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Well I will tell you I am male, and I am in the U.S. Also, my profile picture is that of the yu-gi-oh card "Neo space", I don't own it. Also, most of the links aren't showing.

Im a fan of Spyro, Yu-gi-oh, Ratchet and Clank, Sly Cooper, (the Warrior cats, Survivors, and the Seekers (all of Erin Hunter), the Wings of Fire book series(Tui T. Sutherland), Jak and Daxter, the Guardians of Gahoole, Bionicle, Code Lyoko, Beyblade (metal series(with Jinga and Kenta and others)) and Bakugan, the Last Dragon Chronicle(chris d'lacey), Metal Arms Glitch in the System, Animorphs books by K.A. Applegate, Destroy all Humans series(video games), Silverwing series by Kenneth Oppel, Shark Wars series by EJ Altbacker, the Last Dogs (by Christopher Holt), the Merlin's Dragon trilogy by T. A Barron, The Familiars by Adam Jay Epstein and Andrew Jacobson, RWBY, Warcraft, Starcraft, Hearthstone, Skyrim (and unofficially Oblivion and Morrowind, as I dont have them), Elder Scrolls Legends, Skylanders Academy (not the games, just show),

hmm lets try to spurce this page up a little, so why dont i tell you some things i dont like. Oh who am i kidding you dont want to know what i dont like, just what we have in common.

favorite yu-gi-oh duelist- Jaden Yuki
favorite food- pizza
favorite color-blue
favorite element-ice
favorite hero- tie between Spyro and Ratchet
favorite book series- Wings of Fire(Tui T. Sutherland)
favorite tv shows- code lyoko, RWBY, Skylanders Academy
top movies- Rio (and sequel), Bolt, Legend of the Guardians: the owls of Gahoole,

next my fanfictions from darkspyro (Unnessesary)

http:///spy...php?topic=96416 - series

Check out the following RP's on darkspyro to see some of my top OC's in action: Chaos Within, Dragon Academy, Core, Crown of Storms, Lost Soul, Reign of Malice, Legend of Coalata (both versions), Shapeshifters, Corrupted Shadows, Wings of Chaos, Virus of Doom, Dungeons of the Magical Master, Fate of the Universe, The Elemental Keys, Elemental Unbalance, Winter's Melody, The Resting Place, Abandoned, Crystalized Wings, Everything from Scratch, The Vast Lands, (more to come) ... (None are in progress now, but characters are shown)

now for some quotes(may edit when more come to mind)
"even in the darkest of times, there is always hope. but sometimes fear clouds our vision, sometimes our strength gives out, and yet sometimes when all seems lost, a light shines through the darkness and we are reminded that even the smallest amount of courage can turn the tides of war."

"This is what is expected of the next generation." Madoka-beyblade shogun steel series

"There is a plan in everything and I love it when a plan comes together." The A-Team

"You know nothing of Zotz!" Goth, Silverwing tv series version, episode 11.

"Yeah, it's amazing, it's beautiful," (gets nudged by Marina) "in a really ugly way." Orestes, about Shade's Zotz echo-projection, Silverwing tv series version, episode 11.

"Just as the smallest grain of sand can tilt a scale, the weight of one person's will can lift an entire world." Merlin's Dragon trilogy book 1 (T. A. Barron)

"Who was it who warned, be careful what you wish for? Whoever they were, I'd like to crush them under a mountain of boulders. Tear out all their innards. Roast them over searing hot flames. And then ... I'd tell them they were right." Merlin's Dragon trilogy book 1 chapter 7 (T. A. Barron)

"Change. What a paradox! The more you do it, the more you don't. The farther you seek it, the nearer you find it. The less it's in your world, the more it's in you." Merlin's Dragon trilogy book 1 chapter 9 (T. A. Barron)

"Wisdom, like those who possess it, comes in all shapes and sizes. That much I've learned, often the hard way. Yet despite all their differences, truly wise people share this same understanding:
No matter how much you know, you still have a lot to learn." Merlin's Dragon trilogy book 1 chapter 10 (T. A. Barron)

"Answers come and go, I've found. But the questions? Those remain forever." Merlin's Dragon trilogy book 1 chapter 14 (T. A. Barron)

"When your feet are most firm, when your winds are most steady, when your plans are most assured - that's when everything changes. Believe me, I know." Merlin's Dragon trilogy book 1 chapter 15 (T. A. Barron)

