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A twenty-something Londoner on a journey to conquer the world... through the medium of interpretive dance!

I've been a long-time lurker of the site, and writing fan fics has been tempting since I still had a couple of milk teeth left. I almost posted one during secondary school, but it was just so angsty. I still suck at writing, but it's fun. Indulge a brother!

Currently working on an AU fic called Harry Potter and the Untitled Tome. I wouldn't call it overly serious and gritty, but if you're looking something lighter and sillier, then my other stories might take your fancy.

You can also find me on Tumblr (yeah, I know...), Instagram, and Facebook where I try (and fail) to update my doodle-y stuff. I wanna post more fanart in the future, so if messy sketches are your sort of thing, pop in at , /ihateseatbelts, or https://www.facebook.com/Ihateseatbelts!

Active Projects:

Harry Potter and the Untitled Tome (Ch.28 in-progress)

31/05/19: Hey there, everyone! Just in case you're wondering, Untitled Tome is not dead. I'd be lying if I said that I'm working on it every day. However, I'm still fully in love with writing the story and the extended AU. There are several other projects and a cornucopia of irrelevant things that I'm juggling right now, but this plot won't stop bugging me until it's uploaded in full. In that vein, I won't be posting any updates until I've completed the end of Harry's second year. After that, we'll crack on with the sequel: Harry Potter and the Wildsman's Keep. It'll take quite some time, to be frank, but I know you'd rather not read a half-arsed conclusion. If you're still reading it, thank you dearly for doing so. I hope you'll eventually enjoy the story in its entirety!

So I thought that it might be a good idea to add a more detailed synopsis for the story here, since I'm still at a loss for a particularly good summary...

Harry Potter and the Untitled Tome is my attempt at writing the first arc of a Harry-centric (mostly) AU with a bucket list-load of canon divergences. Harry is an orphan, as usual. He first learns the truth about his parents just before his eleventh birthday, as usual. The story differs in that Harry lives at a children's home, is visited by Elphias Doge (a History teacher), and chose to indulge in his unexplained oddities years before the meeting takes place.

It explores a Wizarding World where wizards number in the millions, running their own nation-states as the dominant fantastic species by expanding every nook and cranny that the Muggles have left uninhabited. A natural hierarchy develops over the centuries, with those who show aptitude for wand magic comprising the upper classes, for the most part.

In this world, Grindelwald - self-styled High Warlock of the East - was never defeated. He reigns supreme in large pockets of the Eastern Hemisphere, but the war has run cold since his confrontations with the British in the mid-20th century. What caused the stalemate is anyone's guess save himself, "Sir" Albus Dumbledore and their closest comrades, but the nations of the ICW have maintained a frosty truce with him ever since.

This is, of course, way over Harry's head. He throws himself into his lessons, making friends, and learning how to duel - all the while trying to learn as much as he can about his family. But the sudden death of a high-ranking politician sets off a Domino effect that becomes too close for comfort, and while Dumbledore obsesses over the mystery in his own time, Harry is roped into solving it himself, wondering just how - if at all - it could be connected to him.

It can be quite a self-involved plot at times, as the reader is essentially learning about the world at Harry's pace. This changes in later chapters, and hopefully won't be the case by the end of this arc.

For an in-depth summary of each chapter, you can always visit the story's thread over in the Work By Author section at Dark Lord Potter Forums.

Harry Potter and the Fruits of Ennui (Ch.6 in-progress)

The Compendium of Hogwash (irregular)

Cover photo credits:

Harry Potter and the Untitled Tome - Joachim S. Müller

Harry Potter and the Fruits of Ennui - yum9me /1KPcwwz

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