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Name: Ferretfriend

Age: Wouldn't you like to know.

Story Topics: Harry Potter and Star Wars(kotor) I'm a romance fan. Don't really like swearing much, but I understand it's sometimes needed to get a point across. . Most of my stories are PG-13, though I have recently begun to discover the darker side of humanity, and it may show up in my work.

Harry Potter wise, I hate Hermoine/Ron pairings. Harry should get the girl, grades, and fame. I mean, Ron's a great character for comic relief, but I think the jealousy streak would ruin any relationship with Hermione. Strangely enough, my first Harry Potter story isn't Harry/Hermoine. But I won't reveal any more. Secrets Within was a little too short.


This new story, entitled I, Magius, will be a crossover between Harry Potter and Skies of Arcadia. Here are some of the characters.

Fina: (favorite female char)



Magius (Except with Black hair and robes)

Magius' Violin

Anyway, the new story will be lots of fun. I plan on writing a big chunk, if not all, before I post anything. That way, you guys aren't held waiting with baited breath for me to update.

On that note, I might give Secrets Within a repair job too. It'll be tough, as my computer crashed and I lost ALL my data, so I'm gonna have to start from scratch.

Pairings I like:

Harry Potter: Harry/Hermione, Harry/OC, (Strangely enough, both of my current Harry Potter stories are Harry/OC.) and Ron/Luna. I'm also good witha creative pairing like Harry/Blaise(Fem).

I'm also a big fan of AU.

Knights of the Old Republic: Male Revan/Bastilla. There is no other way.

Secrets within was more a sort of inspiratrion story. I wrote it on an impulse, and wish I had done a better job on it. I gave Ron too much power, way too quickly.

Reviews are always welcome, but I hate it when I get flames or reviews that just say. Good. Want More. Please give me well though out review with good advice. Also, try not to flatly oppose my ideas. It is, after all, my story. I accept critism, as long as its contructive and serves as purpose. Before you consider critizing my ideas, think about what the story would be like without them. Often the ideas give the story some depth. If you're going to critize anyway, just be kind, not abussive. Thanks.


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