"Journeys take endlessly varied forms. They are the ultimate shape-shifters. Only one things do all journeys have in common: Somewhere, perhaps when you least expect it, they begin." Merlin's Dragon trilogy book 1 chapter 19 (T. A. Barron)

"People make such an unnecessary fuss about dying. It's really just part of life, as the final chapter is just part of a book. Still ... we can always hope there might be a sequel." Merlin's Dragon trilogy book 1 chapter 23 (T. A. Barron)

"Personally, I'd rather keep things simple, but the plain fact is that life is full of paradox: We are all alike, while at the same time, we are all unique. That's utterly crazy, I know - but also utterly sane." Merlin's Dragon trilogy book 1 chapter 25 (T. A. Barron)

"People are like oceans: sometimes deeps, sometimes shallow. One moment calm, the next moment stormy. And they are always mysterious." Merlin's Dragon trilogy book 1 chapter 28 (T. A. Barron)

"Some words, I've found, carry more weight than others. There are even words that, like literary oxen, bear enormous loads of meaning and metaphor. Yet there is no word, in any language, that carries more weight than this one: friend." Merlin's Dragon trilogy book 1 chapter 32 (T. A. Barron)

"And now, my friends, a dragon’s toast! Here’s to life’s little blessings: wars, plagues, and all forms of evil. Their presence keeps us alert—and their absence keeps us grateful." Merlin's Dragon trilogy book 1 chapter 35 (T. A. Barron)

"Words are like knives. They can spread butter and honey - or pierce a beating heart." Merlin's Dragon trilogy book 2 chapter 5 (T. A. Barron)

"All good things must end, the saying goes. Why, though? Why must something truly good finally perish? I resent that idea. Yes, and I stand against it, with all my heart." Merlin's Dragon trilogy book 2 chapter 11 (T. A. Barron)

"No flame is brighter than hope. It both lights the mind and warms the heart ... even when there is nothing left to burn but darkness itself." Merlin's Dragon trilogy book 2 chapter 12 (T. A. Barron)

"Words ought to be chosen with greater care than either clothing or weaponry. For they can last much longer than the former, and cut far deeper than the latter." Merlin's Dragon trilogy book 2 chapter 26 (T. A. Barron)

"Whoever said "It's always darkest before the dawn" clearly wasn't with me on that long night." Merlin's Dragon trilogy book 2 chapter 31 (T. A. Barron)

special quote made by me "Now is the time to feel the very power of the universe. Feel its hopes, its dreams, joys, passion, its everything, and release it. Now unlease the infinite universal stream!" if you want to know the story behind this: pm me.

one thing I'd like to know: any Shark Wars (Ej Altbacker) fans here? And if so, anyone got any story ideas? Cause I would love to see a Shark Wars fanfic, I'd do one myself but I'm booked with my other stories.

stories on my mind-

A prank-off of the ice family - (Spyro OC's story): April first is here in the Dragon Realms, and Ganter's going to take it by storm. He and Careena are going to try and prove to each other who is the best at pranks, but how far will they go? And what ever will Nuevo do about his older siblings? (planned)

A sickness and the ice family - (Spyro OC's story): One day, Nuevo comes down with a unknown virus; one that could slowly kill him. The only known cure is a flower that grows in some mountains. Now, Ganter and Careena have to find this flower and heal their brother, before its too late. (planned)

An orphan and the ice family - (Spyro OC's story): While at Warfang one day, the trio of siblings see a horrific sight; a young earth dragoness abused by her parents. When Ganter decides to step in, it starts a chain of events that they could never have seen coming. (planned)

A fire and the ice family - (Spyro OC's story): Ganter's life is changed one day as he wakes up in yet another reality. The problem with this reality is something that could kill Ganter without anything dangerous; it involves the identity of his family. Will Ganter find a way to return his life to normal, and just how did this happen anyway? (in progress)

A Chirstmas of the ice family - (Spyro OC's story): It is reaching the time of the anniversary of when the brothers first met with Careena in Warfang. However, this wasn't going to be like a normal anniversary, Ganter and Careena had gotten into an argument, one that could actually break their bond! Now Nuevo has to find a way to get his older siblings to make up before they say or do something that could break up their family, and all in time for the anniversary. (complete)

