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Yo this Is Kimi here! If you know me from other stories and such then rock on but if you are new to the crazy writing stylings of me then welcome to Crazy World! And this is for one of my best buds Catwho told me bout Fanfiction.net and who also has a rad story that you should all read her user name is crazylittlekiwifruit. Then there is zingii17, or Emala, she doesn't have a story yet but it's in the works...Oh and I was once know as occhick.

And well this is where I tell you bout me and what I love so ok here it goes: I am just resently 15, I have dark golden brown hair, bright blue eyes with a dark blue rim and lines and such, I am 5'8, have lots of freckles although I am pale and I have no idea what the fuck that is bout...and ummmm that's bout it for the looks and such... so now for what I like and hate...

1. I love Pop-rock, Rock and country music and well... anything really... But I am in love with my guitar.
2. FF.net!
3. I love kind of mystical movie where I can drift off into the story and pretend I'm my own made up character(I I know it sounds gay but it is fun)and war movies and other crap rock oh and comedies.
4. Haning with my buds!
5. Singin'
6. I love The O.C and I am the future Mrs. Seth Cohen Oh and Degrassi, I LOVE Jake Epistein
7. My horse Derek
(whom I just discovered has a white making on his forehead that looks like the # 4...)
8. I love shopping
9. Tamora Pierce books in general.
10. The LOTR POTC (Elijha Wood is so hot... the eyes get me everytime)
11. My Alternate personalities Sydney: the punk rocker, Carmen: the perfect smart one, Armi: blonde guy crazy, and my new found personality Andi the athletic kick ass. (you must think that I'm crazy now right?)
12. I'm obsessed withHarry Potter (Draco,Fred & George, Neville, Harry and Ron rock my world)
13. I could live off pizza
14. The # 3(literally that 3 in the number line it rocks)
15. Anything that deals with horses
16. Journalism... I really want to work on a Magazine
17. All my friends (I don't know how I could live without them)
18. Performing in plays, singing and dancing, musicals that kinda thing and I must admit I am obessed with The Phantom of the Opera and truely wish to see the musical, it is killing me cause I haven't seen it yet. sobs Oh I also want to see 'Wicked' I love the music but haven't seen the musical yet. I'm culture deprived in Woodland California)
20. Hot guys (now come on you gotta admit people that they rock)

Well that's bout me and I finally got my stories up and runnin' so I would love it if yah review and such.

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