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October 25th 2008

HI EVERYONE.Guess what? I'm back! :) I know it's been a while, and I'm so so so sorry! But to make it up to you, I'm going to update most of my stories! :D Right now I'm just rewriting all the ones I plan to continue, as there was just soo many grammatical mistakes. It was unbearable. When I'm done, you can expect new chapters for Obstruction, Blondes Do it Better, South Park Box Set, and two new stories: A 6teen fic, and a new Pokemon fic that I'm really excited for. Yaaay. :)


The name is Marisa!

I'm Canadian and white. I'm straight, but I'm accepting of things such as homosexuality. I think everyone is equal, and I don't think one race/gender/whatever is better than the other.

I'm seventeen years old and in grade 11... around 5'6. I have blue eyes and blonde hair. (L) I love clothes and spend way too much money on shopping!

When it comes to fics, I mostly love sad ones. I love a fic that can make me cry.

My Goal is to write a fic that really touches people's hearts and can make them cry.

I mostly read South Park fics, just because they're like realistic fics with characters I know and love. I used to really be into Inuyasha fanfics but, I find that most of them these days are very... how do I put this? "n00by" :) Also, I'm not really into Inuyasha anymore, but it always has a place in my heart, as the first anime I fell in love with.

However, I'm interested in reading any kind of fic.. and when I'm not lazy, I look at all different kinds. Whoot.

Right now, I'm writing some South Park and Pokemon fics. I used to write InuYasha but I can't really see myself getting back into it for a long time... I actually have a million ideas in my head for fics, but I'm trying to keep them there until I can finish my other ones.

If you don't know... I suck at finishing fics. But I'm going to try really hard just for all of you. :D

My fics labeled "OLD FIC" are fics I'll get to later. They were written when I was younger, so I plan to rewrite the chapters before continuing them.


My favourite colours are green, pink, and orange.

My idol, inspiration, and favourite artist is Ayumi Hamasaki. She's simply fabulous.

My favourite shows are Degrassi:TNG, The Hills, Gossip Girl, Ugly Betty, The OC, 90210, South Park, Family Guy, Futurama, Drawn Together, Robot Chicken, Harvey Birdman, etc. I don't watch a lot of TV really, so when I do, I watch those humourous cartoons or teenage dramas.

I actually love anime, and have ever since I was little and watching Sailor Moon when I came home for lunch. My current favourites are Death Note and Bleach (typical, right?) but I watch many many kinds... and before you ask... SUB OVER DUB. Yep, I love subbed.

My favourite foods are SUSHI! Mashed potatoes and gravy, bruchetta, limey things, lemon things, etc.

I love animals... I'm a vegetarion and proud.

I love British accents!

I love Japan!

I love the languages: Japanese, Korean, German, Italian, and of course, English..

I love my friends.


The thing I definitely hate... is seeing my friends upset. All I want is them to be happy.

I do dislike Pears, Stirfry, and steamed veggies..

I dislike when people are mean to others... I dislike racism, predjudism, and stereotypes.

If you wish to know anything else about me, feel free to message me!

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Obstruction reviews
Misty has been alone so long, and is missing Ash & Brock each and every day. When she finally meets up to travel with them, she finds things aren't the same with May around. Suddenly her life starts to spin out of control. AshxMisty, AshxMay. Sad literate
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