A stranger and the ice family - (Spyro OC's story): After a short trip to Warfang, Ganter, Nuevo, and Careena come across a dragon who claims to have known their parents. At first, they trust this dragon, but when Ganter overhears a secret plan, the trio have to figure out a plan to drive this stranger away. Will they succeed, or fail? (planned)

A shadow and the ice family - (Spyro OC's story): A ghost from Ganter's not-so-distant past has arrived, seeking revenge for something. Now the trio have to stop this enemy and save their home from a deadly darkness, but is it just their home that's at stake? (planned)

A darkness and the first dimension - (Spyro OC's story): In the aftermath of Ganter disappearing from Chimera's realm, the dark dragoness decides to use her new amulet to search for the ice dragon who has captured her heart. Her first journey brings her to a dimension where nothing and no one is what they seem. And when a mysterious dragon shows up, claiming to know Chimera and about her past, she doesn't know what to think. Can she trust this dragon while saving the first dimension from a powerful evil? (planned) (prerequisite - A darkness and the ice family)

The Wyvern Saga - (Spyro story): An ancient enemy and Spyro and Cynder meet a bunch of friends; sounds lIke your average TLOS story right? Wrong. Spyro and Cynder are pitted against six powerful dragons as they learn the truth about wyverns and dragons. Will they choose what's right over loyalty to dragonkind? (planned)

Wings of Fire - The Dark Animus : Magiah has finally left Pyrrhia, and now everyone can relax. Or not. The purple menace has left something deadly behind, a Nightwing animus with no soul to lose. What's worse is that this dragon is bent on destroying the world. How can the heroes beat a dragon with powerful magic and a lack of mercy? (Temporarily discontinued)

Before the Miracle - The Silver Story : For all of you who have read of Celestial's and Aesed's exploits in epsiode's 38-39.5 of S.U.A, you know how they saved the world. But you don't know how their life began. Journey through time as Celestial tells about her life up until that event; the times before the miracle. This is the silver story. (on hold)

Spyro and the Polar Burns- takes place after DOTD. While Spyro may have saved the world from Malefor, his work is not done. Two tribes of phoenixes are at war; the immortal flames versus the everlasting ice. Now Spyro, Cynder and friends have to stop the warring phoenixes before they cover the world in fire and ice. Will they succeed, or will the age of polar burns last forever? (N/A)

Infinite Loops of the Warrior Cats (Warriors, Erin Hunter)- continuing on the Infinite Loops story trend, what happens Firestar wakes back up one day at his twoleg's place? He doesn't know but one thing is certain, it's going to be a long life, or ten, or even more so. Can the hero of the clans keep his sanity long enough to discover to reason behind this recurring nightmare and get out of it? (planned)

Metal Arms - the predator king : Glitch has stopped the Mil army and General Corrosive, now it is time to finally relax. However peace doesn't last long as a new villain arrives and from that, Glitch is tested to his limits. Now he and his friends must travel around Ironstar as they figure out the secret of the Predator king and stop him from ruling the world. (began, have not continued)

Sphinx and the demigod's light : (Sphinx and the cursed mummy) : Set has been defeated and peace has come at last. However, Sphinx's journey has only just begun, as a new menace arrives to seek revenge, and bring a true dark lord into existence. It will take a whole new level of power for Sphinx to save the world this time. (planned)

Ratchet and Clank- wyrm hero : When clank goes missing again, Ratchet is determined to get his best friend back, but this time he has nothing to go on to find the robot. Enter a new a hero, Reccan, a wyrm whom has survived Dreadzone thanks to Ratchet and is about to help the lombax back. Together, they will find Clank and his kidnapper and once again save the universe. (Reccan is inspired from the w3rm skin of Ratchet: Deadlocked) (planned)

The Echelon: (Spyro and x-overs) : Everything was normal in the city of Warfang, until the day the sky turned red with the arrival of celestial sphere known as the Echelon. Spyro and Cynder soon endeavor to explore it, yet things dont go as planned. Now in the company of nine other clueless beings throughout the universe, Spyro and his new friends must unravel the mysteries of the sphere, and save Cynder. (started)

Tales of a Discordant Dystopia : In a city a long way from Warfang, everything would appear to be perfect, yet individuality is being surpressed by the city's leaders. However, not everyone is content with the forced normalcy, and some are plotting to save each other, while others are searching to save themselves. Either way, things are going to change. (planned)

A Feather of Flames : (Warcraft) : Ankarses is your average Arakkoa and a wannabe hero, yet he never planned to be instrumental in the battle against the Legion. However, to stumble through a portal into Azeroth in time for the return of the Legion leaves him in just that position.

