Dragoon (Dart's cool but... silver... hair... can't resist… Lloyd!)

Tekken 3-5 (woot for beating up ppl)


A World Apart (Sesshoumaru/OC fic - up and running, it’s not dead! I promise!)

The Phantom of Nibelheim (a Phantom of the Opera/FF7 fic – it’s good but could use some editing)

And I have to pick another one of my stories lying on my floor to post…

A Brief Anouncement: To my new and few fans, I apologize for taking so long to post. After I graduated back in June 07 and helped my mother move into her new house, I moved across the country to live with my dad. I bought a new laptop back in July 07, but it uses Vista, the horrors! I completed my second semester of college in mid-May of 08, but due to many issues, I dropped out, bought my dad’s car, pack it up, and drove back to Virginia. After almost seven months without a job, I landed a job at a law firm in March of 09. My car has officially broken down, so I’m trying to figure out what the hell I’m going to do now. I am in the process of writing chapters, but since I work from 8am to 5pm five days a week, you can imagine my fatigue. Here is an update: A World Apart fans: I am a working woman, as they say now, but my favorite story is moving a come back at the moment. I’m waiting on my beta reader to send back ch40. I'm working on chapter 42 now. The big project of editing my chapters is at a halt due to lack of internet on my end. I don’t have internet where I live at the moment, but I am working on it. If you were looking forward to it, you can check the story summary to see how many have been edited.

To ALL my readers, that new story project is still on my mind. I’m stuck between Pretear, Furuba (a one shot), and some other random ones that always pop up in my brain at random moments. Fan Fiction finally accepted my new email, so commenting is good again for me; if you want to email me, it works now. Please don't hold these little things over my head; I’m an adult now with adult problems, like taxes and the economy, but one day, I will be a New York Times Bestseller and better! Remember people: Don't burn your Computers for the love of the gods and goddesses. You can't read if you do that. Just be patient with me as always. MUCH LOVE, FROM JADE THE INUJIN!

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