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empty space to fill as I please so here I shall write my bio (Which for the record may be as crazy as I am)

I will be refered to as Who, or voo doo witch woman (But don't call me that unless you're angry with me) I'm also called Virgin, (But I can really live without that nickname, I'm in no hurry to change it though)

I'm a typical human I tried being a demon but I failed miserably so I must be ningen.

Hmm things I like:

music: Rock mostly or oldies and Jazz and old time standerds and R&B and... no no I'll stop there

Food: Pizza definatly my favorite definatly If heaven were a food, (and you needn't agree) it would be pizza of the pepperoni varity.

Color: Yellow, Black others

miscellaneous: I like other things but I can't think of them right now

um so yeah i not a crazy obessed fan girl like most and I fear Rabid Random Fan Girls, RRFGs I also fear getting trapped in me bathtub (again) but that's another story. Anyway I'm not gonna tell you who's moderatly obessed fan girl I am. You are welcome to guess though. In fact I encourage it, who knows if you guess correctly Imight write a story for you.

If you are still reading this you are really bored.

Favorite Quotes:

"Let's hear you laugh without any vocal cords." - Hiei "Housemates" sigh they took that story down.

"Problems can be solved, issues must be resolved."- My sister, who thinks I'm crazy.

"I swear it was that way when I got here."- Me things just seem to go wrong in my life.

"But who would be unlucky enough to have to cart around the apple jucie"- A personal essay I worte I got an A and was inspired to write because of it all hail the personal essay.

"I think I'm gonna go and uh take a cold shower"- Me it's just funny.

That was Who's bio brought to you by the makers of:

Mood Shoes

Jelly Donut Holes and

The Commando Style Espionage Kit (cause I just can't let it die.)

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