okay now for my OC's


Diggery-just your average mole citizen whom is the first person to meet Lucas. (appears in TLOS-Spyro and the new hero)

Lucas-the main character for what I will call The New Hero saga, he was once a human but was transformed and teleported to the dragon realms. Lucas soon found a neckless with a gem inside it and has in turn gained all kinds of powers. It has helped him fight by unlocking his dragon instincts. (I think you know where he appears)

Sierra- an ice dragoness that Lucas meets, they soon become friends, and maybe even more than that. (same case here)

Doomarin- one of Malefor's best servents, he is a dark dragon and an adult at that. He is a strong fighter and likes to defeat foes with quick, decisive blows. (same here)

My Ice Family stories have become some of my favorite works so far, so in this section there will be info about them, and other related things. Also, in order to use them in other stories, you'll need special permission from me, as they are my top OC's.

Ganter: The middle sibling of the trio. He has ice-blue scales with a ice-white underbelly. His horns are similar to Spyro's with the exception being it's a silver color, and the same thing for his crest. His eyes are blue. Ganter's wings are also ice-blue, and for his tail tip, it resembles three fan-like horizontal blades with a blue 'orb' in the center. Also, he is rather friendly, but a stubborn ice dragon. Ganter will give his life to protect his siblings, knowing that they are so closely bonded that they'd do the same. With that in mind, Ganter will also protect anyone who he considers a friend. When someone needs help, he won't hesitate to give it. Also, Ganter doesn't like being bored; when he gets bored, he does the first thing that comes to mind. What makes him so special is that he wields a mysterious power called Hope light. It is a strange but powerful "element" that activates from strong positive emotions, like his desire to protect those he cares about, and it gets stronger for each and every being by his side. He has yet to learn about it, and its origin.

Nuevo: The youngest of the three siblings. He resembles a smaller version of Ganter, but his tail tip is shaped like Spyro's. He is the least mature of the trio, and he like to have fun even on adventures that may not be so fun. He strongly admires Ganter and doesn't want to ever be separated from him. He is also very friendly and nieve. Unlike his brother, he is relatively normal.

Careena: She is the most responsible, and eldest of the trio. Careena has made it her personal duty to make sure her brothers have a guardian, and so she has become it, so she is very protective of her younger brothers.. She, too, doesn't like being separated from her siblings, but can handle it. Also, Careena often bickers with Ganter, but she never truly gets angry. While she is the most mature, she enjoys a good time, and can often be seen exchanging pranks with Ganter. She looks like a normal ice dragoness, complete with an icicle tail tip. She too is normal compared to Ganter.

Sarah and Sorow: The parents of Ganter, Nuevo and Careena. While they haven't appeared much, they appear to be near-perfect examples of good parents.

Flavus and Fera (names credit to Dragon-Uprising) - The parents of Ganter's alternate family, including Burn, Blister, Magma, and Lava. They are similar to Sarah and Sorow.

Chimera: A dark dragoness about the same age as Ganter. Chimera has black scales with a dark red belly and wing membranes. Occasionally, she can make her wings become feathered for a while with her magic. The color of the feathers are dark blue. Her eyes are red, her horns resemble that of Cynder's, and Chimera's tail tip looks like a gold ring, but it doesn't connect, instead the two ends point out like spears; and there is a dark red gem at the end of her tail (not the spear part). She is from a dimension of dark dragons, but after Ganter wound up there, her life was never going to be the same again. Chimera is a very caring dragoness, and she hates to see people in pain. She does have a problem with loving people though; everyone she has cared about has vanished or died. She is very knowledgeable about dark magic, and is hoping that she can find peace for her late sister, Celeste; who's death is something she'd rather not talk about. When it comes to people she cares about, she can be rather strict about making sure she can trust them, and always wants to be around them. Because of that, she can seem like a hot-head, but is only wanting to keep her friends from abandoning her; considering how long she has been alone. Despite all of this, she can be rather independent. She can be equally fierce and stubborn in fights and her beliefs, but has made exceptions to continue being with her friends. Chimera wields an amulet that can open portals, of which she intends to use to find Ganter with.

