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Okay introductions, introductions…

My name is Mage. There are a few things in this world that I truly love and two of those few things is reading and writing, so it is no great surprise that I instantly fell in love with the fanfiction community as soon as I first stumbled upon it, in what seems like a life time ago, but is in reality barely two years.

My latest obsession is the Harry Potter books and movies whose fanfiction I have stumbled upon a couple of months before. Lately I have managed to gather the courage to write my own fanfiction and post it on the net.

I’m from Australia and while I wasn’t born here this is the only home I remember and the only home I will acknowledge in my heart, whether now or in the future.

Anyone can add me to their MSN list if they want. I will be honour to get to know more people with the same interests as me. I don’t know even one fanfiction writer or reader here at home so it would be a nice chat.




I only started reading this very very recently when I manage to gather the courage to see these two boys together instead of enemies. Come on it’s hard at first!! It’s like a betrayal to JK Rowlings characters. But after I only read a handful of the Harry/Draco fiction out there I instantly fell in love with this pairing. They are truly beautiful together as no other couple can be. Both physically and emotionally. Their pairings allow you to explore the depth of emotion, the difference and power of love and lust, and the old age concepts that there is a thin line between love and hate.

There is so much to work from, yet so little can be made too purely original or it takes out the essence of these two characters and the beauty of them being together is who they are. It is the best experience to write these two.


I also ship these two. They were the first ship I encountered that blow my mind. I just never though of them being together until I read fanfiction stories like Muggle Year, Not The Girl You Thought You Knew, and Our Winter.

When I first encountered the HP fandom community I was still stuck on the cannon books way of thinking. Harry/Ginny, Ron/Herminone (though I still can’t see these two with anyone else.). Then one day I saw a story that shipped Ginny/Draco from then on I just went completely of the loop. It was this ship that opened my mind to other possibilities.


I also love Remus and quotes…

"Loneliness is a punishment for those whose only crime is to be different."

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