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Author has written 12 stories for Baby Sitters Club, Harry Potter, Emma, and Robert Langdon series.

Grammar-Conscious Possum formerly consisted of two eccentric college students, Karen and Tethys. However, times have changed, and now the vast majority of the fiction to be found here has been written by Karen's father Tom, who is wasted as a CFO. Our stuff is mainly Potter-based, but you'll find the occasional crossover or Babysitters Club parody thrown in.

Some of you will remember the collection of our favourite Harry Potter fanfic moments that used to be available on our bio - gems such as

“I have some news. I shall no longer be here with you all, I shall be on my way to become the king of Ireland. Goodbye.” Said Draco sternly, as he got up from the table and made his way to the door.


-I just wanted to help- said Harry apolitically.

and even

"Alright! Spill it, who's Hogwarts Hottest? Top ten?" Voldemort said as he buttered a biscuit.

These have been moved to a livejournal, The Daily Sporfle: they can be viewedat . If anybody has a good quote that they feel needs to be shared with the world, please contact us!

And now, the Random Fanfiction Generator is also available for those of you suffering from writer's block! Yes, the tool that spawned The Love That Dare Not Screech Its Name can be found here: Please let us know if anybody writes a fic based on a Random Generation: we'd be delighted to see it (and of course, review)!

How May Ways Can You Spell Voldemort? (Nineteen, And Counting)
Voldermort (a classic)
Voldemart (for all your evil necessities)
Vlodemort (the Impaler)
Voldermot (Irish!DarkLord)
Voldeort (If you're German, that's the Area of Evil)

You know, I need to start listing those in alphabetical order.

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