Nothung: Another dark dragon from Chimera's home. He has pitch black scales, red eyes, and a sword-like tail tip. Nothung is very sadistic, cruel, and all around evil. He cares only for himself and will use others when he deems appropriate. He also thinks that friends are useless, and has tried to prove it. Nothung is the source for many, if not all, of the problems in the dark dragon dimension. He has this unique (ish) ability to make himself equal to his opponent's strength in battle, but it only works on a one on one.

Medona- a purple dragoness, and sister of Spyro. Her belly has a blue/purple hue to it, and her horns, crest, and wing membranes are silver. Unbeknownst to many, she is connected to the yu-gi-oh card "the agent of wisdom - mercury" , and because of that, she has the power to know all, but that a headache often follows. Sometimes she will call that a curse instead of a gift. As a purple dragon(ess) she has the same powers as Spyro but doesn't always use them, she seems to use a sort of martial art as her main fighting style, and even then, she doesn't like to fight. Thanks to her power, she takes the concept of destiny seriously and usually uses that as an excuse for not doing something, which might very will be destiny. She didn't always have her power nor was she always purple, her entire body was once a blue/purple color. Medona can sometimes be a very bright dragoness and loyal to anyone who she finds to be a friend. Spyro secretly is annoyed with Medona and her talk of destiny, but he still loves her as only a sibling can. (personally, I am hoping someone asks to use her as an OC)

Sting- an average venom/poison dragon (how ever you wish to call the type of dragon) with a not-so-average past. Sting used to be disrespectful and uncaring, until one day he and his mother were fighting, and that fighting attracted apes to them. Right before the apes killed his mother, she had Sting promise to always help those in need, of which Sting then vowed to do. Now Sting is caring, and often wishes to do what someone may want, if he feels that he owes them, that is. He also takes his debts seriously and won't go back on his word. His scales are a bright green and his wing membranes are slightly darker, his horns are curved back slightly and he (like most venom/poison dragons (of mine)) has no crest, his tail tip looks like an arrowhead.

Raineer and Paircia- a brother-sister duo from the world of Pyrrhia (Wings of Fire series, Tui Sutherland), they were Rainwings on that world and lived a normal life (of which takes place before the books but during the war). However, one day, two of the local Mudwings ventured into the rainforest and after some things they said, Paircia became angry. Then she attacked the two dragons savagely, but one escaped. After she calmed down, she became horrified with what she did and decided to run away, however Raineer followed her to comfort her. She still wanted to leave though and so, Raineer recalled a magical artifact (maybe animus, no storyline behind) that they could use to teleport to another world, of which Raineer recollected a brief time that Spyro and Cynder visited them during a brief adventure, and then the duo left their home to the dragon realms. Since that day, Paircia has been a pacifist and wont fight; though she does use those braces to also create force fields, and has adopted local magic and infused it with a Rainwing dart gun so the gun never runs out of sleep darts. The duo has retained some features during their time as Rainwings, such as the shape of their horns and their prehensile, curling tails. Paircia's scales are pink while Raineer's are an acid green.

Olivia- a dark dragoness and Cynder's sister. Her parents, fearing for Olivia's egg, kept her at home, away from the temple, so that is why Olivia hatched safely. Olivia grew up living in her village and sometimes visited Warfang. There she met Medona while Medona had blue/purple scales (in other words before she gained her power), and the two became best friends. Olivia is your average dragoness; happy, friendly, and she is thankful of her powers, which are wind and shadow. Olivia's wings and underbelly are green, furthering on her name, which (as you can tell) is based off of an olive.

Kiryu- Spyro's younger brother, and about 3-4 years old. Kiryu was hatched as a purple dragon in case Spyro was defeated, though whether or not the ancestors thought he'd have a chance is unknown. Kiryu aspires to be just as great as Spyro and always tries to go on adventures of sorts, and once ends up breaking the curse of an evil sorceress. He looks just like a younger version of Spyro.

Mistain- and earth dragon and the dragon agent of mystery (I don't own the card he is based off of). Mistain is often shy and feels guilty. He feels that because of the strange events that always occur when he's around others, of which is his power, though he doesn't know how to completely control it. From that power he can create illusions, and make strange things happen, and create an aura that can be best described as something that resembles a haunted building. It is possible that were-dragons want to harness his ablilites for their own use. Mistain's horns are like that of a ram, his crest is similar to Spyro, and his belly and wings are a purple-gray color. Because of his out-of-control power, Mistain is also with low self-esteem, but he can fight fiercely.

Zader- he is yet another one of the dragon agents. Zader is an electric dragon, whose wings are red, and his belly and crest are black. Not much is known about his past, but he is friendly, eager to have a good-natured fight, and when he is fighting, he is honorable, and congraguates the opponent afterwards, even if they lose. Zader also doesn't take too kindly to bullies. As the dragon agent of force, Zader controls a much stronger version of electricity along side his normal abilities, which allows him to basically manipulate kinetic energy to move objects or stop them from moving. His signature technique is a blast of energy that uses all of the opponents' kinetic energy against them and sends them flying away.

Venus- the fourth dragon agent, and a plant dragoness. She is an extra-friendly dragoness and is eager to meet new people, and once she does, they often become good friends. Venus is usually optimistic and likes a good conversation. As a plant dragon(ess), she has green scales, though her wings are leafy, like feathers. And the same thing goes for the tip of her tail, but unlike plant dragons in the Skylands, her tail is as long as normal tails in the dragon realms. As the dragon agent of creation, Venus controls a much more advanced form of life energy, and can make plants grow faster than others, and can control plants better. As an added side-effect, she can even use the life energy of plants to create objects that aren't even related to plants.

Leeter- a light dragon with plenty of secrets. He looks like normal light dragons (with golden underbellies, wings, crest, horns, and eyes), and his tail tip is like Spyro's. Leeter apparently works for some mysterious dragons that protect the universe. Leeter often refuses to tell about the secrets he has, which annoys Spyro greatly. While not much is known about Leeter's past, he does a brother; the dark dragon Daris. Leeter also seems to have a knack for appearing just in time to save someone or give some information.

Daris- a dark dragon. His scales are a very dark shade of purple, and his tail tip is shaped like a teardrop. However, his most prominent feature is his dark purple wings, which are feathered. His wing's are feathered because he has reached what is known as an affinity, meaning he has obtained the highest amount of power for the shadow element. Like his brother Leeter, he has a lot of secrets, but is more willing to speak them.

Wings of Fire pledge (from Blooming Bromeliad)

I promise to remember Starflight

when someone is nervous

I promise to remember Clay

whenever one helps another in need

I promise to remember Tsunami

when I see someone bossy

I promise to remember Glory

whenever I feel unneeded

I promise to remember Sunny

whenever someone is cheery

I promise to remember Kestrel

whenever someone is angry

I promise to remember Dune

when one stands up for another

I promise to remember Webs

whenever someone just watches

I promise to remember Wings of Fire

whenever I see these things

And I promise to remember Burn (my additions to the pledge)

when someone acts like a bully

I promise to remember Blister

when someone has a secret devious plan

I promise to remember Blaze

when someone is vain

I promise to remember Riptide

when someone keeps secrets

I promise to remember Peril

when someone feels they are too dangerous

I promise to remember Coral

when someone is overprotective

I promise to remember Scarlet

when someone is vengeful but often cheery while being so

I promise to remember Anemone

when someone is being used because of a gift

I promise to remember Deathbringer

when someone is supposed to kill someone but falls in love instead

I promise to remember Viper, Flame, and Ochre

when people hate each other

I promise to remember Fatespeaker

when I'm sure I'm right

I promise to remember Squid

when I feel important

I promise to remember Stonemover

when someone feels hopeless

I promise to remember Thorn

when I feel someone is a worthy leader

And so I promise to remember Wings of Fire

when I see these things

oh here is the Rainwing scale color-changing scheme, as found on the Wings of Fire wikia, of which the color scheme will be used in any of my stories with Rainwings.

Colors to Moods

Red, Black: Angry, Upset Orange: Irritated Gold, Yellow: Excited, Amused Emerald: Displeasure, Annoyance Green: Worried, Displeased, Annoyed Dark Green: Distress Pale Green, Lily Green, Acid Green: Fearful, Terrified Blue: Calm, Curiosity Pale Blue: Worried Indigo: Pride, Determination Purple: Confused Dark Purple: Shame, Guilt Pink, Rose: Joy, Happiness, Love, embarrassment White: Pain, Extreme Fear, Sickness, Shock Dark Gray, Blue-Gray: Sorrow, Depressed

you can also find me on the website http:///

now for some of my work on , it will save me the space there, also i have over 194 decks on that site, and if you want to face a certain deck you can pm me for that request.

http:///344mQKj.png one of my favorite decks.

































for Wings of Fire fans, if you look at 0: 53 doesn't that look familer to you

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